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  1. That's the total amount you need to plow over the course of the game. You can plow a single tile multiple times
  2. Shadow Slime was removed in 2017, so it's unlikely to be that Have you killed Sand Slime, found in the desert? It's the only slime that isn't required for the ingame accomplishment, but that might mean it isn't required for the trophy either If that doesn't work, the best thing to do is make a checklist and go through them all again
  3. It's not converted. All PSN IDs are limited to the basic alphabet, but Japanese accounts are able to set nicknames which can use Japanese characters. I think it'll take the place of their actual PSN ID on friends lists, but I don't think it does in games.
  4. It's really strange that nobody has been able to unlock the death trophies, because the game has never been patched. It's still on 1.00. Nothing should've been changed since people unlocked them shortly after the game came out. So I'm convinced there's a way to unlock them. I think it might've accidentally been given more specific requirements, like Kinetica. There's a trophy on that game for hitting 3 opponents at once, but they accidentally coded it so it only unlocks when playing a specific track. I spent a few hours trying things and didn't solve anything, though.
  5. Now you've got to the final stage, you should be able to do it again without too much difficulty. It didn't take me too many attempts to do it all without continues the first time I reached the final stage, just because of all the practice I had getting there. Even the levels that initially seemed the most hopeless and random, I was able to do fairly consistently by the end. I went from not even being able to pass 2-8 using all my continues, to reaching 5-9 without losing any lives, over the course of the platinum. You should give it another go. It only takes about 40 minutes to get through advanced, and you would've needed to do it again to get the platinum anyway
  6. TrueTrophies completion is based on the amount of trophies you have. So you've earned 55.37% of the 26,422 possible trophies on your profile. I believe PSNProfile's completion is based on total trophy points, but doesn't include platinum trophies or F-ranked games.
  7. Will you have access to a PC or phone? You could just download the pages if you will. If you don't have a phone, it'd probaby be a more convenient thing to take than 1000 sheets of paper Here's how you can do it with a phone: If you're on PC, you can just press CTRL+S
  8. There are no punishments for using any glitches to unlock a trophy, whether it's intentional or not. You'll only get flagged if your trophy list looks like it could only be achieved by using third-party software or save files downloaded from another person. If the glitch is known to happen, then you probably don't need to worry about being flagged. But if it's a glitch that isn't well-known, you may have to prove the glitch exists if somebody thinks it looks suspicious and flags you for it.
  9. No, but I only own Forma.8 and Rabi-Ribi. My Rabi-Ribi is still sealed, but I guess I could check if nobody else has it Everything since Bloodstained would be worth checking, since that's the latest release that had this problem and was fixed. Although it's possible even older releases are affected and nobody realised. I think a lot of people aren't opening their games, and the few that do probably don't care that much about trophies I'm surprised and disappointed that Guacamelee didn't get a new list
  10. It does, but it doesn't work and nobody seems to know whose job it is to fix it
  11. Generally no. If a game does, it's because there's a simultaneous western release and they've brought the translation over because there's no harm in it. It's usually releases in Hong Kong that get English subtitles even if there isn't a western release, but it's still quite uncommon. You'll have to check on a game-by-game basis.
  12. It's not missing, the search feature just has trouble with one of the characters in its nameütshimi
  13. You unlock the trophy for beating all time trial ghosts, but you only unlock the trophy for beating your first time trial ghost 2 hours later. If you used that glitch for Yokozuna, then you'd have had to defeat at least one ghost in the process, so they should have unlocked at the same time
  14. The PS4 version uses the original list, so it's unaffected. I don't know what it is about Vita games, but it's only them that get new lists from LRG. It still hasn't been fixed and it's been a while since anyone on Twitter said they were looking into it
  15. Eh, no They said only 10% of people hadn't played it, but that can't be true if almost 90% of consoles don't even have access to it