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  1. How many days are there untill the 20th event? Or by the last one you meant the 20th event as you need to beat 20 for the trophy?
  2. Have they added the new events on ps4 by now? I was told that on PC they did add them yesterday or today. Seemingly 25 new events are scheduled there.
  3. I see you gotten the trophy 2 days after that. Did you manage to restart this bounty?
  4. Huge props to you Blu3 for discovering all these stuff. After finishing long career you said that performance, consistency and clean laps matter to keep overall gold, but if you finish the endurance races with blocking AI, thats ruins your performance probably. So does performance/consistency/clean laps matter after all? Also is it really nessessary to finish all races on first place to keep Overall Gold? As it still gives you gold medal for the event if you finish in top3.
  5. The slipstream trophy they did fix a few patches back, so no need to downgrade to ver 1.00 for that. The Variety is the Spice of Life trophy (for trying every car and track) can be a bit glitchy for some though but should eventually unlock. It unlocked late for me too after the steps i described ealier in this thread, but that method didnt work for some though. So my guess is to keep trying all the cars over and over till it unlocks. Im not sure if going back to 1.00 ver fixes it. Regarding the new fixes to career. Devs fixed only the endurance races not awarding you points for wins. Now they do award points. But on easy and normal difficulty that fix alone is not enough according to the guy who had gold right before endurance races and won the first endurance race today. He gotten points for the win but didnt get the three bonus medals. He got to overall silver after that race. The thing the devs seem not to have fixed are these three bonus medals which should award additional points: Hammertime (for 100% clean laps), Overtake machine (for at least two overtakes) and Hunter (no one knows what is this bonus but it also never unlocks). I tried the first two races today driving as clean as possible and doing two-three overtakes and yet those bonuses never popped for me. Again the endurance races giving points for wins now fixed might be enough to keep an overall gold on hard or extreme, but i won`t spend another 20-30h redoing the career anytime soon. So if anyone want to try that, let us know if that works.
  6. Oh yeah, its live atm. Guess Mike was wrong at that time.
  7. Its hard to say for me as ive yet to really play Career as it supposed to be played. I just AFKed all the races in short career to quickly get the trophy for just finishing career. From what ive heard from people who ve played career events as they are supposed to be played, it can be pretty challenging to get 1st on hard difficulty and even harder on extreme difficulty. If it would be possible to get and keep Overall Gold on easy and normal, then its should be fairly doable i guess. But you do get less points the easier the difficulty is, so we might not have enough points for gold playing on easy or normal. Also i heard there is one particular practicing event/hotlap on rainy Silverstone which is supposedly harder than any hotlap in OG AC. And the time for gold medal there is the same on every difficulty. So if we would need to get gold on every career event to keep an overall gold medal, that might be a huge task to beat that event. Time will tell i guess. Also the patch seems to be delayed by some days:
  8. They are aiming to release it on Jan 27th according to Mike505.
  9. Outside of those 3 Shover mini games i don`t know which other ones would benefit from it. Can you make a little list?
  10. As far as I remember you can`t see your driver ratings when offline, you probably cant`t improve them too, thus making the trophies for bronze/silver/gold/platinum Driver category impossible if not playing online.
  11. Some good news again. We just got a confirmation of the fixes coming in the next patch. I believe Mike said they are aiming to roll the patch out late January. Get ready for that 24h race in long career folks 😅
  12. An update from the 505 games community manager: Keeping my fingers crossed we will finally get the trohies fixed sometime soon
  13. I want to thank @Smzthyy for organising another one of these boosts today and @Stueeeee_P for helping a group of 7-8 people. You guys are the champs! 😁.
  14. That error was gone for me after i linked steam to my profile. The thread is in PC sub forum and all the threads in it require you to do that i believe.
  15. Ok, so the trophies still haven`t been fixed two and a half monthes post release. Fact to know is that dev who ported the game to consoles is completely different from the one who made and still supports the game on PC. Console Dev is D3T, while Kunos Simulatizione is responsible for pc version and its updates. The only trophies which you absolutely cannot achieve with or without any workarounds are those 3 trophies for beating career with Gold medal. And its known that the career issues that prevent you to finish the mode with gold medal are still present on PC ver at this moment. Upon reading Assetto forums a lot and asking some forum vets, its now got a little more clear to me that, its probably must be Kunos who should fix the career on PC, so then later the D3T would port that update to ps4. And its known that D3T does update console versions to the more recent PC versions of the game with each patch alongside fixing console specific bugs. Unlike D3T, PC dev Kunos is actually active on official forums and time to time responds to players in the Bugs/issues threads and mark them as Reported\Fixed upon aknowledging or fixing the thread issues. My friend and me got an idea to actually make a thread about those career issues on the PC specific sub-forum, to hopefully make the PC dev to finally fix career and then for D3T to later port that version of the game to ps4/xb1. Apparently not a lot of PC players care much about career mode, so the thread is not getting many replies. If you want the career trophies to get fixed eventually, be sure to make a post there, so Kunos would have more incentive to look into the issues. That might actually work this way :fingers crossed:. Here is this thread: . One note is that to post a reply in PC sub forum of official Assetto forums, you not only need to be registered there but also you need to link your steam account with assettocorsa forum account. After like 15 mins after that you would be able to make a post.