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  1. That's so confusing because I keep getting errors when I try to access the St. Lucia Trials. Very frustrating.
  2. This tweet's before the last post in this thread, but I checked and it seems servers are offline as of 2022, making the game un100%able, but still platinumable I think.
  3. That's what I suspected. I got the game as a gift so it kinda sucks that my only option is to not even use the gift. Thanks!
  4. I recently got the Divine Edition of the game new and saw that there was no download code for the DLC, nor is the Dark Forest DLC visible on the US PSN store on the PS3. Is there any chance of buying the DLC or am I SOL?
  5. I don't know about other people, but I'm just upset that the servers are offline because I enjoyed the multiplayer and hate the fact that a major part of a game is completely inaccessible. Not being able to get the trophies does suck too though, especially for people who just got into the game over the past few years. If you're annoyed by these complaints, just scroll past them and ignore them. You're most likely only finding them in threads about the games anyway. We're just in a new phase of gaming where the first proper online generation (PS3/360) is now getting old, and as such we're seeing server closures like we haven't seen in past generations, and people are upset about it, and rightfully so.
  6. It's probably getting tougher each passing day as more and more people try the same thing, meaning the requirement gets higher and higher (I assume), but I'd say keep at it and farm as much money as you can.
  7. According to this thread:
  8. As per a tweet from Guerrilla. The game has a bunch of multiplayer trophies, with some you can get using the Botzone DLC (bots instead of player), though a lot of them might be impossible without actual players, so I'd suggest getting to boosting these trophies soon.
  9. Whoops, I accidentally told a half lie. The game did have an online pass IIRC and I did get it, but only because it was made free a few years later (probably 2014-2015). I think they were upset at the way the series was being treated by PlayStation. Which is ironic because they just made it worse.
  10. This sucks. I originally got the game on an older account and had to switch accounts so I lost all the trophies. I couldn't try for the online trophies again because the game had an online pass at the time IIRC. I eventually got the online pass but kept putting this off. Sucks there was no heads-up. The person who caused all of this is a dumbass.
  11. I had the same issue and updated to the most recent patch (1.02) and it seems to have fixed this issue.
  12. Sleeping Dogs was such a good game it is a tragedy that there's no sequel or proper successor to it. I really hope the film does well enough to warrant a sequel. By a new dev or resurrect the team I don't know but give me my pork bun simulator.

    1. gazdavis11


      I only got round to paying this last year, but one of my favourite games

    2. UndreyVITA


      It's entirely different from other GTA-like games. A perfect mix of combat and other segments.

  13. I feel bad for not remembering much of Rogue One.

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    2. UndreyVITA


      I think it involved one uhh... team I think... that had gone rogue. Not sure don't quote me on that.

    3. StrickenBiged


      Lol. It was alright but, like you said, not too memorable. Can't remember a single character's name and I only watched it on the weekend.

      Plus it didn't grab me straight away. I had a quick nap at the beginning. 

    4. UndreyVITA


      Yeah my exact thoughts. I only know of K2 in terms of names. I really liked the Vader scenes, and thought the visuals were nice, but there was nothing overly memorable and I could have done without it.

  14. ×How's everyone liking this generation so far? I'm sorta indifferent towards it. I mean apparently there have been some great games here and there, but I really just can't play any of them, I have terrible internet (really low speed + bandwidth cap) and can't really justify getting a 2TB HDD in case my PS4 fills up. The games I've played most are PS2 games, the only PS4 games I've played are the inFAMOUS games and Ratchet & Clank.

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Vita is actually next-gen. 

      PSP is last (PS3) gen even though it is definitely weird :D



      This fact is one thing that prevents me from hating this generation completely :/

    3. Dr_Mayus


      The PSP launched during the PS2 era and the Vita launched during the PS3 era. I would not consider the Vita to be in the same generation as the PS4

    4. UndreyVITA


      Ya I consider Vita to be part of the PS3 generation, given that's when most of the games were cross play and all that.

  15. I dreamt that TLOU had a new difficulty setting that adds new characters in a section. There are also more weapons to craft, a 'volcano' (something that bursts in fire I assume), a bucket of fire and a bucket of water.

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    2. UndreyVITA


      I agree. I like the gameplay in the game but a more action oriented mode would have been nice.

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Sooo, what you dreamed is remastered game that would actually justify that name?

    4. UndreyVITA


      Yeah! Well, can't blame them for not adding things, would make old fans mad.