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  1. In regards to Raiders and population size, I've just had two raider attacks in the space of 10 minutes with a population of 56 so I'm going to say it's extremely randomised when they show up. I currently have two high charisma dwellers on the radio station but I don't think that really makes a difference.
  2. Playing through this remaster has been a complete slog and a reminder to never purchase another remaster in the future. Definitely agree on the aiming too, I just end up firing from the hip most of the time instead.
  3. Needed to pick-up XCOM 2 for the DLC trophies then I see the expansion costs £35. No thank you 😂 Also as one of the only Platinum owners for XCOM, all I can say is good luck with Ironman.
  4. The base building in 4 was the worst part of the game. Even having to go through the DLC's centered on that feature for the trophies was a massive chore too.
  5. This is off topic from Battlefield but in regards to catering for SJWs, it is a bit of a strange move as these kinds of people most likely don't even show a proper interest in the activities that they complain about. Look at Marvel comics, in recent years they've taken upon certain "decisions" that cater for these types of people yet suffer as a result. This includes particular changes in characters as well as numerous comic book series that were suited to this particular "group" that ended up being cancelled due to a lack of readership. I understand DICE want to be "Inclusive" but doing that by clearly pandering and shoehorning in characters for the sake of it is to be honest, embarassing and a clear attempt to say "Hey guysss, look how diverse we are!!" It's a major put off. I had no issue with the Tomb Raider reboot series, Mirror's Edge, Horizon as well as many other female centric games. Why? Because I wasn't constantly being told how brave and empowered these women were. If you want to see an example of a good female character, I'd check out Kara in Detroit: Become Human. Also all these people calling those who complain about the game "incels", wouldn't surprise me if they're incels themselves lol.
  6. So according to the Steam guide for this, every mode needs to be completed in one go without losing a game. Is it possible at all to upload your save to the cloud incase you mess up the run and redownload it? Or would this still negate the trophy? Otherwise this is going to be one pain in the ass trophy for sure 🙃
  7. Walden? Sounds like a type of bread. "I'll put some jam on my walden bread"
  8. Wow what a great reduction in price, this will almost definitely make me purchase the game! 😂
  9. Well that's Bastion, Transistor and Pyre platinumed. Anyone know if Supergiant Games are developing anything new? Been extremely impressed with each of their titles.

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    2. Gladiator995


      I will say out of the three, Pyre is the best, then Transistor and lastly Bastion. I tried getting into Velocity but I just kind of lost interest ya know?

    3. Fidel


      Nice work! I'm definitely going to have to get Pyre. 

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  10. Need a Very Rare item and Certified Item with an easy objective to save time. Can trade painted banners, painted decal for the Animus GP as well as some limited items. Just hit me up if interested.
  11. Its just been released on the store for the cheap price of £32.99 😂
  12. Anyone else noticing the high level of shit games being released onto the store in recent months? Sony needs better quality control.
  13. Does anyone reckon
  14. For me, I went through the eight gold hoops with an empty tank first and then smashed into a comet and a few asteroids to get a full tank. Landed on a planet and the trophy unlocked.
  15. Trying to finish up the Kingdom Come Platinum and the game keeps stopping me from saving. I think I'll just stick with 95% cheers.

    1. Elvick_


      Wait for a patch?