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  1. I doubt that'll last. Check the thread about this in a month or two. I bet almost everyone who's against this will have been banned for some reason or another.
  2. To be fair, even some of the earliest games had a bunch of stacks, such as Dynasty Warriors. The fact that this site hasn't been updated to deal with them more efficiently a decade after they started popping up isn't really Sony's fault.
  3. Ocram isn't needed because he's not in the game anymore Duke Fishron isn't needed I don't know about the others, but I don't think they are
  4. https://store.playstation.com/pt-pt/product/EP0001-BLES01882_00-SPACBFMPDLCCHAR1 https://store.playstation.com/pt-pt/product/EP0001-BLES01882_00-ACBFDLCSP0000001
  5. Are you sure you've done them all? The progress tracker doesn't update for each person you deliver to. It only increases when you do all the deliveries in a region (3 in Frontier, 3 in New York and 2 in Boston) I just did it and it all worked normally
  6. You've played the first 8 sequences without being able to sprint? I'm not sure what the problem might be. R2 without any other buttons is sprinting for me, and X is for fast walking. Do you have any custom button assignments that might be interfering with it? I lost the ability to parry in Odyssey after I switched some buttons around. Edit: After seeing the comment above, it's probably a controller issue. I tested it and holding the button lightly does result in a jog. It's only a sprint when it's fully pressed.
  7. You unlocked a large amount of trophies at once in Monster Hunter World, including some for doing co-op, responding to SOS flares and earning guild cards. All of these can only be earned in online multiplayer, which means you had to be connected to PSN when you fulfilled the requirements. So if you were connected to PSN, those trophies would have unlocked and synced the first time you met the requirements, which means those trophies can only have been unlocked using somebody else's save file. But even if you were telling the truth about what happened, this sort of thing wouldn't be unlifted anyway.
  8. It's just kind of disheartening to see my hobby being abused like this, and also that people are lapping it up. There's a lot that bothers me about the whole situation. Firstly, it's not games that are being sold here, it's quite clearly the platinum trophies. Secondly, these games will have multiple lists for multiple regions. Therefore these games will be achieving sales numbers much higher than many quality games for reasons unrelated to the games themselves. Some of my favourite games have flopped despite having an abundance of talent and love put into them, yet these games continue to go from strength to strength regardless of how well they play. Sure they're cheap, but it just rubs me the wrong way. Also, can you really say it's getting indie developers on the map if the people playing their games would be happy staring at a blank screen as long as they get their trophies out of it? How many people will actually buy PixelTeriyaki's next game if it had a genuine trophy list? Is it even a good thing for people to be making more games that won't sell at all without the incentive of trophies? Finally, it means that if Ratalaika does ever get their mitts on a game I would actually be interested in, it would have some basic trophies that don't attempt to challenge the player in any way. I'm a trophy hunter because I like that challenge and the nature of a checklist as I play, and these games do not offer that experience. Partly because of the games' simplicity, but even simple games can benefit from difficult lists. I just hope this doesn't spread or Sony puts a stop to it somehow, like Steam did when developers were pumping out games as vessels to sell trading cards. Also, I watched a fair amount of that Peasant Knight's gameplay. I see people on here praising these games, and assuming they're not just lying to themselves in an attempt to justify this shameless trophy whoring, would they really rather play these multiple times than play literally anything else? Fair enough, something like Metagal looks like a real game, although even then, I see people praise the game and not have any other Mega-Man clones on their profile. But some of the things I hear just baffles me.
