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  1. It's not required for any trophies. You need to own 48 different weapons, but there are at least 60 to choose from.
  2. $150 to buy three additional horses, as well as the free one $200 to create a posse $250 for the five cheapest camp upgrades $350 for an ammunition recipe $1500 to buy four extra stable slots So $2450
  3. The free one you're seeing is the MV Player. It's used for playing the created RPGs, but you're not able to create anything using it. That's something you can only do in the paid version, and there are some trophies for doing so. So even if it's possible to earn trophies on the free version (I don't know if it is) you won't be able to get the platinum.
  4. The spelling mistake in the game's image has been fixed
  5. You only need to do a single activity in each chapter for the trophy. If you can't access the bank robbery mission, any of the others will also work.
  6. Should probably just wait for a patch rather than go through the whole story again. I found out that one of the last things I needed to do in GTA 5 was glitched, so I went through the entire game again to get the trophy for it. A few months later, when I came on to do online stuff, the thing that wasn't appearing had been fixed and was now available in my original save. So I would've saved a lot of hassle by not bothering and letting Rockstar take care of it. I'm sure it'll get fixed at some point if it's affecting a lot of people.
  7. Almost all of the trophies are awarded for things that aren't necessary to 100% the game. So I suppose it's technically possible to avoid unlocking any until you've completed everything, then quickly unlock them all at once. Although I do wonder why somebody would go through the effort of planning out trophies like that if they don't seem to hunt them at all, like the guy who did it in an hour
  8. They wouldn't have anyway. The original wasn't, and that was long before the new policy.
  9. It says on the game's page, to the right: It's the physical version of the game. 2,300 copies are being sold by Limited Run Games in a couple of days:
  10. Took me 58:23 to complete the CP list, 5:48 to do the legendary playthrough, and probably a couple of hours on top of that for the climax battles I played Yakuza 0 first, so I was mostly familiar with everything already
  11. What happened to make Mercenary Kings harder?
  12. Which version of the game did you get? When I replay, the only items I get are health tonics. I even bought and installed the physical edition's preorder bonus, which should include the Outlaw Survival Kit. It's wrong. Every requirement must be done in a single attempt.
  13. Some cats can just refuse to give you their gift for ages. I think my longest took 120 visits before I got their gift, and some cats are just really rare. Especially くりーむさん.
  14. At the very least you're probably not allowed to put an Xbox in the trophy icons