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  1. At first I thought about Ghost of Tsushima but there is a worse game on my list: Life is Strange. The only platinum I gave 10/10 difficulty level.
  2. Can confirm, the same thing happened to me yesterday.
  3. Finished my Tier 1. Here is my difficulty rating (where 1 = Downwell (challenging but easy and fun) and 10 - Life is strange (painfully hard to complete)): Surge Deluxe - 8/10 (the grind is horrible) Bound - 2/10 (the speedrun is fun) Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD - 5/10 Stealth Inc - 7/10 (game becomes boring after a few hours) Unravel Two - 5/10 Here is my Tier 2 aka Rockstar cleanup Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) Red Dead Redemption (PS3) Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) Super Meat Boy (PS4/vita)
  4. Update for the month. Started from 79.5%, currently 80.19%.
  5. If I understood correctly, a game shouldn't have 0% completion on account to count, right? If so, I pick following for 1st tier: Stealth Inc (vita), rarest trophy is 0.85% Unravel Two (PS4), plat is 1.68% Bound (PS4), plat is 0.65% Oddworld: Strangers Wrath HD (vita), plat is 4.5% Surge Deluxe (vita), 2.08%
  6. I didn't find this information here https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-3-pre-launch-guide/ so maybe you have the information Will it be possible to save hitman 2 profile after online closure to transfer it later to hitman 3 or this functionality will be turned off as well?
  7. Can confirm that PS5 is somewhat bugged. The newspapers trophy didn't unlock for me even after getting all of the newspapers three times and even completing all of the levels after that. As soon as I did the same on my PS4, it popped out on the first try. So yes, it's better to avoid playing HM2 on PS5.
  8. I'm in. Didn't know about this event but had a goal to get 80% in 2020 which I achieved and then decreased my completion I plan to have 85% this year.
  9. The Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC for Brutal legend has been delisted making this game 100% unobtainable for those who didn't purchase it earlier. Online is still working though.
  10. Has the Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC been delisted? I couldn't find it anywhere and there is no news about it online.
  11. Agree, that's the best way to farm it. I've tried all the bosses but the best for me was Gaeen - you can easily kill him in 2 minutes with tate, yumi and mega and it tokk me 15 battles to obtain 9 mithrils. Other bosses didn't give me such good drop rate.
  12. I can confirm that you don't need to collect parts at all, only hidden muimuis are count towards the trophy. I've missed some parts in some levels and still got the trophy.
  13. I didn't encounter any problems on my first playthrough (when I wasn' trying to get any trophies and just played the game) but when I've followed the PST walkthrough I've also experienced the freezing. The original order is following: The game was stuck after all the cross interactions. What I did is change the order of the actions - first I've interacted with a door and secondly I've interacted with a cross. Hope that helps anyone in the same situation.
  14. I'm looking for a painted and for a veteran certified item. I just want to rent them to get the trophies. I can give you 3 crates. UPD: already got it
  15. So I've completed all the DLCs and most of them are pretty easy - you can complete every race after a few tries. The only 2 hardest ones are Elements because of the Venom Hot Lap 2 and AMG because of the One Man, One Engine. The AMG one is the worst DLC ever. Not only it is hard but unlike every other DLC it has only 3 bronze trophies, not a single silver or gold