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  1. Where did they reply to you?
  2. Looks like that guy was not EA representative but just some forum user (thanks for the notice Potent). So we still have not got any official explanations from ea. Our chances that the servers will get back are 50/50 i would say...
  3. Looks like they did reply with some "out of nowhere" BS excuse here: They claimed that BFBC1 should have been gone with GameSpy servers shutdown a year ago. They even gave a link to an ancient Gamespy article there. But again no mention of BFBC1 in that article. *Basic EA ignorance*
  4. Will not believe it till I see the proof with my own eyes... But if this is true, then I`m done with this BS company known as EA, enough of this sh*t. Been playing this game constantly for three months in order to get that platinum. Only 591 kills separates me from it. Im feeling like EA stole my soul... Cant express how pissed I am right now. Thats just not right. Sooner or later gaming community will point the middle finger back at them I`m sure of it...
  5. Just launched the game and tried to play online campaign and it keeps telling me that i failed to connect to server. What the point? Usually Sony warns about shutting down online modes in their games...
  6. So glad they fixed it. Finally able to 100% my profile EA just made one huge step closer to be redeemed in our eyes for sure!
  7. Thumbed the post up. But you`d better create the same exact post on english. This way more people would put a Like and the DICE and EA would more likely notice it
  8. I mean like 360 users are still able to get the trophy on daily basis ( There must have just appeared a small bug or glitch or something that prevent us from getting it. Yeah, the website with these screenshots was deleted, but it also was deleted for all the xbox users as far as i know, right?
  9. Any1 tried to write a petition? Maybe they would release some kind of patch at least...
  10. Yep, my bad. It finally let me in