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  1. How did you reach 99? I just had a look at my screenshot and I got the final level by killing an enemy in a dungeon, although that shouldn't be a requirement. It was also +99, so maybe it just needs to be fully maxed out.
  2. If I were gamesharing with someone, I can't imagine why I'd want to go out of my way to log their account into a hacked Vita and just unlock a bunch of trophies for them without saying anything. Maybe that's just me, though.
  3. I don't think people ever played tennis, and when they did they'd quit as soon as they were about to lose because it takes forever to finish a match. I had to get friends to help even though I played both versions on release. So it probably isn't much different than usual.
  4. It's not legit. I think there was some Vita trophy hacking thing that was made public recently. They've done it on a few of their recently played games.
  5. It's probably the Japanese version. Strangely it didn't get a PS4 release there until yesterday. It's also free on PS Plus at the moment, afterwards it'll probably go up to 7344 JPY like the PS3 version.
  6. It probably won't be any cheaper than buying it all separately in your own region, but the Japanese version includes the DLC on the disk, and it's all in English.
  7. 2. You need to be logged in to see PSN cards on Amazon. You'll also only be able to buy them if you have a billing address added for the same region, although it doesn't matter if it's fake because it's a digital code. You'll be able to use a credit card from anywhere on Amazon. 3. Some European Stores may not have certain games due to censorship and rating problems. I think it's usually Germany and Australia affected by that sort of thing. The UK store generally gets everything as far as I know. 4. The Hong Kong store will be in English, but it doesn't have the same content as the Japanese store. 5. For buying from Japan, Play-Asia and AmiAmi are pretty good at getting the newer titles, although they can be fairly expensive. For older titles, I'd recommend, which will buy your desired items from Japan's auctioning sites and forward them on to you. There's a small service fee, but because you're able to buy games used, it can often be cheaper than the alternatives. 6. It will check for patches and download them no matter which account you're on.
  8. I just had a look and the tracks I did were: J-pop: ギミチョコ!! デジタルモグラ Follow Me 恋するフォーチュンクッキー RPG 夏祭り Anime: Star!! crossing field マジLOVE1000% only my railgun 君の知らない物語 Game Music: 明日への鼓動 Let's貢献!~恋の懲役は1,000,000年~ Namco original: 黒神クロニクル
  9. You can platinum it solo. The multiplayer stuff can be done totally alone, with AI, or with other players. The only glitched trophy I encountered was fixed in the first patch they released. I don't know if anything's happened since that broke any more, but I doubt it.
  10. I don't know for sure, but on PS4 it looks like they got the North American list. There are a lot of Asian accounts on its leaderboard around December 2013 (when the game released over there), and the few that appear on the other two leaderboards had already completed another version previously.
  11. I got mine the other day and nothing seems to hint at it being a sample. I haven't tried to play it yet, though. I'm glad because the email I got implied I'd need to return a sample to Hong Kong if I got one.
  12. It has single player and online multiplayer. Here is the trophy list:
  13. Edit: Oh, I didn't notice the part where you say it prompts you to buy the game on Vita. I must be experiencing something else. Original post: I've had this issue for a while and it affects a huge amount of my purchases. It just seems to be a visual glitch with the browser store. If you try to put something in your basket, it won't let you because it knows you already own it, and you're able to find and download everything normally from their respective consoles.
  14. I had a thread on series/franchise tracking a while ago, which is sort of similar to this. There was a little bit of interest, but nothing came of it in the end: I even spent literally ages making a massive list of all the games that'd fit in each series It's still something I'd like to see. As for stacking, my thinking was that it would be a two-tier thing. Series completion would mean simply completing one of each game, but if someone wanted to go beyond that they could have it also include absolutely every trophy in the series. Region stacks, remasters, unobtainables, everything.
  15. I think the problem is nobody really knew about the game coming out. I did know about it and I still don't think I've actually seen it advertised anywhere or even reviewed on the sites I visit. Even when the Omega Collection was announced and people were talking about this kind of game, I saw a few mentions of Fast RMX and the upcoming Formula Fusions, but never Redout. Although I don't think Wipeout-type games are particularly in high demand to begin with. At least it'll probably do slightly better on the Switch where there's hardly any competition for games at the moment.