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  1. No, the leaderboard would let you compare your profile with others in terms of unique games. That feature just lets you know that other versions of the same game exist. But it can be used to easily see which games have stacks and therefore detect multiples of the same game on a profile. And I just mean that there's no point fussing over the small details because it's never going to be perfect. Otherwise people will just get bogged down arguing over tiny differences in lists. It's better to not be too strict, and since we already have a system in place for detecting stacks, I think those rules will be fine for any leaderboard. None of the leaderboards are really serious. A lot of the Japan leaderboard is probably alternate accounts used for buying Japanese games rather than actual Japanese people. But more information about your profile and what's going on around you can't hurt.
  2. We already have a way of knowing which games have stacks. Stacks are listed on a game's page, and in most cases a list will need to be drastically different to not be considered a stack. With that information already available on the site, it shouldn't be much of a problem to have a leaderboard that can exclude those stacks. It's not like it needs to be some flawless leaderboard that's treated with the utmost seriousness. It's just a little bit of potentially interesting information for people who play more unique games than stacks. It doesn't really need someone digging into each and every trophy list wondering what to do when there's a single different trophy.
  3. We have a system that keeps track of stacks already, and I think it's mostly complete. Games with identical or almost identical lists are considered stacks. You can see here on the other platforms and regions section, only the PS4 and Vita versions of Shantae HGH link to each other, because the Ultimate edition has such a different list. Yeah, updates to this site have pretty much stalled. Work on showing games by series was started in November 2017, and since then nothing has changed about it. It only seems to be backend stuff and bugfixes at this point. Maybe the best suggestion would be to have an active developer working on the site, or a brand new alternative. But I just think it'd be nice to compare my profile to others in more ways than just the total amount of trophies. There are so many different types of trophy hunters. With the rise of all this Ratalaika shovelware, comparing based on pure numbers feels like it's getting less and less relevant.
  4. I said it because you seem to be grasping at straws with your points. Some of them were valid questions, but asking what Sony would think about the site pushing people to not purchase remasters is what convinced me you weren't being serious. You understand that it's a completely optional part of the site, so I can't think of why else you'd go so far to try and shut down the idea.
  5. I'm pretty sure you're either a troll at this point or you're just desperate for this not to be added for other reasons, but whatever. Those are still the same trophy list, which is the important point here. The Vita version shares a list with the PS3 version, so it's not even necessarily a different experience. Still, pointing out small fringe cases like that isn't a good enough reason to scrap the whole thing. There's a reason people want this to be added, and I think having it is worth one or two people not having their Treasures of Montezuma stack contributing to this completely optional part of the site. If two versions of a game don't have the same trophy list then they aren't linked on this site, so presumably they also won't count as a stack for a new leaderboard.
  6. It's not about being higher, I just think it would be interesting to compare how many unique games I have completed compared to everyone else. I have loads of stacks on my profile, and the majority of them aren't quick and easy games. I have no idea why anyone could be against such a thing if they actually understand what is being suggested. At most I would expect indifference.
  7. If it's so important to be high on all leaderboards, there's nothing stopping someone getting higher in a new one by playing more unique games. What's the point of creating a new leaderboard to rank people in different ways if we have to make sure everybody's in the same place anyway? What did people lose when the rarity leaderboard was being created?
  8. What about people who played long and hard games three times? Like I said, nobody is losing anything, so nobody's time is being wasted.
  9. Nothing's being taken away from you. The suggestion is an additional leaderboard which only counts one of each platinum, not a replacement of the current one. You don't need to pay any attention to it if you don't want to. I think it's an interesting idea.
  10. It's just a coincidence. People have gone through the code and they've found no link between ingame luck and the arcade game. Or it could just be you getting better at the game.
  11. I was one of the people who was disappointed that the original had a joke trophy list, so this is quite nice to see Still looks like a fairly easy list based on what I know of the game, but it's an improvement I guess
  12. The game seems to have been delisted
  14. I played Second Son before all the others so going back to the old, dark, bland and clunkier games wasn't really a good experience. I'm not sure if it would have been different if I had played one of those first or been there at the time, but it just felt like too much of a step back.
  15. The old infamous games kind of suck compared to Second Son