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  1. For me, I went through the eight gold hoops with an empty tank first and then smashed into a comet and a few asteroids to get a full tank. Landed on a planet and the trophy unlocked.
  2. Trying to finish up the Kingdom Come Platinum and the game keeps stopping me from saving. I think I'll just stick with 95% cheers.

    1. Elvick_


      Wait for a patch?

  3. Is anyone having problems starting the A Rock and a Hard Place quest for this storyline? Finished up Masquerade but no option to start the next quest 😒
  4. You need 80 or above to get the trophy but as me and others have said, the reputation does increase while playing so you should be fine.
  5. Well whatever the case, my reputation with Skalitz is now at 100 so it's definitely possible.
  6. Well something strange happened. My reputation has gone up with Skalitz from 16 to 86! No idea what caused it but I had played through the Main Storyline quite a bit since the 16 rep.
  7. Well I left the prologue with a -100 with Skalitz. Weird thing is though I was sent to jail for 10 days while in Rattay for attacking a guard and when I left, my reputation with Skalitz was at 16. Bit strange considering all the residents are dead. 😂
  8. I haven't been able to play for a week due to a glitch in the House of God quest that basically stops you from saving your game so I've just got to wait till the next patch hits. I think when all the bugs are dealt with, it'll be seen as one of the better games of the year.
  9. Is anyone writing up a guide to locate all 11 of the secret areas here? I've found 8 out of the 11 but cannot for the life of me find the others 😒
  10. Can no longer make any saves on Kingdom Come: Deliverance due to a glitch in the House of God quest. Guess I'll play something else till the next patch hits!

  11. Yeah, I expected the same trophy list so imagine my surprise to find we've been given a paltry 9 trophies instead! My copy arrived today so I'll give it a go later.
  12. Good news guys. After completely wiping the game off my console along with the saved data and application data, I went back through to get the Last Words trophy one final time and it actually unlocked! The platinum is finally mine 😁 Not sure if it affected anything or not but I only read the gravestones with Chris.
  13. Well I've deleted the game off my PlayStation, reinstalled and read all the epitaphs again and the trophy still refuses to unlock so it must be glitched
  14. Not a problem! I can't seem to get the Last Words trophy to unlock, I've read all six epitaphs, deleted my save data from the previous play through which didn't unlock the trophy either. Is there something I'm missing or this trophy just badly glitched?
  15. When you're up in the treehouse beginning of the game, you can look through a telescope that shows the same guy staring at you so this might be what you've all missed? Because I used the telescope, viewed the employee of the month portrait in Chapter 8 and the trophy unlocked for me!