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  1. This group and the one that released the HBO episodes are not necessarily the same people. This group is called OurMine and they're known for hacking social media accounts. I don't think they've ever claimed or been suspected to have leaked anything. The people who released the episodes early called themselves Mr Smith. OurMine took HBO's Twitter a while after that happened, so maybe that caused the confusion.
  2. They already announced it was a mistake they're going to fix
  3. It's by the amount of trophy points a game has.
  4. You need to spin a star post 10 times for Superstar
  5. It features completely new levels set in some locations from those four games, as well as Sonic CD. It also has a few that are unique to this game. But it's not a collection, it's a brand new game.
  6. Platinum or not, I just wish the trophy list made use of all the content available in the game. There's a whole time trial mode that's completely gone ignored in the trophy list. It's Sonic, a game that's all about going as fast as you can. There are three characters who can take different paths only accessible to them. There may even be unique boss fights if it's anything like Sonic 3. A competitive racing mode, which may or may not be online. I know people don't like that sort of thing, but still. And whatever else hasn't been revealed yet. It doesn't even look like you need to see the true ending. It's just a disappointing list all around. Adventure 1 and 2 didn't have platinums but at least you still had to do everything for 100%
  7. The ones I've seen posted ask you to go to a webcam site, but claim that you need to enter your credit card information as an age-checking measure. So yeah, they are
  8. If anyone doesn't want to watch the video, he's talking about the people who try to get you to visit their sites in order to steal credit card information. It's been mentioned in a thread before here:
  9. Platinums are now entirely down to whoever makes the list. If they want to add a platinum to a game they can, regardless of price or how much content it has. Sega has just never given a platinum to a digital-only game.
  10. It's a brand new game which includes new levels mixed in with heavily remixed levels from older games.
  11. For the PS3 versions, no. The PS4 version doesn't have any online trophies.
  12. I didn't see anyone on these forums mention it, but there is currently a glitch that makes it possible to generate money without having to farm. How it works is that you create a character with the name [163][166]. Every time this name comes up in conversation, you'll be given the items numbered 163 and 166 in the game's code. Those are the most expensive items in the game, being worth 5000 gold each. Gus at the saloon will mention your name every time you talk to him, making it possible to earn 5k gold for every press of the X button. This way you can easily earn the 10m gold trophy and significantly reduce any grinding necessary for the platinum. Here is some guy's video showing it off:
  13. Valve stepped in and added a cap of 5000 achievements per game, so I think this problem is pretty much sorted now.
  14. From that, it doesn't sound like they're going to change achievements at all, really. Just that they'll give more options for showing off other accomplishments that aren't necessarily covered by gamerscore.