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  1. Isn't Loki a shapeshifter? If he has complete control over what he looks like, changing based on what he eats would be weirder
  2. Well my game crashed and corrupted my save file. Good thing I started backing up after reading this, barely lost anything Still annoying though
  3. I had the game freeze several times in my first few hours. I'm not surprised it can corrupt easily
  4. There's quite a few already
  5. If I buy EA Play on a North American account, will I be able to play games from it on other accounts to unlock North American trophy stacks? Or is only the account with the subscription able to play its games?
  6. Yeah, anyone could get this trophy. The crucible pass was for some single player combat arena thing, although that still had trophies of its own.
  7. Looks like they just didn't put much thought into the PS4 list, but player feedback about no platinum trophy made them add one to the PS5 version. You can't add a platinum trophy to an existing list, so the PS4 list is stuck the way it is
  8. If you grind by completing quests, dungeons and exploring then it'll probably take about 10-20 hours playtime. But if you play casually and focus on daily tasks instead you'll be able to get there by spending much less time in the game, but it'll take a few weeks in real time. Or you could do a mix of both. But it doesn't take very long, especially compared to how long everything else in the game takes.
  9. How long did it take to get so many?
  10. The biggest problem with Assassin's Creed recently has been quantity over quality. Valhalla was just an unending slog of repetitive collectables, forgettable sidequests, and one long sidequest that they decided to make the main story I'm not really confident about them making an infinitely expanding game If anything I'd prefer if they starting scaling down AC a bit. Maybe a lot
  11. Even more people got injured in a separate crash later on in the race
  12. Oh strange, they must've patched it out recently. I last tested it shortly after the worldwide release happened and it was all fine then But congrats
  13. I just saved my game right at a vending machine, bought all 3 items and loaded the save file to repeat it until the trophy unlocked
  14. When it released it was quite bad, they had to put out a patch to fix it I was playing on a PS4 Pro in the video
  15. My PS3 is fine, but do they email you when it happens? If these bans are 24-72 hours I could have just missed it since I don't use my PS3 anymore