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  1. Thanks, it finally worked! Thank you all for the tips!
  2. No, it's locked everywhere Just one thing I should point out, I played the game on crushing with sound and menu in German language, and now changed to English. Could it be this language change? Because the first save file is german.. I thing this is very upsetting
  3. Hello! I've just beaten Uncharted Drake's Fortune on crushing difficulty, and was hoping to get Brutal unlocked. Guess what? It's still locked. I've scrolled through all chapters already to confirm and they were all beaten on crushing. What can I do? I dont want to play again the whole thing in crushing!
  4. My stats are none, I never get those emails, but in these case, there is a link, so that's not so bad, and I'm not from USA or Canada, so... yeah
  5. I might have to do that as well It's so frustrating when you have all the required conditions to get the trophy but somehow the developer of the game f*cked the game up and it's broken.. Oh well it's Bethesda after all...
  6. Just played the first game of the Spyro trilogy. I only remember playing the third one when I was little, but holy cow this first one it's amazing as well!

    1. Lordguwa


      i plan to play the first game soon. going to buy spyro on tuesday.

    2. filplacido


      It's simple, yet attractive!


  7. I'm in! Since I'm a noob with this editor, I don't know how to place an image here, so there's the link below to my card! I'll edit this post afterwards with my suggestions
  8. I'm also having this problem, I have one item of each ready to collect, at the same time, and it doesn't pop!! I'm getting frustrated with this game... I have a cloud save with the game in the state before collecting all three items, and I have reloaded a bunch of times already!! Argghhhh!
  9. Brazil vs Belgium going to penalties after being 2-2 at 120th minute mark
  10. I think this year Brazil has a very strong team and are very likely to win. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see my country, Portugal, win this World Cup, but I'm voting with the head and not with my heart. Anyways, go Brazil for me to raise my possible prize! Go PORTUGAL and win the cup!!
  11. Yeah I did, there were two there and the room stopped being blue... One right next to the compass and one in the special room when done the directions of the symbols from inside the temple... I guess I'll have to restart the game... But first I'll try the ones in a youtube video "Getting the hardest artifacts", even though I have already seen a couple of artifacts in there....
  12. Can someone help me? I got the "The end...?" trophy and i'm still missing 2 artifacts. I went back to the game just to find out I have zero rooms with the blue outline! Where can I find the last 2 artifacts, knowing I have the compass with me?
  13. Will this game have physical (retail) release or as it will have 3 episodes, only after the final release will dontnod compile them all in one cd?
  14. I read somewhere that it is coming late summer. I think it was on wikipedia
  15. EU YouTube video: NA YouTube video: Alienation (PS4) (EU) ABZÛ (PS4) (NA) Tales from the Borderlands (PS4) Blood Knights (PS3) Port Royale 3 (PS3) Laser Disco Defenders (PS Vita / PS4) Type:Rider (PS Vita) (Thanks Babsimabuse)