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  1. The MUCH better order for Garden Cheese Hunt is: Shed, pond, flower, car, lamp. If you know how to do it, I think a world record time is possible with this tactic. I could have gotten like 2:08-2:10 with that but i lost a lot of time doing stupid things on my way to the car.
  2. Well here is mine: Top 5: Chun, Bipson, Nash, Necalli, Sim Mid 5: Vega, Ryu, Karin, Mika, Birdie Bottom 6: Zangief, Laura, Cammy, Rashid, Ken, Fang In no particular order.
  3. Check my old account called DneroK. I got the plat on Marvel and KoF13.
  4. Give me Trials.... looks too easy.... Well, just hoping you can't boost online trophies, so the platinum won't be a complete joke. Or at least let survival be a challenge and not another Zangief spamfest (SF4 Survival lol).
  5. Beast list. Feeling sorry for you though... stupid NBA games and BZB screwing up the perfect 100%. My target is also to 100% each one of my games. Good luck with the Zen/BZB Cleanup, Cheers.
  6. you CAN make sure the trophies unlock! Just install the game and host EVERY single online game you play, then the trophies will unlock without any glitches. If you have played some games as guest already, you need to delete and re-install the game and start from scratch.
  7. If you are interested in Platinum only and don't give a f about 100%, then get Margaret DLC. She has without doubts the easiest set of challenges in the game If you want to get 100... well good luck with adachi, his 24 gives me cancer for days...
  8. Taking a break from extremely hard platinums recently... going for Strider next. After that a few more easy plats before going for some hard stuff again.
  9. Basically every multiplayer that "has to" be boosted.... Tomb Raider (hi Suff lol), Razing Storm, Endwar ....
  10. Is not using a trophy cabinet :/
  11. The game sucks compared to Payday 1. Period. However you can stealth most of the missions, but only 2 are difficult to stealth: Big Oild Day 1 and Firestarted Day 1. Those 2 were realy hard to stealth ...
  12. yabadabadoo! finally a fighting game double plat and it isn't injustice 2 good news simultanously
  13. Ok guys, after testing it 4 times and having a success rate of 100 % so far, i might have a method for Baggin Hatin. On day 1 cook 6 bags off course, 7 is completely pointless ... Then you will need luck off course, so you get overpass or nothing at all.... On day 2 escape after THIRTEEN (13) minutes. Not 14, not 12. Thirteen Minutes. While doing it this method, Garage escape triggered 4 out of 4 times after day 2 while we were testing it. Might have been extreme luck but 4out 4 sounds damn good to me. Escaping after 14 Minutes did NOT trigger the escape. Just for you info. My theory is: you need a ODD NUMBER of minutes to trigger it. I remember escaping after 7 Minutes for my trophy, but 5 minutes seems not to work. So try the 13 minute method and let me know about your results.
  14. There are no "hard" trophies for Payday 2. There are just a couple of "need to be very lucky" trophies. Worst is definitely Baggin, Hatin followed by Guessing Game. There might be a way to trigger Garage on Day 2 for 100%, but need to test it tomorrow. If it will work, i'll let you know. Then you'll just need luck so it doesn't trigger after day 1 @ Rowdi Not as skilled as Malik or me? Damn sure you are at least same skill as we are And it's allways fun to play with you Can't wait for DLCs and i hope the same group as for first DLC will get together again, to be the first team to finish it
  15. Yup, took me 2 days to get it done with all of them I personally think this trophy is easy, you just need a good feeling for the rhytm of the parry. The only 2 characters i had some struggle to finish were Face and Cedric... their super moves are just garbage... same goes for Marco. His stupid dragon is just annoying, you canĀ“t just Heat Up and Super... Nooo... this little bastard has to release his stupid dragon first, before you can super ^^ Sorry for the very poor quality of the video... but i don't hae a recording device and i couldn' t hold my cam for the entire fights, since i can't get the trophy one handed... well with Urs maybe lol I got the trophy for some people too earned me some cash