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  1. Hate to revive this. But has anybody else been having issues going online? I've never been able to connect online for the few weeks or so I've been playing. I've reset everything multiple times, but nothing works. Tried using wifi since I normally use wired.
  2. i enjoy the game. The map is big enough that I've spent a few hours and barely gone anywhere due to all the locations in a small area. I like the holotapes, the voice acting seems good. The enemy variations are cool. There are things I wish could be better, like the shooting being more fluid (not Destiny level but ya know) but Fallout 4 made shooting a lot better compared to Fallout 3/NV. I've played on a launch day PS4 and now a PS4 Pro, they run pretty much the same. It doesn't run flawlessly, but does any game not have bugs? Witcher 3 crashed a lot for me, the new Spiderman has crashed a handfull of times. Sometimes I play Fallout 76 with my fiance, sometimes I don't. I haven't had any griefers trying to kill me and actually haven't done any PvP.
  3. Did you do the side quest involving Screwball after completing all of her challenges? That was the last thing I needed.
  4. No Man's Sky Woops, someone posted before me. Assassin's Creed 2
  5. Lol. You figured it out gotta start early since I can only play on weekends You've finished every game first though.
  6. Does it have school mode from Trigger Happy Havoc? Hated that mode so much
  7. Don't play horror games at all really, Dead Space was enough for me But gonna vote for Outlast