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  1. Not even a little bit.
  2. It's not important. It's technically not allowed, but I've never heard of anyone being banned for having multiple accounts, and I've certainly never heard of anyone being banned for not putting in their real name or address. I don't do either, even my main account doesn't have my real name. If you want to make it look real you can pick a random place in the country and just use that, though. But they're never going to want proof of where everybody lives so you'll be fine if you don't. I think I even used Sony's headquarters for some of my earlier accounts.
  3. Well that just sounds incredibly arrogant to me. "We are the staff, so the conclusion we reached is the correct one". What does the community that these features were built for actually think? The fact that people keep bringing it up surely means there's room for discussion, and perhaps three people making the decision for everyone else might not have been the best approach, especially if it turned out the majority of people disagree with you.
  4. Mamorukun Curse!'s Japanese version required the first print bonus DLC to get the platinum, because some items in the gallery weren't available without it Darksiders II on PS3 needed the crucible pass to get the platinum. It came with new copies of the game so it was kind of an online pass, but since it was only blocking off single-player content it was effectively DLC
  5. They can sometimes, but I'm not good enough to take advantage of it when they do Early on, they screwed up and I somehow managed to beat the expert AI in one of the modes, but I tried for hours after that and never came close to winning on the other two modes
  6. I've played through the game on PS5. I don't know if it's more sensitive than it should be since I haven't played on PS2 or PS4, but now I've done every minigame except Pool and Golf and they were all fine. I didn't have problems with any of them. But Pool is ridiculously hard. So hard I actually gave up. I can tell it's overly sensitive, but I heard that was the case even before PS5. I guess I might try on PS4 to see if it's better there, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to do it even with improved controls.
  7. No cross progression. There used to be a one-time transfer, but it was disabled a few years ago.
  8. The PS4 versions of Soldner X-2 haven't been added to the Soldner series or listed as stacks for the PS3/Vita versionsöldner-x-2-final-prototype-definitive-edition
  9. It released on PS4 and Switch a year ago. This is the PS5 version with small improvements over the original game. Here's the western trophy list:
  10. Which trophies are no longer possible?
  11. What's the problem with leaving it until premium adventure?
  12. Yeah, since people aren't sure on what prevents people from appearing on the highscores. Blur was the first Activision PS3 game I played and I was able to get it last year. Although I did play a COD Beta on PS4 which might've been the reason I was able to.
  13. You can test it by doing the first race. Just trail behind everyone and don't use any powerups or go through the Fan Run gates and you won't accidentally unlock any trophies. If you can see yourself on the leaderboards for that race on another account then you'll be fine to get the platinum.
  14. I wouldn't get your hopes up on this, or anything else on the requested features list ever happening. This has been a problem since guides were added 7 years ago.