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  1. It doesn't seem to be possible for PS5 trophy lists to be shared with any other console, so it'll most likely be a new one
  2. What are they changing?
  3. You can save at a vending machine and just repeatedly use it and reload to get the trophy. I don't know if there are any you can get to post-game, but if there aren't then there's one just before the first boss if you make a new save
  4. It comes with the physical version of Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World
  5. I've only done the first half of the game but I feel like most levels perfect relics have taken me more effort or attempts than their time trial relics. That could just be because I actually like rushing through the levels as fast as possible though, as opposed to slowly and carefully walking around hoping not to have forgotten any of the countless bullshit hidden boxes there are The time trial requirements seem to allow more mistakes as the levels progress - I even beat one of the purple relics while just trying to beat the platinum. But the levels get longer and more deadly, so since you're not rushing during the perfect relics, you spend more and more time around things that can kill you But I haven't seen the end of the game so maybe things will change
  6. I was wondering if this site was how third party sites got access to trophy information
  7. Will trophy sites still be able to access trophy information?
  8. Edit: It looks you need to reach Rapadagna without saving, using an elixir or using the vending machine after beating the game at least once
  9. The game will be available in all regions next week, so here's some information for anybody planning on buying it Just playing through the game normally, it's about 3-5 hours long and personally I'd say is 2-3/10 in difficulty. The platinum doesn't take much longer and can be achieved in one playthrough, but several trophies are highly missable, assuming patches haven't changed anything since I played a month ago: Must've Been Tough Finding Them All, Eh? All 200 life drops need to be collected. The majority of them become missable at different points in the story. You can't return to the first area after beating the first boss, so you only get one attempt to collect the first 33 life drops. You can return to any other area, but shortly after you've completed Ice Pyramid3, you'll lose access to double jump and glide. So pretty much every life drop up to this point will become permanently unavailable. Here's a video showing the locations of all 200 life drops: A Good Offense Is the Best Defense. A Good Defense Is the Best Offense. Being Stylish Is Important Too. Every sword, shield and bracelet needs to be collected. As the story progresses, old equipment in the shops is permanently replaced with newer gear even if you haven't bought it yet. I think three bracelets are only available for a single area before they're removed and replaced with the ultimate gear. If you do a second playthrough to use the Magic Merchant then you'll easily be able to afford it all, but if not you might need to grind or save your gold bars Feel Refreshed Now? You'll probably get this accidentally but it's for getting one of the Sphinx's questions wrong My, My, Aren't We in a Hurry? Missable but is earned as soon as you start the game. Just run left instead of right Many Thanks to Pepelogoo. Die holding an elixir after Tower of Silence but before completing Ice Pyramid3 These aren't missable but they were worth mentioning: Keep It On the Hush-Hush. For speaking to the Magic Merchant. He'll only appear after being the game and can be found in Rapadagna behind the fountain if you beat the first boss without saving, buying from the vending machine or using an elixir. Doing this will max out your cash and let you buy the best equipment in the game immediately, but you'll have so much money that you won't be able to earn the Lucky Sevens All Round. trophy in that playthrough First step as a fan. The code is entered on the main menu and is Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right A merchant’s path has a rocky future. For buying 30 items from vending machines. Saving your game and buying from the same vending machine repeatedly can be done to earn the trophy quickly. If anyone's wondering about the game in general then I'd say it's a decent little platformer. But since it's so short and has no replayability, is rather overpriced for what it is. I think it's something like £23, which is the same as the vastly superior Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, and probably double what I'd be happy paying The physical version also comes with a download code for the original game. This comes with its own trophy list
  10. No, the nodes were released a few weeks before the DLC
  11. Yes it's still broken, and the chance of it being fixed is looking increasingly slim to me. Although the publisher says it's on their to-do list
  12. My PS5 is already on its last legs. Every day for the last week it's just randomly turned off and become completely unresponsive until I unplug it and plug it back in. WIll I even be able to replace it with all these stock shortages?

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    2. OhDearDevilRun


      Whether Sony is in shortage or not doesnt matter. You have warranty, and by law Sony needs to honor it. Period. Contact them and let them handle it, dont need to stress yourself for Sony.

    3. MidnightDragon


      That sucks.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      exactly what @OhDearDevilRun said, like myself as well. Sony has to honor those customers who have one in need of repair first. Shortage or not. i wouldn't be surprised if Sony had 20000 units just chilling for replacement purposes or repair parts. 

  13. The Speed Runner requirement is under 3 hours
  15. That's for PS Now games, and it's still there.