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  1. If you're chubby but identify as skinny,

    you're trans-slender. 😛

  2. I try to separate the schism between myself and society so as to find happiness with myself and still be disappointed with the world. 😝

  3. Trails of Cold Steel II 😊
  4. Their censorship rules annoy me. I don't know if I ever respected them but they've definitely lost respect from me. It's too late for me to switch consoles I guess. I've come too far lol
  5. I wish there was a way to gift an avatar to somebody. It would be simple to implement, Just a fun, easy thing to do.
  6. 467. I remember being lv 35 so I was scared when I saw it. I was sure it was a glitch. Just another weird thing to happen in 2020 lol
  7. I'm Not an Early Bird or A Night Owl, I'm A Constantly

    Exhausted Pigeon :)

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      I never saw exhausted pigeon in my life. They are always chillin when i see them.

    2. ResoluteRock


      @ihadalifeb4this it’s because robots can’t possibly get exhausted. Open your eyes, people! :P

    3. PixieHime


      What A Time To Be Alive... Plagues, Riots, Spaceflight...and now...Robot Pigeons 😝

  8. You should be required to play a game (or read a book!) for every 10 selfies you take :P

    1. DaivRules


      Yes, but you have to earn the selfie credit by reading the book or finishing the game first.

  9. I love those games! I bought a brand new copy of Episode 1 4 years ago but both of my PS2's refused to load it, very sad
  10. - Final Fantasy VII - Final Fantasy VIII - Final Fantasy IX - Resident Evil - Resident Evil:2 - Resident Evil:3 - Dino Crisis - Dino Crisis 2 - Silent Hill -Parasite Eve -Parasite Eve 2 -Grandia -Folklore
  11. NieR: Automata 😊
  12. Kingdom Hearts.
  13. Well I bought a lot of crappy games in the last sale for about $60 but then I spent $90 on the Resident Evil 2 Deluxe pre-order (stupid Canadian prices!) *grumble grumble*
  14. Dante
  15. Silent Hill
  16. Sakimichan 10/10
  17. I wonder why I'm so happy... I'm never happy. Maybe I'm mellowing as I get older...

  18. Serendipity
  19. Nope, never have.
  20. I thought $17 for Dark Rose Valkyrie was a fairly okay price considering it's normally $82 here in Canada but when I saw that it's $5.99 in the states i just felt gutted. Canadian prices suck. 😒
  21. This is the adorable Mr. Bubbles! 😘
  22. I post quotes that inspire me. I don't reply back because I'm not inspired much maybe. I'm about as deep as a glass of water usually so when I find a quote i love, I post it :)

    1. Kittet3


      I believe you can lock your status updates so people can't comment if that's what you would prefer :)

    2. PooPooBlast


      Ayy good to see there's a human typing these. I was worried that psnp was becoming run over by robots!



    3. N3xmach-ina


      Better than the constant "night" "good morning" status updates I see I guess. Keep it up

  23. A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant

    man follows the public opinion.