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  1. is pretty good
  2. 1. Press the PS button and select the power option 2. Hold the PS Button to go back to the home screen and press the options button over a game, then select close game 3. No different from PS4 4. Don't think so 5. No
  3. They might also be losing money from people buying stuff from a cheaper region, though.
  4. It's not really a feature. It's just a way of cleaning up the homescreen by preventing the same game taking up multiple spots.
  5. I don't know about the crystal void, but I fell off the map against the last boss. Even though you're obviously not intended to survive a fall down there (it let me walk around bits of the previous boss phases under the instant-kill barrier), eventually it forced me to respawn back at the top. So there are failsafes for this sort of thing.
  6. Most accounts tracked on this site never signed up to the site. I don't believe there was ever a point where you specifically granted PSNProfiles the right to display your trophy data. The closest you'd come is by choosing to make the information public, which includes the hours played. I believe this is actually disabled by default, and you're forced to review every setting each time Playstation makes a change. As you have the ability to make this information inaccessible to PSNProfiles at any time, as well as request removal from the site entirely, I don't think there's really a case to be made for invoking GDPR laws. It's not your right to have your trophy stats tracked, and if that eventually includes hours played, it's not your right to have one tracked without the other. As for it not being legitimate interest, I'd argue that hours played falls under that. The site already displays information related to time, such as timestamps, and calculated completion times. This is a natural extension to that, and can offer relevant information about how long it typically takes people to earn their trophies (another purpose of the site). They also come as a package on Playstation, Exophase tracks it, TrueAchievements tracks for Xbox users along with countless other things unrelated to achievements. And finally the company is listed at the bottom of every page as Gaming Profiles Ltd. It's a gaming profile-tracking company, not specifically one limited to trophies, regardless of what this specific site is named. But if you're right about any of this, then we'd get to a point where you could pick and choose what information you want PSNProfiles to display. For example if the amount of time you've played a game isn't acceptable, then what about when you played a game? Are we going to get people making a case to have their trophy timestamps hidden but not their unlock status, or their trophies but not their username?
  7. There's no way of separating them at the moment. But until there is, your playtime is public and some sites like Exophase are already displaying it. So if you don't want anyone to have access to that, you'll have to make your gaming history private for now.
  8. That's not true. The information that the site tracks is available to the public and is information that Playstation users have specifically chosen to make public. And as you can make it private at any time you have total control over whether PSNProfiles can access it, and PSNProfiles will comply by hiding it if you choose to make it private. There's no case to be made.
  9. You can quit as soon as you get a collectible
  10. We're not still waiting though. It was tracked behind the scenes throughout the whole PS4 generation, and now it's visible to everyone on PS5. It is possible depending on what you mean by 100% completion If you mean the 100% completion times displayed on this site, then your game was running for some amount of time before your first trophy, or after your last trophy. If you just mean a 100% stat the game itself is tracking then that would be because games have their own way of tracking time that's different from the way the console does it. The console tracks all time as long as the application is open, but the timers within a game can pause or lose time if you're in menus, loading screens, if you die or switch save files. Which also explains this:
  11. Are you sure? That doesn't seem right
  12. The unlock times shown on your console are adjusted for your timezone. The PS3 doesn't automatically switch for daylight saving time so it's adjusted for the wrong timezone.
  13. Was your account ever on another Vita? And do you have access to your current Vita? If you do, what does it say on there?
  14. Yeah, by playing the PS4 version instead. You can choose which version of a game to download, and if you have both versions installed you can choose which version to play.
  15. A trophy with a missing timestamp will always overwrite an earned trophy with one. What's happened is that at some point you (or your account) have started the game again on a system that hadn't received time information from the internet yet. For normal Vitas this only ever needs to be done once, but for Playstation TV or Vitas with a dead internal battery, this needs to be done every time it's powered on. If your Vita is particularly old, the battery may have died. I don't believe this has anything to do with PS5. Especially considering the two trophies affected are two you're most likely to get immediately upon starting a new game of Minecraft. The reason Exophase is still showing the old time isn't necessarily because it happened recently, but because Exophase doesn't recheck previously unlocked trophies for timestamp changes.