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  1. They actually made Cratered reasonable to achieve. Down from hitting 6 people with his ult to 4.
  2. The OW1 PS4 list has been updated with 6 new trophies
  3. Doesn't necessarily confirm it because all they've done is manually change Overwatch's listing name to Overwatch 2 on their site. Nothing has been changed on PSN yet, it's just TrueTrophy's assumption But I'd expect the list to be the same anyway, because Overwatch 2 is arriving as a patch and not a separate game entry. It's not impossible for it to be separate, but I wouldn't get my hopes up On the bright side, the PS4 version will max out on trophies after they release 20 more heroes
  4. I really hope it has a new list. I hate Overwatch 2, having to actually pay money or grind the hell out of it before I can get any new trophies just sounds awful. It's looking likely that it uses the same launcher and therefore list though, since existing and new console players are given two different times for when they can start downloading it.
  5. If the queen spending millions to pay for her sex pest son's settlement fees didn't even put a dent in her reputation, then nothing's going to "cancel" them. So don't you worry, these cockroaches will be around for a while yet.
  6. Sly's stance was nonsense. Uncurated tips are too low quality, but TrueAchievements shows that with the right approach, the tip system has the potential to be far better than what we have here.
  7. They'll probably reach it in a few weeks with the rate these shovelware games are coming out
  8. I'm having a lot of fun with the assist mode. Being able to just go ham with upgrades and stats rushing through everything in my way feels so much nicer than meticulously planning out every move and gear change only to lose it all when you die in 2 or 3 hits. Although to be fair, I didn't really like the game it was when it released. I probably would've left it unfinished if it weren't for the assist mode, but now it's here I'm actually enjoying the game
  9. Sorry, I don't remember having any problems with it I think I just installed it and it worked I also played the DLC on a PS5, after doing the base game on PS4 Have you tried uninstalling both and reinstalling them together?
  10. I was being sarcastic Even when he was active he didn't exactly do much. People have been posting on the feedback forum for years only to be met with silence. Even the smallest things you'd expect any trophy site to have and were requested hundreds of times, like marking unobtainable trophies or shutdown servers Like you mentioned, user information like hours played in a game is still missing after several years Major bugs have existed since the PS5 release, like not being able to track or display games properly if they have more than 255 trophies I'm surprised that he even bothered to update the trophy level system, although maybe that just sorted itself out automatically
  11. I think he's doing fine. He's releasing updates at the same rate he always has
  12. If you could make games you wouldn't release stuff like this
  13. I think a game being completely replaced with its sequel is unprecedented so we probably won't know until it happens. When it comes to the trophies, it just depends on how they handle the release. If it's in the form of a patch then the trophies will have to be changed. Although that would require changing almost every trophy in some way, and I'm not sure how Sony feels about changing requirements post-launch, let alone so many so drastically. Free-to-play games also have different trophy rules than paid titles, so there could be a conflict somewhere that prevents keeping the current list, although I don't think there is. But if it's a brand new client then it won't be possible to earn trophies on the PS4 list of Overwatch 1 anymore. It's a free-to-play game, so releasing a new client wouldn't cause any issues for existing players. All your progress is saved on your account rather than a local save file, so nothing in OW2 depends on anything in OW1. I think that's the most likely option since it's going to be a fresh start anyway, and there's just no reason to release it as a patch.
  14. And just one line down from that: In fact, the plan is to eventually make sure that Overwatch and Overwatch 2 will eventually be rolled out as a single entity in which players can experience the sequel without having to sacrifice their progress from the first game.
  15. Blizzard have said since the day they announced Overwatch 2 that it's going to replace Overwatch 1. The source was linked in the opening post, but here it is again: Overwatch® will be replaced by Overwatch® 2 when Overwatch® 2 is launched. All Overwatch® elements will either be replaced by Overwatch® 2 equivalents, or shall cease to be accessible. Overwatch® in-game items from Overwatch® Legendary Edition, will be useable in Overwatch® 2