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  1. My guess is that you needed to race as yourself on all 11 base tracks as well, so once you played championship (where you participate as not a pre-set driver automatically) you got to play on some track that you hadnt raced on driving as yourself before.
  2. Put Quick Race, 5min, penalties on, damage 100%, 16 AIs, start position - 1st, AI skill and aggressiveness at minimum. Then just win a race without cutting corners and going offroad (all laps should be valid) and without damages of course. Did it first try considering all of this.
  3. Regarding the "Variety is the spice of life" trophy. I understood how it works now. Before you start any event in Single Player section you need to choose car in a Team menu. Before i was only choosing pre set cars within a team with one of a few drivers to play as. That was wrong. Instead in a team menu you need to click Add, and then the whole 24 car list appears for you to choose from (instead of cars limited per 2019/2018/GT seasons). So once you choose the car from it you will be partcicipating in the event driving as yourself (not as pre set driver). That was the key. You only need to drive on the 11 base game tracks once and play with every car using an Add option instead of cars with Pre set drivers/teams. I unlocked the trophy in a Quick Race mode, driving for like 500-1000 meters with each car after the start line and quitting.
  4. In case this method didnt work for you, there was another trick found:
  5. Found two Limited Run games i wanted for a decent price on ebay.
  6. Does it still work after Moonshiners DLC?
  7. Got two japanese Steins;Gate spin-offs. Done one of them already and even though i don't know japanese and was going through the game with a guide, basically skipping everything, I still enjoyed the experience. The music and artstyle definitely brought some nostalgia back. And CGs by Huke are gorgeous as always. I def need to experience these games on english at a later date (Phenogram is already translated as a part of ps4 version of sg elite and there are rumours about Darling being brought to the west as well) Here is my little collection so far: The one of those japanese SG games has a lighter blue ps vita label. Is it common to have those on jpn games or was the colour just faded a bit?
  8. I heard that you can use items in babel now. Can anybody confirm that? Also heard that all gold prizes on hard are still required for one of those trophies (which is good).
  9. Got two visual novels. I had already beaten digital eu ver of Steins;Gate. Loved it and just wanted to get a physical copy. So glad its NA so i can experience this masterpiece again and obtain the 2nd plat. Yet to try Chaos;Child. But presumably its also very good. Im really hoping that they bring Chaos;Head Noah to the west with the newly announced translated vers of both Robotics;Notes. Sad they are skipping Vita versions with them though.
  10. Velo time trials that would be superior to Oxide`s wouldnt hurt at all. Especially if they include some unique skin/character for beating them.
  11. Ok, i was right lol. The patch with the fix will come July 3rd alongside new content.
  12. July 3rd is the release date of the first Grand Prix/Season. I bet they wanna bring it with all the new content and fix the bugs in the same patch. Considering Activision add some major fixes to N-Sane Trilogy with the same patch they added the 2nd DLC level (a year later basically). Probably they dont bother to spend money on additional patches.
  13. You all talk about the difficulty, but the main question is - does the game have 60FPS/Performance mode??
  14. Apparently this happened again. Time to get wasted 😬 EDIT: A few video guides provided by AdruA_ :
  15. Does that happen often? It says that ubisoft servers are currently unavailable...
  16. Thanks. Edited the starting post
  17. Just got 456.0 meters. I used Princess char and cut the last rope before the jump the way so its second part was twice as long as first. It probably slowed down a char a bit less than otherwise. I dont know for sure though, i might just got lucky.
  18. Got a few games I want to try out. Especially excited for Danganronpa series. Heard a lot of good things. Loving its box arts so far
  19. I wonder if they add 60fps/performance mode for all consoles. Should be easy to do as they are already doing 4 player splitscreen modes. 60fps is my only remaining wish for this, but the whole package still looks really good.
  20. For me when i first played the original ps3 InFamous, it seemed VERY similar to the Ultimate Spiderman game. Yet to play ps4 Spiderman.
  21. Considering Asseto Corsa. I heard developers have adjusted the times for special events back in September last year. So that the former bronze times are now current gold ones. Which made the plat a lot easier it seems. But dont take my word for granted, dont really know for sure.
  22. That was resolved quite a while ago. With Farewell they could easily bring some DLC trophies though (those that don`t affect the plat/1000G at any way). Besides Digital Deluxe edition is not some "Uber-Limited Exclusive' version of the game. Basically everyone can upgrade their standard versions to DDs for a few extra $ and get Farewell as a normal DLC content. That's a shame tbh, as there are some collectibles in Farewell as well (5-6 photos), which could have their own trophy each.
  23. They have told on twitter there will be no additional trophies in response to some whiny standard edition user. But who knows, that was a few months ago.
  24. Im surprised they still havent released a trailer for it. Might be a pretty small episode after all.