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  1. Yeah, had the game since launch and every time i load it up i always check and its never let me click on it, strange.
  2. Hi Trying to access my stats to see how many goons iv'e killed but when i go into the pause menu and go down to statistics it just jumps me from photo mode to store and wont let me even select it. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks
  3. Cant connect to the online servers and just got disconnected from a single player game. Anyone else having the same issues?
  4. Hi Is there anyway of lowering the difficulty on the expeditions after you complete them? Already done them all on 3 stars but now i want to go back to 1 star to get this trophy. Thanks
  5. Hi Is this digital only? Cant find it online to pre order a physical copy. Thanks
  6. Hi I collected all 144 cigarette cards and posted them all but the trophy didn't pop. Anyone else had them same issue? Thanks
  7. Hi When you replay a story mission do you have to get all of the objectives for the gold medal in one play through or can you just get the ones you missed the first time to get the gold medal? Thanks
  8. Hi Does anyone know if you can get crowns from the new event quest Triple Threat Throw down? Thanks