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  1. It's nearly impossible. I had the chance to talk with khurossan, one of the only guy in the world that get the trophy (he tells me that there are less than five). He tells me also that he is a good poker player but that's not enough, you need to "cheat" with friends : Firstly you need to have 50 million tokens (nearly impossible). To clarify you can buy 3 million tokens for 100 dollars in game, but he tells me that there is a black market in the game where you can buy 50 million tokens for 50 dollars but it's a very close circle (only confidence persons). Once you have 50 million dollars go to ring games with a friend (so both of you have 50 million tokens) then you "cooperate" to win the money but the problem is that everyone does that in these huge games. So it's very tricky. He tells me that at the end of a night he gets 700 million tokens and his friends 300 million, then they have done an exchange to get the trophy. He clearly tells me that without at least a friend or a lot of real money you can't do that (and be a good poker player). I just want to share with you that, hope it helps you and sorry for my bad english.
  2. Hi everyone I have done 3 videos for 3 trophies : -One Pickle, Two Pickle, Three Pickle, See Pickle, Four : -Alternative Fuel : -Echolocation : Everything is done on the Tutorial World !
  3. Hi everyone, I just share you my video for the "strike" trophy You can obtain it randomly but i find a way on Lijiang Tower during the 2nd round :
  4. Like to show his rarest platinums trophies, gg
  5. It'll Last Longer Take a picture of the Air Jordan XXXII shoe. For people who can't find the place :
  6. 11 gold trophies... LOL
  7. I will say wipeout omega collection, good luck with beat zico
  8. I just buy the game, we can boost it if you want
  9. Oh my bad ! ^^
  10. Hi, if someone can give me the last mission with Scorpio... thank you in advance ! ID : s-e-l-u-j-999-1
  11. I will say Uncharted 4 and Rocket League And why not dig dug ?
  12. 9/10 I like a lo avatars like that !
  13. I often go on the web site from my tablet but i find numerous "bug" on it. Firstly, when i go on profile, i can't see my "stats" from the first page (wolrd rank, games,completed games,...). My rarest trophies, trophy cabinet and trophy milestone are all at the bottom its problem because i have approx 350 games... Same probleme from the home page of the web site (with new games, popular games,...) they are each below the other... Sorry for my english guys, i just want to help to improve the site. ^^
  14. This video show you how to get this codex entry. Kill & Time : 1/2/3 : 7sec. 4 : 10sec 5 : 14sec 6 : 18sec 7/8/9 : 20-23sec 10 : 33sec
  15. @gameoncomrade i think rocket league for your first one !