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  1. So is Rockstar essentially pulling an EA with this? Hopefully they get slated for this just like EA did.
  2. Cancelled my pre-order, in no way will I endorse these money grabbing tactics by EA and personally I hope the game does horribly.
  3. Yeah I am not going to be buying Star Wars Battlefront 2 anymore, that's what you get for being money grabbing bastards EA.

    1. AlchemistWer


      wow, a lot of people are annoying with EA... Well done you too! 😅

  4. I have to guarantee this was due to the giant shitstorm by people on Reddit and Twitter, looks like mass consumer anger pays off huh? But even then, it's pretty shitty how we could play as all heroes and villains straight from the get go in the first game and now we have to earn crystals to play them again?
  5. According to a post on Reddit, even by getting all credits from all challenges, that's only halfway to actually unlocking Vader or Luke - Seems that EA doesn't even give a shit and is more than happy about it. It's a shame a fun looking game is being ruined by such a greedy scheme.
  6. I actually give up on completing the time trial for Stormy Ascent. The trophy just isn't worth the hassle.

  7. I would rather watch paint dry than keep opening mother boxes to try and get Cat Call on Injustice 2. This is torture.

    1. Night Cast

      Night Cast

      I hear you. I opened a bronze one yesterday and got the Cat Claw ability instead. The game is just toying with me now...

  8. Can the save trick still be used? Only have this trophy left before the platinum 😟
  9. Are we keeping the elevator music button? Brings a touch of class to the site 😏
  10. I see them now! You only need to get a kill with each of the 5 Primary Weapons so shouldn't be too bad Yeah these look extremely easy.
  11. There's still nothing on PSN regarding the new trophies, there must be new ones surely?
  12. I just don't have a problem with the stuff, usually the best idea is to take a sip of whatever other drink you have right after you take it to take the taste away. Never been a fan of the salt and lime method personally.
  13. Magners is my usual go to Cider drink followed by Thatchers. I also adore my tequila but no-one can handle it when we have three shots in a row of the stuff for some reason
  14. Has anyone ever stopped trying to obtain a game's platinum simply because they're so bored with playing said game? I just can't be bothered to platinum Digimon: Cyber Sleuth anymore :facepalm:

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    2. Midnightwards1666


      Not really, but in some long games I have taken a break midway through and returned later. Difficult trophies, I always want them all... but grindy trophies are ignorable... am starting Starwhal soon, platinum looks like an awful grind... I'll go for the medal trophies, but am unlikely interested in the grind or platinum. 

    3. Scyther


      Plenty of times. That's a lot of my incompletions. The rest would be due to difficulty.

    4. Hemiak


      Almost everything incomplete on my account is due to boredom with the game. The rest I just got distracted and haven't returned yet. 

  15. Hey guys, thought I'd bump the topic back up as I still need around 30 more responses before I compile my findings for my project, if any of you could fill this questionnaire out, I would be very gratetful :).