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  1. GTA gotta be one of the best games, im guessing the crew is poss full now, but I have tried to join anyways, if anyone wants to play add me Piddlesam on the psn!! Im on everyday
  2. loves that your from Scotland
  3. the walking dead had me in tears!! seeing as season 2 is out now, Im thinking will this do the same to me?
  4. well im 27, and I love my gaming, and I love Res Evil!! It makes me wonder where some people do their research?
  5. there are a lot of games you can play through once and get the plat. There is a lot of good ones listed above. good luck
  6. I think most of the shitty games I got from PS+, when looking through my trophies and it says 1% :/ why did I even try it. lol!
  7. Feel free to add me on the psn, I too completed me2 on one of my old accounts, but haven't on this one yet!! We can help each other out when we get to ME3 for the online trophies xx
  8. Having a Starwars marathon!! <3

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    2. ReverieLM


      oh! I saw ep IV again on TV this week, and wanted to do a marathon as well. :)

    3. piddlesam


      im doing them all!! Not a big fan of the first 3, but hubby hasn't seen any of them :P so 1,2,3 are down, got 4,5,6 to go!!

    4. Shiperzz


      Smooth sailing from there on!

  9. welcome xx
  10. welcome to the site I'm still new myself but being greeted and welcomed is always nice
  11. Welcome to the community!!! Glad to see another mass effect lover I am too currently working through mass effect 1 again, after completing 1,2,3 only a few weeks ago for about the 100th time!! lol Will you be attempting to do all 3?
  12. yeah I do find I enjoy the game better when im playing with others It is fun and pretty cool, but I think its one of them games you can only play in short burst. At least that's what im finding!! Sam x
  13. They have fixed the server issues now I think? At least I think they have. I'm using Hamachi to set up my owner server and I've been playing along with 2 other ppl. It is fun, but kind of hard at the beginning, especially to try and level up. Benn playing a few days at im only a level 10!! I have Terraria for the ps. I have not really got into yet, Hopefully it will grow on me. I think if you like Zelda, then you ill love cube world, there are so many bosses and other characters to meet, its an open world, so it goes on and on and you never get to the end of a map. Id defiantly recommend it If anyone does have it, or does get it, add me on Skype
  14. So when I am not busy playing on my ps3 and trying to be a trophy hunter, I do make time to play on my PC I have a few games, but lately I have been playing Minecraft and Cube world!!! Do we have any other players on the forums or am I a loner? lol!!
  15. I love RCT3 and I would love it if RCT4 comes out I do actually have RTC3 install on my laptop!!! I do indeed remember theme park, theme park world and theme hospital for my ps1, If I remember the cheat was bovine????