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  1. Buh-Byye x3 Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

  2. Welcome Enjoy your stay
  3. my bad thanx lol
  4. Play what?
  5. welcome
  6. welcome
  7. Share your race here! Wanna get a feel of the people around the world; feel free to explain your ethnicity, such as a main dish or culture Explain what side of your ethnicity came from your parents I am partly aussie from my dad's side & Puerto Rican from my mom's side I was born in Eucla & moved to America when I was little What about you????
  8. Ciao Welcome to the site & enjoy your stay here!
  9. Ciao Welcome tothe site & enjoy your stay here
  10. Huh?
  11. Don't you?
  12. Then Mae?
  13. Why are you guys so funny?
  14. "Just dont give a shit" Thanx

    1. xVolloxx


      :D , Very good advice , remember it !
    2. SoftBall-Girl-8


      Of course (: Thanx

    3. xVolloxx
  15. Pertty sleep
  16. 10/10
  17. Ciao welcome to the site & enjoy your stay here
  18. It is not a dating website why should it
  19. Ahahaa yup Nice member title
  20. serge lol Thanx for.that lovely dinner.the other nite
  21. don't have enough space on my phone Seems cool tho
  22. Ah ok that's why
  23. Whoa how do you know that Umm thanx for.complementing me
  24. Why shouldn't i, I like porn better