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  1. No problem for me, he was the last dragon and my trophy popped normally
  2. I've got maybe the best vision in the world and still don't really appreciate if its gold or bronze... Really sometimes, like yesterday i did the trophy from Shadow of the colossus to beat one of them without breaking his wristlet, and when i got it i thought it was a bronze, but when i looked to my trophies the percent grew up quickly because it was gold... But i told you, i never had and never have nowaday any problem on my vision, rather ive got an excellent one
  3. Do anyone know what to do for reach the classment of sheep (hope its the same in english than in french... "atteindre le classement mouton")
  4. For the trophy of the higher difficult to finish, is it the Deus Ex or the realist to do ? Cause if its the realisitc one you have to do all the game without any save and without dying at all, i dont begin the game but sound like difficult. For my first playthrough i just play on my own cause Deus Ex Human Revolution was one of my favourite game on PS3
  5. Joe & Mac Cavemen Ninja : this game is just awesome Goof Troop : one of the best Axelay : shoot them up that use the mode 7 Sailor Moon : one of the best bta, even better than double dragon and other Looney Tunes : i think it have 2 differents games and both are cool, one is a plat-former, the other is about mini games
  6. This can be funny, and i like the beginning of the video when i see "Partial nudity" and "sexual theme", it have all my attention
  7. Yes its the Hong Kong, I create a China account but the dlc didn't work on it, so i create a hong kong account and its working !
  8. I really have to be a big dumb cause when i click on it its happen nothing but "a secret ticket"... im trying to get her a second to see if its not by pair... Maybe we have to be on an owner level specific ? I'm just lv 13? maybe its this Edit : OKKKKKKKKKKKKK so for the ones dumb like me, you have to use the ticket when you are at the hotel ! I did'nt even know we can use object in the hotel...
  9. Ok thks for the details Really sorry for all the questions, but do we have to get all the 4 tickets to see the video ? Cause I finally succeed to give Kasumi the first ticket (Dangerous), and in her belongings when I press on it it appears "Look at", but it's show "A secret...ticket?" so do I missed something or did i have to give her other tickets ?
  10. Nop, no online mode in the game
  11. How do we get the bikini for the pole dance ? I have three ticket (one more missing), but i have to get the right bikini to watch the scene, how to get it ?
  12. Don't you think its a big joke for the April 1st ? I really hope so...
  13. If you have some advice, dont hesitate to share ^^
  14. Thanks a lot, it will be very usefull ! Edit : Kasumi dislikes the violin , and dislikes Laptop, dislikes Suzuka, dislikes Orchid