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  1. I agree. I stopped buying easy platinum games. Games from Ratalaika etc and games like this for a year. Now I earned some nice platinums this year from good quality games. But to each their own I guess!
  2. You seem a little hot headed here. My answer is also in general like your own post
  3. Then don't play NG+ It's optional. Those trophies aren't even required for the platinum aswell
  4. Keep 'em coming with the horror! Looking forward to it
  5. 1. Resident Evil HD 2. Resident Evil 4 3. Resident Evil 5 4. Resident Evil 3 2020 5. Resident Evil 6 To keep it short. My top 5 I love. It's all close together tbh
  6. It's alot of fun if you play this with a friend co-op. Overall, it's too much action but fun in a way imo
  7. I can't wait.! The graphics are always amazing in the Batman Arkham games
  8. Omg, that fatality is crazy haha šŸ˜± Looks great, but Iā€™m waiting for more characters like Mileena etc
  9. Looks fairly easy I think. Maybe the stomp 1000 enemies is a little grind. Quite an unusual funny name for a game also haha šŸ˜
  10. Far Cry 5, you're so close!
  11. No, simply because I have no time and I have work and study combined together. I only platinum/complete games I really like, and the easy ones, that doesn't take long. At the end I try to atleast beat the story of a game and move on. No one cares about your percentage anyways
  12. Calm your tits lmao šŸ˜‚
  13. None yet unfortunately. But my closest one is Batman earned on January, 10 2018 A day after my birthday But I earned some trophies on some of my birthdays, tho. Pretty cool also if you ask me ;D
  14. I almost have like 7000 trophies, but I haven't lost a single trophy after the change
  15. Aha, it's clearly retro styleish. Look at the banner. It was just a metaphor ''smartass''