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  1. I can read roman numerals, I swear
  2. Nvm
  3. Nope, nothing you can do
  4. Unlike other consoles, the Vita TV isn't able to keep track of time after it's been powered off and has to get that information from the internet. So whenever you power off the console, until you connect to the internet at least once, any trophy you earn will have a missing timestamp.
  5. It's not worth the time testing stuff. The trophies were obviously just bugged from the start, otherwise somebody would have unlocked the trophy for all battle platinums the day it came out. It's just that nobody realised they weren't working because it was impossible to get all the platform platinums and we had to wait until the patch to see what challenge 40's platinum time was. But it did have and keep track of your platinum time, so like the trophy for completing all battle challenges, it would have unlocked upon beating it even though it wasn't visible from the selection screen. I wouldn't be surprised if like challenge 5, the trophy requirements were just based on an old build. They still refer to S-ranks even though the ranking system uses medals now.
  6. I really didn't like all the grunts the player character was making whenever he swung a weapon or got hit. Doesn't really fit my image of a souls game to have some American going "ooh, ugh, ahh" every few seconds. If there's a volume slider for voices I'll be alright with it.
  7. That happened over a week ago and the people involved with the game on its discord have said since then that the future of the game hasn't been decided yet. At least some of the people who left seem to be willing to work on it.
  8. I think it will have to because the current versions are split between three trophy lists. If someone upgrades from the original list, then to continue earning its trophies in the next generation it would mean there'd need to be three separate PS5 versions of the game specifically to let people continue with the trophy lists they've already started. Or Sony would need to allow single versions of a game to be connected to multiple variations of the same trophy list, which seems unlikely and has no real application outside of rare situations like this. Maybe PS5 doesn't even have a trophy system, I don't think it's been mentioned anywhere.
  9. You don't need the DLC trophies for the platinum. Some earlier PS3 games just didn't make a distinction between main game trophies and DLC trophies. I think Mirror's Edge is another one.
  10. Another little tip I've found is that you don't actually need to drift to generate boost. If you let go of accelerate for a split second it'll immediately generate a small amount of boost even if you don't turn, and seems to have a minimal impact on your speed. The extra boosts have helped me shave off a few seconds on a couple of tracks.
  11. I sold some of the more expensive discs on eBay, but I still have most of them lying around somewhere
  12. Well I'm not holding out much hope for these trophies ever being fixed. I can't imagine putting out more patches is a top priority with a studio with practically no or very few remaining employees. Especially for something like a trophy which doesn't actually affect gameplay. Hopefully they already had it in the works before this all started, but considering it took them months to get the first fix out I wouldn't say that's likely either.
  13. The DLC challenges do count, but you can't repeat the same challenge with different characters even though they have their own star counts. Only the default character for a challenge counts. For Brutality 101, the main thing you need to become good at is maintaining a combo and learning the tricks to keep it going. Generally that's using the move where you vault over people excessively because it doesn't break a combo and lets you easily avoid attacks, only attacking people around the edge of the crowd, using simple moves and recognising when enemies are about to attack even before the counter prompt shows up. As l;ong as you're confident keeping a combo going, there's no pressure to use the specific moves quickly or efficiently. It's hard to say how good you need to become, but nothing in the main game really prepared me for it because you can manage just fine without mastering the combat. It was practicing for The Curtain Falls DLC trophy that did it for me, because it trains you to never let your combo break. Knightmare isn't anything special. You can't see the prompts when enemies are about to attack, but you can easily dodge or jump over someone instead of trying to parry it. The worst thing is having to repeat the entire game just for a single trophy.
  14. Japanese release. I think it releases tomorrow
  15. You're not rolling a die to win these games, you're competing against other people. Someone who's amazingly good at the game doesn't have the exact same chance of winning 5 in a row as someone who has never picked up a controller before.