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  1. Well you have to win the super bowl all 3 years also.
  2. I love tiger woods 13 because how easy the controllers felt. I want another golf game. Is it like that or is like the newer tiger woods game?
  3. According to the trophy guide it states to buy the stadiums you need. If you don't want to spend money and you have a decent overall DD team and decent at the game. You go have your DD team play against every team on all star and you will get team points which will get you the stadiums.
  4. This site is wrong. It's Stranger Things 3: the Game and its 20 bucks in the US not a fan of the graphics
  5. I think your thinking of another trophy. This trophy you just have to play once you get called up to AAA and then play every game.
  6. How would the boost work exactly? Not a fan of DD, hate that you have a time limit to get a trophy I really think online trophies should be ban forever.
  7. I recommend close the application and open it and be connected to the net. After you exit the game. Make sure your profile is saving after you exit.
  8. Are you offline when you do it? Are you kicking off before you sim? Are you making sure you win? Are you doing every team, then playing a game without dimming and win? I need more details then you can't get the trophy
  9. I forgot to mention I did it in one session. Is that what you did?
  10. Here is how I got the trophy after 5 real weeks of trying (about 2 weeks of game time. I had to do this 3 times to get the trophy until I found this method) Download a roster named "bad" should get you the browns 34 Ovr Play now Bears-Vikings skip Browns Rookie 2 min quarters Before kickoff hit options do super sim fast to end of game. If you lose don't quit just restart it If you win quit game and make sure profile saves on the bottom right Load up the recent roster and do Browns vs cardinals sim to the end Pick a random team vs the cardinals and win Trophy pops
  11. The best fastest method I found. 1.Pick your favorite team (doesn't matter what roster) 2. Go into your schedule and force win every game for 3 years Don't worry about the offseason as you will be perfect. 3. Trophies will pop Example of the schedule 1. @Chargers -force win away 2. @Raiders - force win away 3. Chiefs - force home win 4. Broncos - force home win Let me know if you need more help
  12. If I understand your question Digital -need season pass Disc - comes with everything you need
  13. The last trophy I need and for the life of me I can't get the trophy. Every time i get called up is during off-season. Any tips?
  14. You just have to have a great game in AA and go to the main menu. That is when you will get the trophy.
  15. So I was given the regular game free. I have to say the game is amazing I beat it in 2 days, and I wanted more. I looked on the PS Store and they don't offer the DLC alone. They also wanted 60 for the collection. I went online and found stores that want 30-40 for the collection. I thought about getting it until I read the reviews that even though the codes don't expire until 9/20/18 they don't work. Any advise would be great on how I can get the DLC.