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  1. Hello guys, I need to complete this one before the last case: the fight vs Amon....but I can't trigger the event, any tips ? I am at the end of the game right before the point of no return and i Have completed all other 48 sidecases and all friends events.... EDIT: I found the solution.
  2. Ok it sounds good, I saw all those dlc lists and I didn' t understand.
  3. Hello guys, I want to know if the version of this game on PS Plus for this month will have only the 17 base trophies or not. Thanks
  4. During the fire hallway chasing, just before going into the streets, he tries 2 times to hit you, he is a bit faster than Assisted/Standard and the second hit always kills me. I made it on took me more than 20 tries, it was luck.
  5. I played the game on Assisted mode, now I want to make a run on Hardcore but in the first minute of gameplay when Jill escapes from Nemesis she doesn't sprint so he catches me and I die....with this controller I already run slower in Fall Guys race levels, is that the problem ?
  6. Hi I am European, do you know which email I have to write to ? Thanks
  7. You must complete all side missions for the factions also.....I reunited all the factions and it gave me "A Big step towards peace" beacuse I hadnt done two missions for the factions, after that I finished these two missions and defeated the final boss and the trophy unlocked.
  8. I didnt understand that, thanks for the info.... good I will try it, however I gave up on that trophy, I have won 16-17 times but never back to back ahah
  9. I have only 1 Victory, but the game is funny, unfortunately sometimes the servers disconnect me and in the team games I am not super lucky, I lost more than 15 finals.....
  10. Man I made 12/25 kills with the regular assault and then I found out the Hero version and in few hours I unlocked it, it is faster according to me trying hero mode, in the regular mode you have to wait that other players unlock the hero ships and then you have to chase them between many other ships and you can die very quickly. moreover it is common that another player steal your kill at last second.
  11. Uncharted 4, I love that game
  12. Nier Automata
  13. Diablo III Reaper of Souls
  14. Borderlands The pre - sequel
  15. It looks like an easy list