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  1. Hi everyone I have done 3 videos for 3 trophies : -One Pickle, Two Pickle, Three Pickle, See Pickle, Four : -Alternative Fuel : -Echolocation : Everything is done on the Tutorial World !
  2. Hi everyone, I just share you my video for the "strike" trophy You can obtain it randomly but i find a way on Lijiang Tower during the 2nd round :
  3. Like to show his rarest platinums trophies, gg
  4. It'll Last Longer Take a picture of the Air Jordan XXXII shoe. For people who can't find the place :
  5. 11 gold trophies... LOL
  6. I will say wipeout omega collection, good luck with beat zico
  7. I just buy the game, we can boost it if you want
  8. Oh my bad ! ^^
  9. Hi, if someone can give me the last mission with Scorpio... thank you in advance ! ID : s-e-l-u-j-999-1
  10. I will say Uncharted 4 and Rocket League And why not dig dug ?
  11. 9/10 I like a lo avatars like that !
  12. I often go on the web site from my tablet but i find numerous "bug" on it. Firstly, when i go on profile, i can't see my "stats" from the first page (wolrd rank, games,completed games,...). My rarest trophies, trophy cabinet and trophy milestone are all at the bottom its problem because i have approx 350 games... Same probleme from the home page of the web site (with new games, popular games,...) they are each below the other... Sorry for my english guys, i just want to help to improve the site. ^^
  13. This video show you how to get this codex entry. Kill & Time : 1/2/3 : 7sec. 4 : 10sec 5 : 14sec 6 : 18sec 7/8/9 : 20-23sec 10 : 33sec
  14. @gameoncomrade i think rocket league for your first one !
  15. JadeShark tips in video :