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  1. Do you need a save file of the DMC collection on your PS4?
  2. I’m at 125 hours, 24 gold crowns 4/10 Elders. Aside from the event stuff I’ve just been doing random investigations.
  3. About 22 hours, 1 gold and one silver.
  4. I assumed I would have needed 10 credits for each, guess I can blow that 20k I saved up haha.
  5. I wish they would change the credit refund into crafting parts, at least we would get something towards the cards we want to make instead of just a rebate to buy more crates to maybe get more duplicates. Contrary to what a lot of the public says I enjoy the card and crate system, it just needs some improving - like what I mentioned above. I was also holding off on getting the level 50 trophy until I saw if there were DLC trophies so I could knock them out at the same time. After seeing some new Battlefield 1 trophies show up before Last Jedi season ones it seems less likely Battlefront 2 will get them.
  6. I gotta admit the trophy’s aren’t bad at all, everything should be done prior to hitting rank 50. I’m having a ton of enjoyment so far.
  7. I assume you can only replay missions after the game is over but does anyone know if this is main missions only or the character side missions too?
  8. I'll join up later, what is the benefit of being in a guild other than communication?
  9. I have one mythic and it's a survivor for a squad I don't even have unlocked yet. A bunch of legendary survivors but no weapons or heroes of note.
  10. This may be total speculation but I think they do count regardless of where you are on the map. During a mission when any survivors are saved look in your inventory, there will be a stack of an item representing the number of people saved. It looks like when someone doesn't put an avatar on their profile. Many times I have been far away from someone saved and still got a card for that survivor. That may be wrong but that's my theory.
  11. If you guys want to party up after this weekend feel free to add me. I can get 3-4 stars on most of the later ones solo. The people dragging to ready up is a problem, then again it's probably foreign for most people to do that mid match.
  12. Oh for sure it's super fun. I'm still thinking about getting Fortnite next week too which is in the similar vein and also an insanely long platinum.
  13. The spend 200,000,000 gold will take forever. I'm almost level 19 and the tracker has me at 0%. I was checking my end of match scores and most were around 12-15k so at 15k a match you would need to play over 13,000 matches.
  14. When you loot danger room scenarios try one that has wealthy enemies as a modifier. So much money drops that the screen freezes for a second. By the time it was over I looted 100k. I have two more in my inventory which I'll be using shortly.
  15. I got the trophy yesterday it was: the first during the turn on PVP dominion i was in the winning team second turn I participated during the day closer to 100 turns(as I've been playing since day 1) hope this helps people in general to not give up.