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  1. I got the sorcery trophy without getting any of the DLC sorceries.
  2. I doubt it. This isn't a racing game.
  3. I haven't played it, but linking PS3 to Steam sounds like it's always had problems. The game hasn't been supported since 2016, though, so dropping support wouldn't have been what made it unachievable. Not directly, anyway.
  4. If you're playing on Playstation TV, that needs to be connected to the internet every time the power is unplugged or else you'll get missing timestamps, because it doesn't have the internal battery to keep track of the time that the other consoles have.
  5. Not particularly difficult. You'd only need to do the first 80 tracks if you do all of the miscellaneous trophies, and the tracks don't really get too complex until 80+
  6. I had the $0 problem. I turned my PS3 off and on, and downloaded the contract pass from the store before going back on the game. One of those things fixed it.
  7. It doesn't matter how insignificant it is or what you compare it to, it's still software produced by a third party without authorisation from Sony. If Sony is made aware of somebody using this, then obviously they're at risk because it's easy to spot and they have been known to ban people for running unauthorised software on their consoles in the past. It's not scaring people, it's a warning. If you want to ignore it then by all means go ahead, but I doubt "It was basically just a txt file" is going to be enough to convince Sony to unban someone if it happens.
  8. Yes. It's easy to detect and proof that you have used unauthorised software on your console. If somebody reports you to Sony then you would risk being banned for it.
  9. I probably would have if I didn't have DS2 on the milestone list already, but all the Souls platinums look the same so I thought I'd get something different Maybe I'll get the Anor Londo one as my 15000th if I haven't already reached it by then
  10. It'll probably be the same trophy list, but you'll also need to collect the DLC spells and weapons. That's how it worked when DS2 got a new list for the complete edition.
  11. I think you've misunderstood the article. It's Sony that creates the game cards used for every physical release on the system. Now that they're stopping, no publisher will be able to release physical games for these regions.
  12. It's all very quick. All the online trophies including the 1 million one only took me 40 minutes, and I had never played the game before.
  13. This is just the Asian version: I just bought it from the Korean store only to find out it was the same as the HK version
  14. I've done it