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  1. Decided to change my psn ID. Hope I don't run into any save issues lol

  2. Well he was just making a bs guess so idk. :/
  3. My one friend says I'm at 650 now. Was at 45. Not at home to check myself atm. Started at 45. Will check once I get home.
  4. Had 4 wins in a row in fall guys and lost on the fifth cuz my team sucked. Noooo :(


    1. Lordguwa


      i expected it to happen. seen scenarios where they grab the player then toss em away 

      the win is out of reach :(.

    2. LukeWarm115


      So much luck. I was so close.

      Five seems like so many in a row. 

  5. Hey partner, glad to see you back here and hunting trophies again ;)

    1. LukeWarm115


      I'm trying lol. We will see how long it lasts. 

      Just was giving you some time to catch up 😉

  6. First time here in a while. First platinum since like a year ago, lol. Slacking. 209 - Yakuza 6.

  7. Got the Shadow of the Colossus CD for my bday. Super excited to go for a drive blaring it super loud lol 

  8. Banjo for smash!

  9. well someone must've stolen the catalytic converter off my car while it was parked. FML and people are all assh*les 

    1. Bodyodorthegrave69


      I'm sorry that happen to you.

      For someone who has a Professor Layton avatar, you clearly did not deserve that ;(

    2. DaivRules


      Now I want to go watcher Primer again. Sorry about your luck!

  10. got bayo 2. Supposed to be with bayo 1 code. Didn't. Called Nintendo and I got nothing -_-


    1. Parker


      Where did you buy it from? If you bought it from Amazon or a local store, I'd call them and see if they can do anything. 


    2. LukeWarm115


      It was Amazon. That's what I'mma try next. 

  11. The only game I wanted to play but skipped cuz of trophies is tomb raider. Just that multiplayer sounds yucky. If I want to play something I play it regardless of trophies.
  12. Should I play hellblade?

    1. StygianWolf4


      I personally say yes! It's certainly worth it I think. :) 

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      I heard they are fantastic, but I have not played one myself.

    3. GoldenShaka


      Linear, short and entertaining game.

      Some hack and slash some puzzle.

      Easy peasy platinum, just one missable trophy for collectibles.

      Go for it, remember to put on some headphones :)


  13. I got game of thrones season 7 on disc used and it has a code for a digital. Idk of the previous owner used it but if anyone wants to have it to try just let me know! I can pm it. 

    1. LukeWarm115


      *only for itunes

  14. Just nabbed the Steep platinum. Been a while since I got a UR.