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  1. I really can't stand fighting games, so I doubt I'll be playing it. It looks pretty cool though. Are there any Dragon Ball games that aren't fighters on home consoles? It feels like they all are. I'd like to see them branch out a bit so I could get in on the action. Still, I'd quite like best girl from Super to be included
  2. As of 2015 there are no restrictions on which games are eligible for a platinum trophy. That's backed up by the likes of My Name is Mayo, but also this post from a developer of Lumines. I don't know which games these two developers worked on, but they're saying the same. Also sorry for linking to Neogaf It sounds like it's either a lack of understanding of the trophy system or not wanting to deal with trophy bugs causing a game to get delayed that are some of the reasons games don't get platinums. I'm pretty sure it was the latter in Mega Man Legacy's case. I think I remember reading that at the time, because there was a little backlash after they initially promised it would be getting a platinum trophy. I'm not too bothered about platinums themselves though. I care more about the number of trophies. If platinums were enforced for all games, we'd just end up getting loads of games with 12 trophies and that's kind of meh.
  3. I was always able to hire the first NPC I found so I didn't realise you were blocked from hiring from certain systems. I also heard you could find warp upgrades in Gek space stations, but I checked every single space station I passed on my journey to the center of the universe and didn't see a single warp upgrade. So it's either not possible or so rare it's not worth relying on. You'll need to wait 2 hours between every anomaly no matter what. All the upgrades are given in order, too, so you'll have to wait 30 hours for the best warp upgrade. It sucks, but at least you're guaranteed to get it that way.
  4. Well you literally can progress, just rather slowly But once you've set up a base, you can use the portal in any system's space station to teleport back to it. You'll be able to freely teleport to and from your most recently used space station after that initial teleport, so you don't need to worry about leaving your base behind. You can only get warp drive upgrades from completing Polo's tasks now. You used to be able to find them randomly, but I don't think that has been possible since the Foundation update. If it is possible, it's certainly not a reliable method, anyway. Here's a little detail on who Polo is and where you can find him: A space anomaly will appear after you've spent 2 hours ingame and warped to a new system. You can only get one upgrade from each anomaly, so you'll need to wait 2 hours between each one. Although none of this is required for the platinum; any warp counts towards the space exploration milestone.
  5. Yeah, I was planning on buying it at one point but I couldn't find it cheap anywhere. This guy here confirms it
  6. The Japanese version of Kingdoms of Amalur is actually available entirely in English. DLC is included on the disk so you don't need to worry about that, either.
  7. It's probably not going to remain ultra rare unless it's given away on PS Plus like the first two games. Both Zico trophies are already over 6% and they were among the rarest in their original games. Most people playing are probably familiar with the series and know what to expect, so it'll only go up from here.
  8. Not just that, but they got the trophies for 100%ing all the single-player content and the trophy for completing all stages of the multiplayer mode at the same time.
  9. You're not banned and you're free to use the features on this site, you just won't be allowed on the trophy leaderboards while you have flagged games. If you want to appear on the leaderboards again, you'll have to either hide the affected games or explain how those trophies could have been earned legitimately. Here's how you can hide games:
  10. You'll have to ask him for an explanation, although it says all your trophies for it were earned in less than two days, not over several weekends. The first trophy you earn is for completing the first stage, and since that's unavoidable you aren't able to make progress towards any trophies beforehand. Edit: I've noticed something unusual with your Sonic the Hedgehog trophies as well. You got the trophy for reaching zone 5 before the ones for reaching zones 3 and 4, which you should have earned along the way. You also managed to earn all six chaos emeralds at the same time, despite only having one opportunity to earn a single emerald at the end of each stage.
  11. The first thing is that you unlocked the trophy for completing Boss Attack mode before having completed Hero, Dark and Last story modes. Boss Attack mode only unlocks once you've completed those, since obviously it's a boss rush and it would be spoiling plot developments if you could play it whenever. And secondly, you unlocked your final emblem and earned the trophy for completing stages in the local multiplayer mode at the same time. There are no emblems to be earned in multiplayer mode, so whatever you did to unlock the final emblem couldn't have been done there. If I'm wrong about any of that or you can explain a legitimate way to earn those trophies in that order and timeframe then the flag will be lifted. If not then you'll have to hide the game from your trophy list to appear on the leaderboards again
  12. Here's a more obvious example of Vita hacking: They have ridiculously fast completion times, as well as trophies from digital-only Vita games that aren't available in their region. Plus if you look at the 100% leaderboards for any of their games, you'll see multiple people have the exact same timestamps as them. This has been going on since at least October, so they really should be flaggable by now
  13. Are you sure? I've never had a completed game move up and down on my trophy list before, and it only started when trophy sites had trouble thinking games were hidden a few weeks ago
  14. Dark Souls III from April 2016 moved up in between games from April 2017 It used to move up and down my list on PSN when these problems first started, but it seems to be stuck firmly in place now