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  1. Terminator Salvation from 11 years ago was exactly the same.
  2. Because in EA's mind, you're not supposed to keep playing their old games once a new one comes out. You're supposed to buy the new game, and turning off features on the old game is their way of incentivizing you to do that. Also, many publishers don't give a rat's ass about whether you can get 100% of the trophies in their games, which is why there are so many trophies that are extremely difficult, related to multiplayer, or just outright broken.
  3. OK, I've been putting this off for a week because my backlog is so huge I figured it would take forever to sort through it an pick out all the PS3 games, but I finally sat down this morning and did it. Started: Batman: Arkham Origins [13%] BioShock 2 [28%] Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires [95%] Fat Princess [97%] Gran Turismo 5 [47%] Hyperdimension Neptunia [48%] Mass Effect 3 [80%] MySims SkyHeroes [20%] Retro City Rampage [28%] The Sims 3 [97%] There's that's not so bad, right? Oh, what's this? Unstarted: I blame PS+ and flash sales for most of this. I can't say for certain that this is all of it. I don't know how much of this list is still possible to still get the DLC for, or how much it's possible to still 100%, or even how much of this list I would even want to play. But I'll take a stab at it and try to report back in every month, and hopefully this list will be a few games shorter by the time we're through.
  4. Is there always something more to grind in this game? Yes, and that's why the time investment contributes to the difficulty of the game. Could I have put in a few extra months hoping to luck out and get the death roids I needed, or buying them from the vending machine with the piddling bloodnium Tengoku gives out? Of course. But I decided to end the nightmare and get it done in one night by spending my cache of death medals I'd gotten for free from just playing the game.
  5. My favorite part of all this is how Sony is pushing a digital-only version of their newest console, while showing open contempt for their online storefront. Anyone who thinks the design philosophy behind the web store isn't going to be shared by the PS5 console store is nuts.
  6. The problem with this game is that because of death medals, it's a little difficult to separate difficulty and time. Death medals are the premium currency in this game, and can be used for a few things, mainly for expanding your storage space, purchasing items in the vending machine in your base, and for instantly reviving when you die in the tower. I've never paid a cent for this game, but over the two and a half years I've been playing I've gotten over 200 of them from login bonuses, quests, team fights, etc. I took advantage of this month's 3 free revive bonus to finally conquer the last two Forcemen I needed for "The Nightmare is Over" trophy, and I can say that even with the free revives, if it wasn't for death medals I never would have beaten them. I could maybe get good enough to beat Black Thunder without death medals, but Pale Wind is incredibly cheap. I've never gotten lucky enough to get the Payback sticker, so I had to go with the much riskier machete method, and I must have used a dozen death medals over the course of the fight. You're going to need a lot of SP Lithium to upgrade weapons and armor, and the easiest way to get it is through a weekly quest. You then have to spend it or be a juicy target for people who want to raid your base and steal it from you. But then for the Impregnable Fortress trophy, you need to be a juicy enough target to get people to invade you, so you need to balance how much progress you want to make with how much risk you're willing to take. And on the other side, you need to do enough invasions yourself to capture 100 fighters, and that will also take you a very, very long time. So to get back around to answering your question, I think that with enough time and patience (and/or some money to purchase death medals), a good player will be able to push through and get 100% in this game. But this is a free-to-play game that's been out for nearly 4 years now, and if I had to put down money I'd say we've already passed the halfway point in this game's lifespan. You've got a pretty high completion percentage, so I'm guessing that's important to you. My recommendation to you would be to skip this game and pick up a Soulsbourne instead.
  7. I gave Grinning Gutholes 3 another try this evening, and managed to make it past that tough inverted columns section. In fact, I had to do it twice because I got killed by the fire tunnel trap immediately afterwards the first time. After I beat that level, I did two more (non-Grinning Guthole) levels to unlock the way to Mr, Toupee. Ho-ho-holy crap, that's the level that never ends. Every time I got to the end of a section I though to myself, "Well, that's GOTTA be it", and I was wrong time and time again. It's a good thing I had hit the white stared switch that reveals the blocks you need to get to the floppy and the white hearted switch, because I wouldn't want to have to do that twice. So now I have 11 challenge stages and 10-15 levels to clean up across worlds 2, 3, and 4. I don't think finishing up worlds 2 and 3 will be very hard at this point, but the thought of finishing up world 4 and getting through the rest of the challenges does not spark joy.
  8. I managed to get almost halfway through the challenge rooms over the weekend. I spent forever on the one where you have 50 seconds to go back and forth through the level collecting keys while avoiding lasers and fireballs. By the time I was done I felt like a robot hitting keys at the exact right time to dodge my way through all the crap the game's throwing at you. Then I got a little further to the challenge where you have to navigate upside down columns while dodging fireballs and lasers and you die in one hit, and decided that was it for the day. You know, I'm starting to notice a pattern here. I really hate the levels with upside down columns.
  9. I think Grinning Gutholes 3 will be the 100% killer for me. The floppy is easy to get, but the jumps from under the columns afterwards I can't do. And given the way this game likes to screw you over, I know that if I ever get to the end I'll find I left the switch from the beginning in the wrong position to get to the balloon, and I'll have to do it all over again. Edit: So I just watched a collectables video for GG5, and it looks like it's got the stupid inverted column jumps I'm having problems with in GG3. So that's nice.
  10. I just returned to this game after a short break myself, and I'm already sick of it. I need a good walkthrough, because some of these levels are obtuse as hell. I don't suppose you remember the solution to Smiling Blimp 2 in the third world? I found the floppy without any problem, but I can't find the red lock switch that will let me get to the end OK, I found it, on one of the floating propeller engine platforms after the final checkpoint. I gotta say, the art direction for this game is really wearing on me. The further I get in this game, the more I'd describe it as a freaking mess. A better developer could have pulled off the red-white-grey-black color scheme, but every layer of the screen, from the background to the foreground is just so busy, the net effect is that it's super difficult to differentiate objects.
  11. Having just gotten the white-starred secret switch yesterday, which I think is the switch you're talking about, the answer is you just do it. No, seriously. You're just allowed to multi-dash in that one particular part of the game. So after climbing up a tall tower with a couple of overhangs, including one you need to use the jump-dash-jump technique that I'm only able to pull off maybe 10% of the time, you're not only supposed to make a leap of faith back towards the beginning of the stage, you're also supposed to know that in this one area, you're allowed to multi-dash to get to a switch.
  12. It's really a shame for anyone coming to this game late who's wants to get 100%, because it would take next to zero effort for EA/Popcap to throw in a Boss Hunt or Plants vs Dinos once in a while. This is an early taste of our future with "live service" games.
  13. Grand Kingdom is part of the US PSN store's "Games Under $15" sale for the next two weeks. So it's nice that NISA is happy to keep making money off a game they no longer support.
  14. Because Ubi wants to continue incentivizing you to cough up the money to unlock all the "premium" content you've accrued?
  15. Yeah, until we get the Covid-19 scenario patch (6-8 months after PC users get it, of course), and we're back here again hunting another small batch of trophies.