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  1. TLOU 1 is one of my best experiences in gaming, especially the first blind playthrough. It would be so cool to see TLOU 1 with TLOU 2 graphics, gameplay and visuals or even better
  2. Days Gone is one of my favorite games. The voice acting is also really impressive. The game gets better and better as you progress in the story But not a month for me as I already have the platinum of Days Gone
  3. Maria from The Last of Us Everyone uses Ellie avatars, so I'll use Maria šŸ˜
  4. I agree. I stopped buying easy platinum games. Games from Ratalaika etc and games like this for a year. Now I earned some nice platinums this year from good quality games. But to each their own I guess!
  5. You seem a little hot headed here. My answer is also in general like your own post
  6. Then don't play NG+ It's optional. Those trophies aren't even required for the platinum aswell
  7. Keep 'em coming with the horror! Looking forward to it
  8. 1. Resident Evil HD 2. Resident Evil 4 3. Resident Evil 5 4. Resident Evil 3 2020 5. Resident Evil 6 To keep it short. My top 5 I love. It's all close together tbh
  9. It's alot of fun if you play this with a friend co-op. Overall, it's too much action but fun in a way imo
  10. I can't wait.! The graphics are always amazing in the Batman Arkham games
  11. Omg, that fatality is crazy haha šŸ˜± Looks great, but Iā€™m waiting for more characters like Mileena etc
  12. Looks fairly easy I think. Maybe the stomp 1000 enemies is a little grind. Quite an unusual funny name for a game also haha šŸ˜
  13. Far Cry 5, you're so close!
  14. No, simply because I have no time and I have work and study combined together. I only platinum/complete games I really like, and the easy ones, that doesn't take long. At the end I try to atleast beat the story of a game and move on. No one cares about your percentage anyways
  15. Calm your tits lmao šŸ˜‚