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  1. Here is how I did it. Reference I did PS5 to PS4. I loaded up the PS4 version unlinked my account. Closed the game. Went on my phone to from there on the top right of the screen I clicked the baseball. It gave me the option to either choose a new DD or my existing one. From there I choose the new one. I went back on to the PS4 version and got the trophy and then unlinked my account and went back to the website and choose my existing one. I logged back into the game and everything was there. If you are doing PS4-PS5 just replace PS4 with PS5 and you will get the trophy.
  2. I can't get bragging rights and momenentum stealer no matter how hard I tried, I have done everything you can imagine. I only have one controller so unless I create a boost session which I don't know if anyone would help me. Ive played the whole game I have played a play after kick off, I have uninstall and reinstalled multiple times. With Momentum I have kicked the ball at my 15 yard line and all they want to do is run the ball. I hate that new feature
  3. Here is what I noticed, if you aren’t online status it won’t clock it, if you are it will click correctly
  4. Can anyone help me, I only have 1 controller so I have to face the CPU, all I’m finding is the 2 controller method.
  5. The PS5 version of the GTA V, which includes the story mode and GTA Online, is available to preorder for just $9.99 — a 75 percent discount — and you’ll be able to pick up the game at that price until June 14th. As far as I can tell, you can only preorder it on the PS5’s PlayStation Store right now, and it might be buried. If it doesn’t appear right away, one way I found it was by clicking on the PS4 version of the game, then clicking the button with the three dots, selecting “View Product,” and selecting “Grand Theft Auto V (PlayStation 5).” If you already own GTA V, there isn’t an upgrade option to a next-gen edition. You’ll have to buy the next-gen version you want to play (or pick up the free GTA Online on PS5 while it’s at that discounted rate). If you already own GTA V, the trophies will auto-pop for the ones you have on the PS4 one time. At this time I am unsure if that means you can go PS5-PS4 but, I know that you can go PS4-PS5
  6. Hopefully soon the other 116 trophies will sync up. I really wish that because of how popular this site is, really can’t be a one man crew anymore. I am taking a stab of everyone is thinking. We understand life gets in the way, or you get tired of dealing with this site.
  7. So I am trying to update my friends trophy list, and he has train sim world and it won’t update his list. How do we fix that?
  8. Do you know a league to get On A Roll trophy for NHL 18?
  9. You have to type exactly like this and it will pop “ROCKY MTN RUSH”
  10. Yes you can get this trophy online.
  11. But you don't need them to get plat
  12. I've been playing this game for 4 years. I know the luck dbd gives people, but thanks for telling me that I have a 50% chance of getting into the relam with that map offering
  13. I got this game on PC and im trying to get all the achievements. With that said since the new update I am trying to get both of the Disturbed Ward achievements. What map offering do I need to throw down as I keep going into father chapel's? I dont have the old maps as I just got this game. Thanks in advance
  14. Okay start a new Franchise as lets say The Chiefs (EA rosters) as a created coach of your choosing From there skip preseason and then Just Force win the regular season and the postseason then skip everything offseason and preseason and then force win Season and Post season and then repeat. You should get all the trophies in mid year 3 Report back to me after you're in year 3
  15. Wrong you can force win everything