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  1. I'm not sure whether I'd choose 100% in Doom (prestiging in multi...) or platinum in SotC on PS3 (having to complete the game 12 times, because the version on PS4 is tempting), so I'd choose both. EDIT: Ohh. Sooo, Darksiders III.
  2. OK, I've watched in-depth analysis by DF and now I'm reaaaaaally excited about PS5. (and it's such a shame that Sony didn't stress enough, even if they stressed it enough, that it will not be like XSX presentation, it is a tech-one only) It's because 1) the masturbation over those TFs is pointless - M$ knows that the best way to please fans with simple means is to throw numbers. 12TFs!!! 25 in ray-tracing!!! (that's not how it works...) Fast CPU!!! POWAAAH!!! And well, of course it worked, because numbers are impressive, because It's easy to compare and #pcmr, which is the loudest voice in the internet and which is mostly associated with xbox clientele because of game pass. Meanwhile, Cerny reveals the console with 10.3 TFs, at max, variable Mhz in CPU and the only thing faster is the famous SSD. Because it was NOT for gamers, at least the one not interested in tech stuff, the result is... Coronavirus got people visibly infected because of amount of trolls and 'experts' trashing PS5. What is not noticed, is that while XSX is the most powerful, PS5 is the fastest. Boost mode is not overheating console, it is adaptive because CPU and GPU are designer to redistribute power between themselves immediately, so that the power is never constant, it is there where it is needed in particular scenario. Meanwhile, SSD with I/O and riddiculous bandwidth is so fast, that it works almost like additional RAM (additional 825GBs of RAM)... In XSX it's fast, for loading and managing stuff, sure. But in PS5 it's not a memory you can put on like some cartridge (mmm, the Seagate cards will be costy), they based the whole system on bandwidth, that's why also the amazing 2.23 GHz at max in GPU. The result is... XSX is PC, pretty much or less. It has a power, it is always there, it is impressive piece of little fridge. Meanwhile, PS5 is not so "number-ish", but it is focused on not wasting the power. You will have your only 10.3TF or less, but it is always in use, always in transfer, not wasted. The optimisation of specs in Sony's stuff looks wonderful. And with that, I'd say Sony won in the long distance. You want more power? We simply add visible, additional layer of stuff, like we did with PS4 Pro. The frequencies are crucial here, not stuff itself. In XSX? The whole architecture has to be changed because of how much stuff is packed inside (56 CUs, transistors all over the place) or it will have to be bigger (it already is not small), overclocking stuff is also blocked by the default heating system. 2) I have a theory that they releasing Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC not only for advertising. It is because with it's Decima Engine, it instantly boots the terrain we observe and hides the one we don't, which is in par with how PS5 will work, putting power in effective way. And because of that, PC will serve as potential benchmarks, allowing Sony to optimise their future first-party games even better. 3) Tempest 3D will be a marvel. I said it. 4) Compatibility? 100 games will work with the enhancements provided by PS5, the rest will probably work as usual. So, I'm selling my PS4 anyway.
  3. Slower bandwith of RAM and less TF versus muuuuch faster SSD, comparable CPU and better 3D Audio chip. I guess it will result in lower res, but that's it. For me, playing on 1080p it's efficient enough. For numbers' maniacs though, I guess it's a little letdown. + They're not showing the console yet. I guess M$ wanted to dominate as quickly as they could, because normally, presentation at E3 would suffice. However, backwards compatibilty and games themselves is what matters and by far, Sony is annihilating. GoW, new Killzone and GT7 and Xbox is done, even if they will have to lower res on some multiplatformers or use checkboarding.
  4. My Top 20, in various order 1. God of War 2. Silent Hill 2 3. Ratchet & Clank 2 4. Metal Gear Solid 3 5. Tekken 5 6. Burnout 3: Takedown 7. Ico 8. Shadow of the Colossus 9. Maximo (because I memorised it so well as an element of my childhood) 10. Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Galaxy 11. Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, of course 12. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 13. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ("I'LL HAAAVE... TWO NUMBER 9's...") 14. Sly Cooper and Thievius Raccoonus 15. Sly 2: Band of Thieves 16. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 17. Okami 18. Devil May Cry 3 19. Jak II: Renegade 20. Manhunt Other parts of sagas/trilogies I've finished on PC/PS3/other platforms, therefore I do not associate them so much with PS2 as these 20 games. However, it was and is the essential part of my childhood (still, it is PSOne, which "sold" gaming for me and for Tekken 3 and Crash Bandicoot 3 I'll be forever grateful). Kudos.