  9. Just use this and do Ctrl+F KR https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/general-games-discussion/322522-stackable-games-trophies-v2.html
  10. 1) Alchemist skills are the ones that use 4 drive and have a special animation. Only support characters have them 2) I know the last one unlocked when I had 2640 squares filled up, but I can't remember what I did to get the others. I had already made all my districts level 3/City by the time I started unlocking most of them 3,4) If you fail, you have to start over from the beginning of the game, but you do get a bonus to how quickly friendship and sales increase. The actual friendship levels reset, though. I'm not sure about trophy progress. 5) Yes it includes landmarks and colour variants Edit: I just went into NG+ using my post-story save file and it says achievement points are kept, and all my achievements unlocked again upon viewing the menu. That could mean trophy progress carries over, but it's not guaranteed. However it also told me my item inventory would carry over, but I have nothing besides the stuff you start the game with. For starting over from post-game I have a 2.00 bonus to friendship and sales. It could be lower if you're carrying over from a game over state. Either way it's probably just faster to do everything in a single playthrough. Edit 2: Nevermind, item inventory refers to the amount of battle items you've crafted, not storage
  11. If anyone's wondering about the trophies, I've written a quick overview of what I think is the most efficient way to do things The platinum is pretty long (50-100 hours), but it can be completed in a single playthrough as long as you complete the 10 main tasks in time. If you fail any of them it's game over and you'll have to start from the beginning. As far as I know there are no missable trophies or anything to worry about besides this. I wasn't able to complete the last 3 main research items after the story ended, but the trophy for research was still possible without them. The main tasks are: 1. Increase the population to 100 2. Maintain positive income for 3 turns 3. Increase the population to 1,000 4. Build Large Facilities x2 5. Sales of 100,000 coles 6. Increase the population to 10,000 7. Plan to build an Alchemy Academy (3 free turns) 8. Sales of 3,000,000 coles 9. Increase the population to 50,000 10. Reach 100 turns The only difficulty comes from completing those tasks in time, but if you know what they are in advance it's 3/10 at most. Once the tasks are out of the way, you're free to continue playing without any time limits. You'll make a lot of progress towards most trophies during the course of the story, but the ones that require the most grinding are: 500 citizen requests 3,000 expeditions 3,000 syntheses Max friendship with everyone Firstly, for the citizen requests, build a city that can automatically gather the necessary material to create and sell 5-10 of these items each day: Alchemic Mail Apple Story Ares Brooch Goddess Shield Gold Nugget Gold Puni Statue Golden Soup Living Pie Mirage Mirror Philosopher's Stone Sun Flower And farm 35-100 of these: Beehive Blue Demon Carrot Darkshroom Fragrant Chips Honey Poppy Leafy Lettuce Lethe Grass Mandra Root Nectar Fruit Princess Grass Purple Grape Rubber Tree Sage Herb Unknown Egg Vegetable Oil Wheat Whimsy Strawberry Put 2 Super Fairies on every building. For me, those were most of the common items that l was asked to find in citizen requests. I don't know if it varies from game to game. With those items covered, the city will complete 4-7 requests on most days as long as you keep asking for more on holiday visits. Once you've got that setup running, take care of the trophies for building one of each facility. For this, you'll need to build all colour variants of the buildings that have them. The final development area becomes available once you've built something in 2,640 squares. For 3,000 syntheses, each alchemist seems to count as 1 per turn no matter how many types of item they create. So you'll probably want to have your spare alchemists creating a junk item in small ateliers if they have nothing else to do. I don't know how explorations are counted. But if it's the same as alchemy, with 1 character in each area you'll be able to do 50 explorations per turn. You'll probably only need a few hundred after everything else. After all that, the vast majority of your characters will be at 10/10 friendship. Remove everybody their current tasks, then put the characters who aren't 10/10 on farms. The daily bonus from being in the top 10 will make their friendship increase faster.
  12. I don't know about this flag in particular, but lately I've been seeing a lot of flags get approved for trophies being earned before release. Whoever's doing it, stop approving them. Unless we're talking upwards of 5 months, it's almost certainly not a valid reason. It's incredibly common for people to have acceess to a game weeks before it's released to the general public. If the timestamps are out of order then fair enough, but just being earned shortly before release shouldn't be enough to make a flag stick.
  13. I did get the platinum, but Red Dead Redemption 2 made me start questioning why I even get trophies, because it was so mind-numbingly boring throughout the whole time I was playing I certainly don't just jump into games mostly blind anymore like I used to. That game was by far the lowest point of my trophy hunting, which I guess is the closest a game has come to breaking me
  14. Every game and DLC will be compatible with any console. But if the DLC comes as a code, you'll need to make an account from the same region as the game to activate it, because DLC and game regions have to match, and Japanese codes can only be used on Japanese accounts. So if this DLC comes as code, you'll only be able to download it if you have a Japanese account to redeem it with, and you'll only be able to play it using a Japanese copy of the game. If all the DLC is included on the disc, you won't need to do anything special. But in either case, you'll still be able to play the game and earn trophies with any account that's on the PS4.