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  1. eaay way to fix the freeze. Chance you ps4 system language to English (United stats). The game have a little problem with other Language on all plattforms.
  2. you are not alone
  3. arcade timetrails with a sprint track are faster. if you take r2, down and x button all 2 seconds, so it is no problem to start every hour new
  4. update fix it, but i need new save to get it
  5. the newest patch is out and you get all bugged trophys i get in the morning the trophy for 12,24,48 und 72 variants after finish a play at the same time
  6. get the plat missing mission is there
  7. wrong, you can use contest for this too, contest can you play so often you want
  8. you better look again, contests are repeatable
  9. uses Azov 64131 for all things, is a 8X8 truck with good stats
  10. i get the perfekt match a least 5 times without aiming. i only put used parts in and hope to get over
  11. is fixed, get it today
  12. i used the m3 awd with round 450 hp and got a 54 sec time with it
  13. you have to repair a customer car
  14. different
  15. drive only a rally after rally
  16. bad news for you, for the 500 only career count
  17. its a stupid trophy, i dont know how i get ehm. I am only happy to get it after 1 week farming.
  18. need no patch, need only to know how to debug start quali with 125% difficult, in semi put difficult to 100%. yet it run normal in all races normally
  19. delete under optons the game stats, start a new career and you get it
  20. thx for the Video, helped a lot by the collectables
  21. it is so easy if you know how no destroying cops, only first shot on it and then drive thru It is so simple
  22. How many consoles do you currently have (including handhelds)? Including consoles I share with my brother, I have: 1. PS1 2. PS2 3. PS3(fat) 4. PS3 (superslim) 5. PS4 6. Plaststion Vita 7. Playstation TV 8. Nintendo ds How many consoles do you have hooked up to your TV right now? 1. Playstaion TV 2. PS4 3. PS3 4. PS1 How many consoles have you broken/died on you? 1. PS2 2. PS3 fat (YLOD) 3. PS4 (BLOD)