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  1. Luckily I got the TLoU platinums (both PS3 and PS4) As for Uncharted 3, I really had my best time there online. Co-op was so fun with friends as a kid
  2. Imma pass on this one. Doesn't look all that great
  3. Never played the series. But I watched Markiplier playing it. Recently he's been playing the VR version too
  4. I just got a brand new PS4 Pro because of this problem.
  5. Fallout 4, I wish I could have that one!
  6. It would come in handy definitely! It kinda sucks going through PSNP via my iPhone noways. That's why I always use my MacBook for PSNP.
  7. This would be a bad idea imo. Everyone with perfect 100% profiles, haha. Then you should have thought it earlier before playing the game
  8. Anime lover 😎
  9. Still not fixed 😭 I have this stupid banner color since December now. I want it black again.
  10. I didn't like the first one. I only platted 1 stack. It was too boring for me. Well, maybe I give this a try sometime
  11. I'm one of the small amount of people that actually like Assassin's Creed Syndicate alot. I wish they could return to it's old roots instead of making the series into a RPG.
  12. From my own experience I can say YouTube can help you alot. I watched like 2-3 different videos from the Insane run with commentary. These guys helped me out. The Marta cart part was absolutely the hardest part for me, It's somewhat randomized what she's doing there. I was so nervous haha, but really rewarding at the end 😇 I recommend watching the newer vids, because of the patches the game had
  13. Sometimes I regret I played those easy Platinum games, and just wish I only had my Platinum trophies with effort on my profile. But hey, you can't reverse time, right? So I just keep buying them ✌️
  14. Looks like a bunch of garbage imo. Except for that statue and steelbook 😁