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  1. Probably the part were Sony was going to close the Vita PSN store at end of August until they changed their mind last month.
  2. Time to report April's progress! But first let me add to the chorus of voices proclaiming appreciation that the PS3 PSN store isn't closing down just yet. It still feels like we're on borrowed time though, doesn't it? Anyway, the update: Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space - Episode 3: Night of the Raving Dead (Unstarted) ->[100%] Mass Effect 3 [86%] -> [100%][Plat] Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space - Episode 4: Chariots of the Dogs (Unstarted) -> [100%] Final Fantasy XIII-2 [14%] -> [22%] Making my total progress for the event: Mass Effect 3 plat was trophy number 9000 as planned. 4 playthroughs was definitely too many, even though I did keep finding new things each time (like how did I never notice the suspicious device in the casino on the Silversun Strip until playthrough 4?). But now I'm done the entire Mass Effect trilogy, and I'm sure glad BioWare never tried making a disastrous 4th game that started their decline as a gaming company. I've noticed I have not one, not two, but THREE unfinished Final Fantasy games on my profile, and since XIII-2 is the PS3 one I've decided I'm going to tackle that one for May. See you all again next month!
  3. Yes, Ubisoft games tend to be very particular with your NAT type, and having anything other than Type 1 is asking for trouble. Last time I got a new router I remember having to play around with my settings for the better part of a week before I could get it right. Sometimes you can get away with just the host having Type 1, but then you often run into situations where B can connect to A, and C can connect to A, but B and C can't both connect to A at the same time. Monstrously frustrating when you have nearly dead games that need several people to boost, and can barely scrape up the minimum needed to get a lobby together, but then you have to spend 45 minutes trying to figure out connection issues.
  4. Hmm. That gets me thinking. If you're familiar with trophy hunting for Final Fantasy XV, you might know that the only way to get the trophies for the Comrades expansion for the base game is to do some technical trickery to install a previous patch level of the game, because at some point they spun Comrades out to a standalone with its own trophy list and current patch level of the base game no longer supports Comrades. I wonder if something similar can be done to get PS3s to install the current patch for these games.
  5. I believe that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has two trophy DLC levels that require the latest patch to play. A shame, because with the store closure I had been intending on finally buying the DLC, but there's no point if I can't play it.
  6. I may have been exaggerating a bit for effect. Still, "technically possible" is more frustrating than I'm willing to put up with for most games.
  7. Just going to throw my hat into the ring here. Spelunker mode isn't that bad. Don't get me wrong, one hit deaths suck, but like other FROM Software games going slow and being careful will get you far. Bosses can be a little cheap with wonky collision physics, but you'll learn when and where to take risks. The first dash circuit, Block Circuit, is also not too bad. In fact, you might be deceived into thinking that all this noise about dash circuit being hard is just from angry gamers who suck at the game. But it's the second dash circuit, Monaca Circuit, that will try your patience. The course is long, windy, and you have to keep up a high turn combo to keep your speed up. But at the same time you need to know when to stop your dash to slow down so you don't lose control and slam into a wall, which will cost you time. My recommendation is just before the 'S' bend in the lower right hand side of the track, and again just before the start line in the upper left-most part of the track. I believe that if you can get through Monaca Circuit, you can get the platinum. Just don't do it on your first playthough, unless you want to spend time farming small blocks. The sword you get from dash circuit doesn't carry over to new game+, and you won't normally have enough small blocks your first playthrough to purchase all the swords you'll need for the trophy.
  8. I thought people finishing Cloudberry Kingdom was a myth, like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. I've been some of the final levels on YouTube, and they look like those troll levels people create in Super Mario Maker.
  9. March's update is a little early because of cultural traditions surrounding the first of April and because I don't see myself making anymore PS3 trophy progress this month. March's progress was: BioShock 2 [71%] -> [100%][Plat] Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space Episode 2 - Moai Better Blues (Unstarted) -> [100%] Making my total progress for the event: Good to be done BioShock 2 after three and a half years. I'm also very nearly done my third Mass Effect 3 playthrough. Turns out that will give you enough credits to purchase all weapon upgrades for every weapon, so I'm as prepared as I'm going to be for my Insanity run. For April I'd like to finish Mass Effect 3. I'm coming up fast on trophy #9000, so I'd like to plan it so the ME3 plat falls on that number. Like the rest of us, I've also got to look at my backlog and figure out if there's any DLC worth purchasing before the store closes. And finally, I've been thinking I should do something special for the last month of the event. Some games in my backlog are there not just because I haven't gotten around to them, or because they're hard, but because I feel they may be impossible for me to complete. One of those that I've started is Gran Turismo 5, and one that I haven't is Max Payne 3. I'm considering if I should try putting in the effort to finish one of those games to capstone the event. It's only a mater of time before Sony stops all support for the PS3, so it's better sooner than later, but I feel I might put 1000 hours into those games and still not finish them.
  10. Yeah, that does suck, but at least I know now. Time limited, offline, single player content is ridiculous, but I guess it makes sense to someone over at Square Enix.
  11. I couldn't say for certain since I don't have a PS5, but unless they changed how the PS5 accesses downloaded content from how the PS4 does, it should remain the same. It will be interesting to learn once you try it!
  12. I believe, but cannot confirm, that the json file for the EU version of FFXV 1.04 is If it's not too much trouble, would you mind testing out my Assassin's Festival DLC question? You'd need to delete out your FFXV game data, then download FFXV ver. 1.18 and the Assassin's Festival DLC. Start a new game and play the Assassin's Festival until you get some medals and the Medjay costume. Then delete your FFXV game data again, and re-download FFXV ver. 1.18 or above but without the Assassin's Festival DLC. Try to load up your save file and see if there are any problems (does the game load at all, can you still access the costume, are your medals still in your inventory, etc.). This will let me know if it's worth bothering my extended friend circle to hunt down someone who has the DLC so I can play it. Edit: I totally missed the very last part of your question the first time around. There's a guide over on GameFAQs of all places ( which has links to the 1.18 and 1.26 json files for both US and EU versions, as well as recommendations on how to get through Comrades as fast as possible.
  13. Not exactly the answer you're looking for, but back at the end of last year I did a lot of searching and was able to find the json file for 1.04, US version: This, combined with Holiday Pack (free, still available) and/or Holiday Pack+ (included with Royal Edition) will get you access to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. After you play through that festival to your heart's content, you can upgrade to 1.18, the first version of the game to support Comrades, and if you have the Assassin's Festival pack you can now play the Assassin's Festival. Unfortunately, if like me, you only started the game recently you're out of luck because the Assassin's Festival is no longer available on the PSN Store. The only way I know of for people in my boat to play the Assassin's Festival now is if we knew someone who already had the DLC on their account, and got them to download it to a system for us. Of course, there's also the question of whether our post-Assassin FFXV save files would continue to work when access to the Assassin's Festival's DLC was no longer present. Some game's saves lose content or even refuse to load when DLC is removed, and I don't know if FFXV is that way or not.
  14. I think people saw screenshots of the game, saw it was published by Capcom, and were expecting a spectacle fighter like Devil May Cry. I'd say the combat in Remember Me gets the job done, but is nothing spectacular. But the story is neat, the music is good, and the memory rewrite sections (of which there are far too few) play out kinda like the puzzles in Ghost Trick, if you've ever played that Nintendo DS game.
  15. I did the MP three and a half years ago when I saw a session pop up on this site, and did it all via boosting. Hacking turrets for XP is grindy and boring, but not particularly difficult. If you can find an active and accommodating group you shouldn't have any problem getting the trophies.