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  1. This one was weird. With takedowns combined scored a total of 82 but after the game ended, said my kills were at 42 yet the trophy unlocked for me.
  2. Just earned the platinum, the Pistol/Magnum combo with a number of mines worked fantastic on the last four levels. The V61 upgraded with damage and rate of fire/reload speed is fantastic for the first four levels as you can easily mow all the enemies down with it. The factory 2 was the worst of the last four with the mad village 2 being the easiest of the last four! Only ever use the magnum on the mini bosses (Daughters/Armoured Wolves when suitable/Giants). For the Factory, Strum can be killed easily using the normal pistol. For the Pistol, focus on Damage/Reload Speed/Rate of Fire and ignore Ammo Capacity as you’ll be constantly reloading anyways.
  3. Just unlocked Calling in a favour and Is There Anybody Out There too after killing that guard in the prologue. Just covering myself incase someone reports my profile!!!
  4. Add me guys and girls, awaiting the PS5 so won’t be online till next week but very chatty and down for playing anything! PSN - Gladiator995
  5. Slightly off-topic but Doritos in the UK are offering this as a free game to be won in their PS5 competition, wondering if they’ll change up the game that’s won?
  6. If I can customise the cat, it’ll be a day one buy 😬
  7. With disc is the best way. It may be £100 less for the disc less version but you’ll be paying hundreds more in the long run. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve bought a game for nearly half the price of the same game on the PSN store. Love having physical copies too so that’s another reason to get the disc version.
  8. Guess the flag will stay on your account until you prove us small folk wrong then m8.
  9. Platinum #220 - Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. This is a game that I’ve seen for years and just never really bothered to get around to actually starting it. It was only when I had a conversation with one of my closest friends recently about games to play together, he was like “oh why don’t yah get Diablo 3, it’s great for co-op”, that I decided to finally get a copy. To be honest I really should have played this a lot sooner, it’s such an enjoyable experience that is amplified when you go demon slaying with friends too. Only thing I didn’t enjoy was the massive slog at the end when getting the 500 bounties trophy done. Overall I’d definitely recommend this game.

  10. I’m aware these games are available on the Japanese store but are these particular games coming to the European store anytime soon?
  11. As someone who obtained all trophies up to this new season pass, I was very pleased with how easy the controls were to get to grips with. Do I want to spend the money on another season pass? Not particularly but I would recommend this game to anyone looking to experience galactic adventures on a massive scale.
  12. For the seafarer I simply didn’t sleep at all during the 10 days and got it, you suffer from not being able to sprint a few days in but that’s the only negative effect I noticed .
  13. I’d like to be put into the Champion of the Gods tier please. Here’s proof as required!
  14. I don’t usually get bored of games enough to give up the platinum but this was one of them. It was a massive tedious bore fest that I just couldn’t do it anymore.
  15. Platinum #219 Daymare 1998. While I appreciate it was a homage to Resident Evil games, it was a shitty one. Filled with a terrible storyline, bad gameplay and was just an overall bore. If you’re thinking about getting this, save the cash and get something better.