  5. Well, Slime Rancher, because I've discovered that by chilling game I mean simple gameplay, but some challenge and an overwhelming atmoshpere, like with Spyro or Medievil. Just. Not. Farming. This game has poor optimisation, too buried story, annoying mechanics (map/teleport system...) and no. Goal. At. All. Will strive just to Platinum that misunderstanding. Lords of the Fallen, because it's just dull and has like no distinctive features. Gat out of Hell, because Saints Row IV without humour, any kind of wit and washed out mechanics equals uninspired piece od garbate. AC: Odyssey Oooooh, this is the moment. We are entering the dimension of easyworking and bloated companies, which have to produce the same tyle od games, because it's protecting them from sacking off half of their employees. Who demolish their brands by poor decisions (Prince of Persia with Epilogue DLC and The Forgotten Sands, about which I could make whole article, because it is not just a disaster, but the speedkill with undoubted and suspicious precision on the whole franchise). Who put some easter eggs, 'cause they "remember", in the most excruciating way ever (swords from PoP, especially Dagger of Time, as some poor rewards with disappointing attributes and , in the DLC. Who can't invest in decent writing or voice acting (Alexios!!!). Who copy-paste missions and implement unnecessary RPG elements to lengthen the game. Who parasite on the original Ezio's trilogy without understanding its' magic. Who bury the potential of Atlantis and the background of Ancient Ones with fetchquests with no plot at all. Who introduce microtransactions and "expand" the game FOR WHOLE YEAR, which wastes your time, disk space, money and as trophy hunter, for me, patience. Who make good animations and throw it away on cutscenes, why. Who destroyed the hidden blade and it's potential, both in game and in culture. Who wasted any changes in Origins and bloated them into quasiRPG mess with walking healthbars instead of enemies. Who messed up horse-riding and simplified ships, because money, it has to be longer, not better. Multiply by 90+ hours. I despise it.
  6. The patch has appeared, but no trophies included. Could it be...over?
  7. Nah, they have shown how to do it with Speed characters, because they have already enough power to get there without boosting too much. In original it was the same, I think. Anyway, PowerPyx released the list of Oxide's times in Time Trials and... Beenox cranked some of those UP. I am terrified, because Dragon Mines are looking insane. (still, glad because driving model looks exact).
  8. Just be patient. Sometimes in this particular game, trophies appear after completely different action that was a result of action, which should have made the trophy pop. F.e., getting enough wood or money, it's either below or over the required amount when you get the trophy, because the mechanisms are imprecise and you don't know if you have to stack resources or expenses still count. Thronebreaker is fun and has a reaaaaaaaaally intriguing plot for a card game, but boy, is it finicky... (not buggy, because everything works, but for instance, even if you saved multiple times with the use of camp, it will still reload around (!) the last battle, because sometimes it happens before it, dunno, why).
  9. Update: Spyro 1 & 2 100% done, same with LBP3, that was quite fun, except huge connection problems in the latter. Dunno about Nom Nom, because it is such a bad, boring game I don't know if I'll ever play + I don't have ps+ now and won't have in the near future. I have to have a lot of time for this, because it requires a lot of planning too, so probably in the next year. Eliminated KH series from the list, because it's too time-consuming, apart from KHIII, cause it looks too good. Waiting for Darksiders III to appear and for all expansions of SoTR and AC:Odyssey.
  10. Thanks Now I'm waiting for Spyro Trilogy and meanwhile/after that, I'll try to 100% LBP 3 and Nom Nom (I hope online trophies won't be annoying to get).
  11. To gain more than 60/70 Ultra Rare Trophies (currently 42): Star Wars Battlefront - 4 trophies (including Platinum), could go for 100%, except lvl100, dunno, definitely needs boosting SSX - 4 trophies, need to check if it's still available Shadow of the Colossus - huge project, 6 trophies, for huge amount of free time Red Dead Redemption - 5 trophies, not sure if still available, DEFINITELY NEEDS BOOSTING Gran Turismo 5 - 2 trophies in minimum, 7 trophies if I want to spend the rest of my life beating that game Grand Theft Auto V - 2 trophies, huge project, boosting all the way PixelJunk Nom Nom Galaxy - TWENTY ULTRAS That's You! - three ultra DO NOT TOUCH CATHERINE and Uncharted's (not having enough time/patience/"luck") To summarise: Maximum score (not including new/not owned games): 103 ULTRAS Optimistic score in the near future: 79 (currently not having PS3) New/not owned games: This War of Mine: The Little Ones Spyro 3 428: Shibuya Scramble Darksiders III Shadow of the Tomb Raider Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (maybe) Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider (maybe) Alien: Isolation Prey (maybe) To 100% in future Uncharted Remastered Trilogy DOOM Huge projects, to increase prestige/knowledge about games Yakuza 0 Yakuza: Kiwami KH III Danganronpa 1/2 Reload Danganronpa V3 Persona 5 FUTURE: The Last of Us: Part II RDR 2 Death Stranding Ghost of Tsushima MediEvil Cyberpunk 2077 Metro: Exodus
  12. Hey, I'm trying to do some trophies today and I've noticed that really, nobody plays it. Is still possible to do platinum now, because even for boosting nobody considers this game to be done. I think that the game itself is fun, but even when it is reaaaaaally cheap now, everybody seems to forget it. P.S. If you want, please join me on 9PM UTC +2.
  13. It is laggy, but still pretty doable, just be consequent. I've done it recently. I should be rather worried about No Key for Me and Machine Crusher, because those are absolutely annoying. Fortunately, there are many methods explaining the successful approach.
  14. Injustice: Gods Among Us - it's just unbearable with that grind + I'm more into Tekken's fighting system.
  15. There have been mentioned many great moments here, which I have also experienced. My biggest personal breakdown appeared because of... Silent Hill. The moment? And that track, simple, yet unbelievably painful track. I cried.