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  1. everything popped for me to thankfully. All trophies popped aside from sniper assassin ones
  2. Whats really annoying is they recommend to transfer before you start playing the game
  3. The easiest way I found is to just hit the ball the way it is set up for you automatically. Most times it will still finish close to the hole, making an easier par putt. If you want to have a better idea of green elevation, when putting press r3 to change camera angle t the lowest one so you can read green a bit better Yo can find it in the course set up of the play now settings.
  4. Doing it on beginner helps to. Also if you search for i have the power in the course section you'll find a hole that makes it easier to hit it the full distance.
  5. I did it on TPC Boston, on the red tees, with no wind, and all greens and fairways set to very soft, and green speeds set to slow. Actually scored -4 for my round. Alot of the holes are very short on red tees meaning you get alot of eagle putts so should be able to at least 3 putt for par. Also it is worth changing your clubs to the beginner ones to give you a more forgiveness and a bigger swing plane.
  6. The problem is we have done that but the trophy won't pop