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  1. Thanks Urknall! I can confirm your above method worked. Very weird, because the steam/Xbox guide says you can go do cleanup in the chapter select to get anything you missed and the achievement will pop. I tried that first with no results. Strange that PS4 has a different method to pop.
  2. I went and read the Gonespy thread and they've labeled LotR: Conquest as unusable with the current iteration of the software. I assume it would take heavy modification to that code to get it working with this game. I'm all for bringing back the servers, and would probably be one of the first people to hop back in the multiplayer, but how do we drum up enough interest for a 10 year old game so that the emulation community takes notice and puts the work in to get it running? Seems like a long shot, but I love the idea and the fact that other servers have been brought back is certainly encouraging
  3. I don't seem to be able to unlock this trophy. In fact, it looks like only one person in the last month has managed to get it. Yesterday I received the crew badge for 5 consecutive weeks of participation and it did not pop on the results screen, the rivals menu or the missions menu. I even took it a step step further and downloaded the Rock Band companion app and it actually says that I have no crew badges earned, yet I can see them when I'm in game. Are they not being recorded somehow or am I just missing how to unlock the trophy? EDIT: 8/13/17. There's seems to have been some hotfix put in that fixed this trophy. Looks like a bunch of people unlocked it in the last week, so I logged on today (despite not participating in any crew related activities this week) and the trophy popped on the Rivals results screen. Looks like this will be retroactively popping for anyone who earned a crew badge during the time that it was glitched.