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  1. Idk if this is the case but your accelerate button might be a bit broken on DS4. It may not register full strength presses or something. I had this issue on my other DS4, where I used R2 as acceleration. Try change it to a different button.
  2. The craziest shit I have seen in a while... Hope it gets trophies
  3. I also hope they will change that ugly af trophy list piсture. Nicer icon for the platinum trophy would be great too.
  4. Thanks dude : D I mean the bar has been set pretty high earlier in the thread 🤘
  5. Not a lot to show compared to some of the prev guys but still:
  6. I really hope there is
  7. So there is no trophy for Classic mode?
  8. Is it just me or the UI became significantly less laggy on base PS4?
  9. To answer my question, here it is: Just wanted to check his trophies...
  10. Love the guy and his vids. Does anybody know his psn ID? Haven`t seen it anywhere.
  11. Why? What is the difference between versions?
  12. There is too much water compared to the original in my opinion. Not a lot has happend in Ep1. The OST also is not that memorable for some reason. But everything else is gold, especially for a side-developer. They managed to capture that LiS spirit perfectly I feel (attention to details in environments, art-style, chars, diary, this similar type of collectibles).
  13. Yeah i heard about it. But for some reason only The Order got affected for me. All the other games were fine. Idk I tried to earn new trophies in new games since that psn issue in May. Heard it might temporarily fix it. But no, Order was always stuck in that same incorrect place in my trophy list. I still think it has something to do with HDD being formatted and the game reinstalled after that.
  14. Hey i got somewhat similar issue with The Order 1886. I got the plat in 2016. But in 2017 i completely formatted my HDD and after some time reinstalled the game. Now it stays above of some 2017 games in my trophy list. How can i fix that?
  15. Good to know, thanks. I thought that Near was shut down entirely, my bad.
  16. Uncharted 2 Multiplayer in 60 FPS Uncharted 3 Multiplayer in 60 FPS And I would be happy
  17. Looks like this error affects every player for almost a day now. What do you guys think - is this a new EA way to f*ck their games` community with shutting down servers without warnings or is it just temporary maintenance? Looks like leaderboards and squad joining are ok. If you have any info on whats going on, please tell us
  18. I myself always dreamt about 100% profile. Until April 1st 2015 it wasn't possible because of these 2 games on my acc - Marvel Pinball and Battlefield Bad Company. Can't express how happy i was when EA finally made ''Catch the 'Bad' Moment'' trophy in BFBC obtainable again on that date. Now i have no unobtainable trophies on my acc. My completion ratio is 96-97%. But i still cant freaking crack that ps plus garbage pinball game. I have plenty of the infamously hard games on my acc completed such as GT5, WipEout HD, MP3 and also named BF:BC. 22 ultra rare plats in total. But Marvel Pinball is just another level. I even doubt that those 42 people who have 100% in it got it the legit way(you know what i mean), especially after talking with one of the last achievers who literally couldn't say shit about the game. So yeah, i won't let my hope down and maybe 1 day this game will be slaughtered by me. But now the 100% profile is still a dream...
  19. 22 So far: 1.) Binary Domain - 0.63% 2.) Mortal Kombat - 0.74% 3.) Max Payne 3 - 0.79% 4.) Gran Turismo 5 - 0.84% 5.) Battlefield Bad Company - 0.92% 6.) WipEout HD - 1.19% 7.) WipEout 2048 - 1.27% 8.) GTA 4 - 1.35% 9.) Motorstorm Pacific Rift - 1.37% 10.) Metal Gear Solid 2 (VITA) - 2.16% 11.) GTA V (PS4) - 2.24% 12.) GTA V (PS3) - 2.33% 13.) Batman Arkham Origins - 2.33% 14.) Vanquish - 2.68% 15.) Killzone 2 - 2.77% 16.) Metal Gear RISING - 2.92% 17.) Driver San Francisco - 3.48% 18.) Mirror`s Edge - 3.63% 19.) The Evil Within - 3.65% 20.) LittleBigPlanet - 4.12% 21.) Red Dead Redemption - 4.32% 22.) LittleBigPlanet 2 - 4.86% Most proud of those 5
  20. Looks like there there is only one server yet and its completely full
  21. Just found a game. Hooray guys! Gonna grab some beer
  22. Well, the servers` fate is in your hands
  23. Ok, so there is some new info. Looks like EA will not look into this issue until at least 40 people sign under it. So all we must do is just press "Me too' button under the first post in this thread: "", "accessToken": "", "idToken": ""} (the link is ugly, i know) Apparently that "Catch the Bad moment" trophy was fixed exactly the same way after our french community created similar thread on EA forums and asked for support across different web-sites ( example) and got over 35 people signing under it just before EA fixed the issue. So guys, the situation is not hopeless. Lets storm that "Me too'' button Also guys, it will not be wrong if you also briefly ask them about the issue on EA Support twitter just in case