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  1. Thanks for this post was just about to start this one too. You probably saved me a lot of time cause I wouldnt have known.
  2. I think it’s a bit of both. I find getting trophies fun and satisfying once you finally get the 100%. But I also find myself not wanting to play any new games until I complete the ones I already started.
  3. What do you think about the whole rumor that the Crash Trilogy is a timed-exclusive and it might eventually end up heading to the Xbox One?
  4. Definitely Naughty Dog and Rockstar. They never disappoint.
  5. Thanks. If you ever get around to do Resident Evil Revelations, (if you haven't done it already) we could do the Raid together. I know that there are some trophies for Raid and it's easier with another person. That game has been in my backlog for awhile now and I would like to get it finished. If that's one of the games in your radar right now (or soon will be because I'm sure you have other games on your mind), send me a friend request. Good luck man and thanks.
  6. Too big to list.
  7. Wow dude...and I thought my backlog was bad. Good luck man.
  8. Terminator salvation and Call of Duty Classic about 30 min. apart.