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  1. Yes you can get this trophy online.
  2. But you don't need them to get plat
  3. I've been playing this game for 4 years. I know the luck dbd gives people, but thanks for telling me that I have a 50% chance of getting into the relam with that map offering
  4. I got this game on PC and im trying to get all the achievements. With that said since the new update I am trying to get both of the Disturbed Ward achievements. What map offering do I need to throw down as I keep going into father chapel's? I dont have the old maps as I just got this game. Thanks in advance
  5. Okay start a new Franchise as lets say The Chiefs (EA rosters) as a created coach of your choosing From there skip preseason and then Just Force win the regular season and the postseason then skip everything offseason and preseason and then force win Season and Post season and then repeat. You should get all the trophies in mid year 3 Report back to me after you're in year 3
  6. Wrong you can force win everything
  7. Well you have to win the super bowl all 3 years also.
  8. I love tiger woods 13 because how easy the controllers felt. I want another golf game. Is it like that or is like the newer tiger woods game?
  9. According to the trophy guide it states to buy the stadiums you need. If you don't want to spend money and you have a decent overall DD team and decent at the game. You go have your DD team play against every team on all star and you will get team points which will get you the stadiums.
  10. This site is wrong. It's Stranger Things 3: the Game and its 20 bucks in the US not a fan of the graphics
  11. I think your thinking of another trophy. This trophy you just have to play once you get called up to AAA and then play every game.
  12. How would the boost work exactly? Not a fan of DD, hate that you have a time limit to get a trophy I really think online trophies should be ban forever.
  13. I recommend close the application and open it and be connected to the net. After you exit the game. Make sure your profile is saving after you exit.
  14. Are you offline when you do it? Are you kicking off before you sim? Are you making sure you win? Are you doing every team, then playing a game without dimming and win? I need more details then you can't get the trophy
  15. I forgot to mention I did it in one session. Is that what you did?