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  1. Don't miss chance for easy plat!
  2. Currently on sale for PS3 $5 or complete game for $15. I'm picking up the ps4 version for $20. My ? Is should I skip dlc for PS3 version because I'll have it for ps4 and will be able to enjoy it there. Or will it make my PS3 play through better or easier having dlc?
  3. that would be great. Where did u get that info from?
  4. You guys are off topic blowing my post up with bs. No the three K's are just uppercase. My Wife is black and I have 4 kids with her,if that's what u were concerned about. And yea I've been here for years no need for a welcome Daiv looks like you might need another one help u get going a little. Or spending time playing instead of being a welcome party would be good. Thanks for responding
  5. Any confirmation on being able to delete? Need to know if I should go to PS3 version or just continue with ps4.
  6. So I've already played on the ps4 and not on PS3 and just realized the grind for some of the dlc trophies. If I stop playing ps4 and 100% PS3 version can I do my 1 time transfer or is it to late since I've started on the 4 first?