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  1. Sometimes You can use this site to check the amount of times a game has been on sale: Just search for a game and there'll be a graph on there showing the price change history
  2. In fairness, making new suggestion threads is just as pointless When was the last time a suggestion was actually implemented?
  3. Glad I saw this My PS+ backup was just before that boss, but none of my local ones were. Would've missed it if weren't for this
  4. I scrolled through the leaderboard, and there were 4 US accounts that somehow earned trophies in it None of them have earned the platinum, and since it's a PS3 game it's entirely possible that they didn't earn any of them legitimately The overwhelming majority of people on this list were Japanese accounts though. Probably only a dozen weren't But even if it's possible to get it, I wouldn't get your hopes up. Relatively few people have earned the platinum in all these years, and you don't really have that long to do it
  5. Dark Souls 1 Got it on Xbox 360, PS3, GFWL/Steam, PS4, and Switch and played through it multiple times on each, getting all the trophies/achievements if the platform has them I have loads of games multiple times, but that's probably the one that stands out most. I even considered buying the Xbox One version just so I own it for every platform available, even though I don't actually have an Xbox One
  6. GTA 5, especially if it's another heist-type DLC. Getting Criminal Mastermind was the most stressful thing I've ever had to do in a game. Doing it just once might've been fine, but you have to do it three times, with varying amounts of people. Also, maybe at this point, FFXIV. I only barely dipped into Heavensward and it's been several years since I played, so there'd be a lot of catching up to do for any new trophies.
  7. Strangers updating your profile and forcing you to wait 60 minutes is a bit of a problem. Perhaps there should be two timers. One for updates either caused by the auto-update or other people manually updating it. And one for the profile's owner that takes priority, and can override the 60 minute timer caused by anything else. I doubt it's much of a problem for most people, but if I only had one update every 60 minutes and something beyond my control took that from me, I'd be annoyed. Other than that, this weird paranoia about other people updating your profile for you is literally insane and I can't understand it at all
  8. People have been getting the trophy recently, so they should still be happening. They start on Saturdays at 12pm UTC and end the next day Check again in 15 hours
  9. Whether a game is released on multiple systems is irrelevant. The trophy/achievement system is not the same between all three consoles, and that's the thing people are complaining about. Obviously trophy lists don't exist at all on Switch so it can't be a problem there. But there are big differences between Xbox achievements and PS4 trophies and what their communities generally value about them, such as platinum trophies for completing entire games. One thing that's relevant this this thread is that while PS4 can get six lists per game, Xbox only gets one. That makes it much easier for companies like Ratalaika to exploit trophies, and that's one problem people have with what's been going on recently.
  10. It's because your PS3 is quite old now, so the battery that keeps track of time has run dry You could open it up and replace it yourself if it really bothers you, but it's a bit more complicated than it needs to be. Other than the timestamps, the only other issue it might cause is with PS+ games, since it uses the same battery to determine when they should expire.
  11. Someone earlier said they wanted to see something similar for top 50 fastest achievers and it made me think of the potential this idea has Couldn't this be expanded to all sorts of things and be displayed above or below the trophy cabinet, rather than being an actual stat? Sort of like PSNProfiles' own achievement system based on various profile stats I was always kind of torn on the idea because while I'm in support of the harshest of punishments and shaming for people with Ratalaika platinums, I thought it would be kind of confusing to have such a random stat displayed so prominently on a profile. Especially if you don't really keep up with forum stuff. There's no real reason to make a distinction between platinums with an arbitrary cut-off point like 75%. But if it's part of some larger side feature, that means it doesn't need to be taken as seriously, and can include other things people do with their profiles, like speedruns, earliest achievers, series completed (assuming Sly doesn't spend the rest of his life trying to fix profile auto-uploads and actually gets around to finishing it), rare platinums earned, or even the trophy alphabet thing. And since it can still use ribbons, it won't need to take up much room and can be seen at a glance, so the original intention of the idea still works
  12. Doubt it, Sony doesn't allow trophies for limited time content
  13. A simpler method, if you have PS+ or a USB stick is to: 1. Create a world in survival mode if you don't have one already 2. Backup your save file using the cloud or a USB stick For each world there'll be a main save file and some numbered World Data files. You don't need to backup the World Data files 3. Switch to creative mode, put any items you need inside a chest and then save the game 3. Retrieve the backup of the save file 4. Go back into the world. Because of retrieving the backed up save file, the game won't know you ever switched to creative mode, but the World Data files have remembered everything you put into the chests
  14. It could still be for EU and NA. Just that one list was finalised much earlier, and by the time the second was created they had decided to add/remove 4 trophies Galak-Z: The Dimensional also has differing lists between EU and NA versions
  15. He can start working on it, but will he ever finish? The series feature has been unchanged for over a year and a half. Maybe he could finish old projects before starting work on new ones