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  1. It's been required for games to have trophies since the feature was launched so I don't think it's going to change now. Now it's confirmed the PS1 games can have trophies I expect they all will. Adding trophies will probably be done alongside whatever testing and maintenance is required to publish the games in the first place Launching with so few games is probably so they can either dripfeed games over a long period of time, or so there's less competition between games right at the start. Nintendo Switch Online doesn't add trophies and that still doesn't have the largest of catalogues
  2. The last challenge trophies went up a week before the update went live Ragnarok is 25% off at the moment
  3. I don't think it's actually an exploit, just a mistake or mistranslation with the trophy description. You get a gold trophy for completing any difficulty 200+ chaos mission, but the one for "beating the game" on chaos is only silver. Several missions in chaos are over 200 difficulty by default, including one of the main missions. The silver trophy's image is also half Jack and half Garland, while the gold one is fully Garland, suggesting that's the more "complete" one, which wouldn't make sense if it was just something you unlocked in the process of getting the silver. The Japanese description is just "Difficulty CHAOS cleared", which I guess can be ambiguous. But the trophy name can be translated to "Beginning of Chaos" so it would fit if it was meant to be unlocked on your first chaos mission.
  4. So I haven't had this issue since I cleaned out my PS5 and moved it to a more ventilated place, but I found this post about it the other day: tl;dr, this person thinks the issue is being caused by the power supply clogging up with dust and overheating. I can't verify it, but if anyone else is still having this issue then maybe this is something to try
  5. Are you pressing the correct button? For Japanese games, the circle button is accept and the cross button is decline, which is the opposite of western games
  6. The point was I don't believe he really did get suspended just for saying jew. He clearly has a big problem with jewish people, so I'm certain he's not giving us the full picture
  7. I'm sure it did. Did you take a look at the rest of this guy's channel? He's a right-wing nutjob, with all the usual hateful opinions and conspiracy theories under his belt. He posts on GTAforums (while pretending to be a muslim from Afghanistan) and is highly focused on the fact that jew is censored in GTA while other religions are not, and even admits to using racial slurs because they're "cool" and a way of showing his patriotism (?). I even found a video of him saying there's a massive satanic movement going on in the US and Europe, spearheaded by the "satan-worshipping jews". I didn't even need to find all that, the claim is just obviously bullshit at face value.
  8. Yep, whenever the opportunity arises. It's good to show people there are consequences for acting like a total dick, and it takes almost no effort on my part to report someone, so I will.
  9. The new outfits are better than the originals. I hope Yanfei is next.
  10. I mean it's the Rockstar Support Twitter account. They're there to help people having trouble with their products, not talk about the development status of their games.
  11. They fixed the bug with challenge 5 and now it's possible to get the platinum time for it But the trophies related to getting all the platinum times don't unlock, and patches are now finished for the game
  12. No, there isn't a multiplayer mode
  13. It was announced that 3 would be coming to PS Now before the collection released
  14. None of the PS4 games that need 2 controllers really require it because you can use shareplay instead
  15. If it's really going to bother you then now would be the best time to start over, but I don't think first trophies matter at all. The vast majority of people don't think about their first trophy, so it's almost always going to be some easy bronze trophy from one of the most popular games. Because of that I don't think I've ever seen anyone care about what their first trophy was until now. And maybe you'll like Monster Hunter World, it's a pretty good game