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  1. With the new update adding a new character to the team and a colosseum to the game, the "Rena Armory" trophy is now glitched. From what I have been able to discover, the game is meant to unlock the trophy when the last upgrade is bought, but if the colosseum isn't completed before that, the game won't unlock it. Luckily, I had a save from before I bought two of the upgrades. I beat the colosseum again, bought the upgrades, and the trophy popped. I haven't seen much information about this seeing as the patch is pretty recent, but I am happy that I was able to scour the internet until I eventually saw someone talking about a workaround.
  2. As someone who just earned this platinum, I couldn't help but notice that there weren't any guides anywhere. I felt like giving back to the community for all of the trophy guides I have used in the past, so I wanted to post the notes that I had taken. If someone wants to use this information to make an proper trophy guide, be my guest. I don't mind. So, with the 3.0 update, you no longer have to reset your progress to get both the Risky Bismuth and The Box that Rocks trophies. All you have to do is go back to the chapter 2 boss and pick the other option. Cookie Cat Recall is easy to unlock if you wait until you are stronger and you replay 3-1, as there is only one fight in the level. The max level in this game is 35, so to get the Over 9000 trophy, you will need to get every party member to that level. To get the Perfect Porkchop trophy, you need to 100% the game. That means that you will need to 100% every single area, getting all of the secrets, opening all of the chests, and using all of the keys. Sadly, with one of the new updates, the post game dungeon is now included in the 100%, but I discovered a nice trick if you want to make it easier. To get the 100% of the dungeon, you only need to unlock four Cosmic Chests in each of the four difficulties. Once you have unlocked all three difficulties, you can just go back to the normal difficulty and farm for Cosmic Keys there. The game only keeps track of Cosmic Keys and doesn't remove them if you decide to restart a run. Onion's Badge, the Prism Pal Badge, the Rose's Tear Badge, the Ambidextrous Badge, and Connie's two outfits are all rewards that you have to get from the Cosmic Chests. It felt to me that on higher difficulties, I had a better chance to get the badges and outfits. If you use a Cosmic Key and it doesn't have one of these rewards in it, as long as you are still on the screen showing what was in the chest, you can close the game out and keep the key. You can then restart a run until you find another Cosmic Chest and try again. When you go to make the outfits, they will require you to use Chroma, which come from the various different colored crystals throughout the levels. I took note of levels that didn't require fighting enemies to farm specific colors. Pink Chroma 1-4 -- Three screens left and three screens up. Purple Chroma 2-2 -- One screen down and two screens left. Orange Chroma 3-3 -- Two screens left and two screens down. The Red, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, and White Chromas can be farmed the easiest from the Stairways warp in the Light Palace. There is one crystal of each of them two screens to the right of the warp. To refresh the Light Palace, you will have to return to the main menu, but the Pink, Purple, and Orange can be refreshed by just going back to the warp pad and reselecting the level that you are already in.