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  1. If it's really going to bother you then now would be the best time to start over, but I don't think first trophies matter at all. The vast majority of people don't think about their first trophy, so it's almost always going to be some easy bronze trophy from one of the most popular games. Because of that I don't think I've ever seen anyone care about what their first trophy was until now. And maybe you'll like Monster Hunter World, it's a pretty good game
  2. I hate it and I can't be bothered to finish it. It's not really that it's difficult, it's more that practically every level has hidden crates that I definitely won't find on the first run without a guide. So I need to use a guide while playing, which spoils the experience for me with any game. Then I need to remember where they all are and collect them all without dying, and then I need to collect them all a second time. It's just such a massive chore compared to the first three games, where the levels were short and none of the crates were hidden in unreasonably tough spots.
  3. They're all region free for these too. The console will never block you from playing or accessing save files based on region. The saves and DLC just usually have to match the game's region, or it won't be detected as compatible with it.
  4. You only get the upgrade if you own the Ultimate edition. The standard edition can't be upgraded even if you own all the DLC
  5. If the additional DLCs are small self-contained things like the mastery challenges and seemingly this, I'd be happy with it I'm just sick to death of hunting for chests
  6. The first example I gave was changed in 2009. And it's a bit more than a hot issue. Maybe in 2002 it was mainly associated with rednecks and gun nuts, but 19 years is a long time and now if you have a character wearing the flag they'll be associated with things like this: The flag doesn't convey the same message now. So if you want to show someone as just being a redneck type of person, you don't use something that's being proudly paraded alongside Nazi flags.
  7. It's almost certainly because the character wearing the shirt is friendly with the player. This isn't the first time a confederate flag has been removed from a GTA game. The Lost bike gang members used to wear them in GTA 4 until you were given the option to play as them, and instead the flags were given to their rival gang. One confederate flag was removed in GTA 5, and it also belonged to The Lost. So that's two games in addition to this one where flags have been selectively removed, and the thing they all have in common is that they were used by friendly characters. They're obviously not afraid to show the flag, they're just rightly not associating it with likeable characters.
  8. "I don't care if people get offended" just sums up the kind of people who are so eager for that flag to remain in the game. Or perhaps "I want people to be offended" would be more accurate. Either way, total selfishness and an utter lack of empathy. And agreeing with censorship isn't just a yes or no thing, there are clearly degrees and a whole host of things to take into consideration.
  9. That in particular is all in the mind of the player. You can kill any person in the game, and some of them have a role that causes them to do certain actions, like getting in your car. If you view that as luring them to kill them, that's just your roleplaying because the game makes no distinction between killing an NPC who is lured or not, or whether they're a prostitute or not. And either way you're likely to be punished for doing so, by being given a wanted level. I may be wrong, but GTA games almost exclusively portray issues like that in a negative or insulting light. Aside from things like killing and crime, which is obviously just a staple of western media and theme of the games themselves. The problem here may lie with the character, who in the context of the game is a likeable guy, and ally of the main character. That could be seen as condoning use of the flag by presenting it in their game in a neutral or even positive light and without acknowledging its problems. I'm not even sure if racism is a subject that ever gets much attention in the games, and this flag kind of falls under the same category. Who said they were stopping at the flag? I don't think there's been any indication that future remasters will remain unchanged, and we don't even know the full extent of the changes in these ones. If anything I'd expect more things in this and future games to be altered. Although I'm not really sure what it would mean to be consistent, because we don't know the reason for the flag's removal. The reason may be so specific it wouldn't apply to any other content in their games. And again, what does the flag actually bring to the game that is worth offending people for, if that turns out the be the case? It's just a texture on a character's shirt that isn't acknowledged at all and not really something I'd consider to be worth keeping. Is that unnecessarily offending people? Seems like they were fighting back against unfair criticism. It's media for adults, and children shouldn't be legally obtaining the game. If children were able to get the game it was through methods outside of their control, since they did everything they were able to prevent that. But in any case I don't think it's the same as taking or appearing to take an offensive stance on such a sensitive issue.
  10. You can guess but it doesn't mean you're any closer to the truth "We at Rockstar have gained a deeper understand of what this flag represents than we did in 2002 and want no part in having this filth in our games" is a much more realistic reason than worrying about the 5 people who will notice it and care. And it's nothing to do with censorship or not wanting to offend, but rather Rockstar feeling they'd outgrown stuff like this. If you start with the idea that this censorship made to avoid offending and get angry about it, then you'll be blind to other possibilities becuse you're so focused on something that may not actually be the reason. Who knows why they removed it? I don't, and there could be reasons I haven't even thought of. But also, why is not wanting to unnecessarily offend people actually a bad thing? I don't care about the flag but what value does it bring to the game that it's worth hurting people over?
  11. I literally said it may not be anything to do with offence. That's your own assumption.
  12. It wasn't necessarily removed because people will be offended. The flag has gained a lot of attention since the game was released. It could just be because it would change how the character was meant to come across. Nowadays wearing or displaying the flag sends a strong statement about what kind of person you are, and one that is now known around the world. It isn't just associated with gun enthusiasts, but racists, white supremacists, Trump supporters etc. The game was made by a bunch of British developers in 2002 who may not have known what the signfiicance of the flag was. And perhaps Rockstar just doesn't want to display that flag in their games, mockingly or not. Although I'd argue there was no mocking going on here.
  13. The exact same thing happened to me a few times too. On both Genshin Impact and Assassin's Creed Valhalla, but no other games. At times it happened several times a day, and there was a period where it'd happen every day for about a week. It could happen while I was playing, but most often it seemed to be during long periods of me being AFK or on menu screens. I've never had the overheat warning message, but there were some signs that it was a heat related issue. At first I took the side plates off and it stopped happening. When I put them back on, eventually the problem came back so I moved the console somewhere more spacious. I had to replace the power cable with something longer to make that possible. Since I did that in July it hasn't happened once, so one of those things may have had an effect. It could all just be a coincidence though. I haven't played my PS5 as much recently, although I still regularly play Genshin when I do.
  14. The best way to get S ranks is to farm points using wisps. You can get hundreds of thousands of extra points just by staying in the drill wisp form as long as possible. Destroying everything as frenzy, bouncing along walls as laser, and collecting the blue coin things as cube can quickly rack up points as well. Sidestepping repeatedly on the long straight parts can get points where you'd otherwise not be getting any. There's a cap on how many points you can get with a particular method, though.