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  1. To be honest, those races were the only reason I can remember anything about the game. It was a completely forgettable experience otherwise I'd love it if they did them again
  2. I wanted new trophies Hope they do an AMA so I can ask for some One for completing the catalogue would be nice
  3. I do wonder what Sony think about all these stacks Apparently it was Sony who told Limited Run Games not to create new lists for their physical releases unless absolutely necessary. so someone over there must've cared at some point
  4. I doubt it. The candle IS the power of true sight. The point of the trophy is getting through the room without lighting it up. It would be weird if you could get it in NG+ just by playing normally. I'd be very surprised if it worked, but you're probably not going to find many people who tested it, since it's not really worth risking an extra playthrough for.
  5. Is it just me or is mahjong really hard on this game? I'm not a mahjong expert, but I've never had problems with any of the mahjong challenges from Yakuza 0, Kiwami or Kiwami 2. But here I'm struggling to win single rounds even on the beginner tables. And the hard tables just seem like a lost cause. I've gone hours without declaring ron or tsumo once, even though I'm not doing anything different from usual
  6. Simple puzzle games won't need knowledge of the language, but I'm not sure if there are that many I know there's Rabi x Laby and the Vita version of Puyo Puyo Tetris, although Puyo Puyo is available in the west for PS4
  7. That's strange When did you sync the trophies? PSN seems to be having problems at the moment, so maybe it went down as you were syncing and wasn't able to get all the information. I can't check any trophies on my PS4 and PSNTrophyLeaders doesn't pick up anything at all
  8. Even if you join somebody elses world, you still need to meet the requirements for certain trophies by yourself In both versions you get the trophy for killing all bosses before you get most of the individual boss trophies. How did that happen?
  9. This isn't buying though, it's renting, and they have every physical game They send it to you in the post and you use the same envelope to send it back using a post box
  10. I don't know much about this game in particular, but if you want a dungeon crawler with an anime-like style, there's Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded That should be easy to get fairly cheaply these days, as opposed to this which is digital-only and has a very high price
  11. Aren't you in the UK? So am I I use Boomerang
  12. I generally rent physical games rather than buy them at any price. There's no need to buy it for upwards of £40 when I can just spend £7 to play it as much as I'm ever going to. Once I've completed a game, it's rare for me to ever go back to it these days. There's just so many other games I'm interested in playing. I only buy games for full price if it's part of a franchise that has consistently given me great experiences, or the game looks amazing and is already under £20 at full price
  13. Well it is kind of a stain, because of the reason it's being implemented. It's not about giving people a cool new feature or stat to track. It's born out of negativity, and a desire to mark profiles as being inferior. "Platinum trophies under 50% rarity" strikes me as an unusual stat to display so prominently on a profile. The ribbon that's the cause of all this is ironically the one that makes the least sense. The other two are giving a more in-depth look at the vague completed games stat, but this one is arbitrarily slicing off the chunk of a profile PSNProfiles deems unworthy. I think such a thing either doesn't deserve such a prominent display on people's profiles, or should be expanded to a much more general achievement system. A trophy-tracking site having its own achievement system makes sense to me. Giving people little badges for avoiding Ratalaika games doesn't, really. A platinum-only equivalent of the rarest trophies section would've achieved all the worthwhile things this is setting out to do. You'd be able to see how many platinums from each rarity somebody has, at a glance. But it's not as interesting as painting a big plague cross on profiles filled with easy platinums, so I can see why that wasn't suggested instead.
  14. There isn't enough money in the world to get me to play this again