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  1. So I finally got around to finishing the first 39 challenges thanks to these videos. Seeing successful runs in action really helped. Before, I tried to be strategic and pick what I thought were the best moves and combos, but it turns out just mashing the buttons like a madman really was the best thing to do. Knowing I could shoot 6 rockets instead of 2 during Baozhai's r3 attack also made a huge difference. Some still took quite a few attempts though, so I hope they never add more combat challenges. I never really warmed to the combat system. Also, one thing that might help is using Razmi's down attack on enemies. It slows them down and apparently stacks twice, so enemies will get less chances to attack. I had a few attempts ruined by messing up a perfect block right at the end
  2. I don't know if PSNP keeps track of all that, but if I had signed up to the site for the first time today, there'd be no way of knowing whether it was there all along or not.
  3. What's the difference then?
  4. Wouldn't this look identical to a game that's been synced late, though? A game with timestamps from 2016 being placed among my 2017 games
  5. I ended up with this on my profile during that glitch where things weren't moving around properly: There's no way to determine whether that's caused by late syncs, CFW or by a glitch. Things shouldn't be flagged if it's just one of many possibilities. It should be for things that are definitely impossible without cheating.
  6. It was removed a few years ago
  7. I don't think it's possible for an existing game to switch to a brand new trophy list after release. What's happened here is that the standalone versions have separate trophy lists, and at the same time the original list has had its name and picture updated to match them. Games have their names and profile pictures changed all the time. It never creates a new list or confuses PSNP.
  8. Doesn't affect any trophies at all
  9. Pretty much all of them. I managed to do 11 with a few seconds to spare, but I think that's the highest battle challenge I've completed
  10. Oh, no, I haven't even unlocked it yet I don't know if the level designers deal with that, but this is the one I asked about challenge 5: He might know more about the problem Is it a battle challenge?
  11. A level designer replied to me and told me challenge 5's time was based on a previous version of the trial, so it's currently set too low. It'll be fixed as soon as they're able to, but didn't say what the new time is going to be Based on the difficulty of other challenges I'd expect 13-14 seconds
  12. The developer said recently on their Twitter that they can't access their offices at the moment due to COVID-19, so they can't do anything about it right now. Although I first emailed them about it in July, and bugged them on Twitter for a bit after that. I don't expect it to be fixed. I've got into contact with everyone involved with the release. Nobody really even seems to understand the problem or whose job it is to fix it.
  13. Oh, I didn't realise you could cancel out of corkscrews after 2 seconds. I never thought of it because I was always doing it too early, so it seemed like I was locked into the animation until I landed Thanks I've done them all now, except challenge 5. But as far as I can tell there's no way to go any faster on that one, so I'm assuming the platinum time has been set too low by accident. I've asked the level designers about it anyway
  14. What are you supposed to do on this part of #36? My corkscrew doesn't launch me far enough to pass through those spike balls, but even if it did I'd just die to the sparkly things anyway I've tried using my axe jump on the exit wall and then dashing through them, but then without an axe jump I'm not able to climb onto the enemy to the right
  15. It's fine if you don't get a platinum time, I just want to see roughly what you're doing. There should be something I can learn just by seeing it, since your times are significantly better than all my attempts on pretty much every challenge This is my best run on #11: He's still got about 20% HP left by the platinum time