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  1. Hey I have a problem with Crysis 2 (surprise surprise), I played the game by a friend when it was released. I played a few matches with my psn account to test the game, but I bought it at 2016 for myself. Now the problem: I can't unlock "Try me" with 3 played PSN matches, because I got it in the past, when I played on my friend's ps3. Is there any chance to get it again? Maybe if I reboot the nanosuit? I think it won't work, because this seems to be a problem with the server where the player data is saved :/
  2. I played the Prequel at PS3 to 100% and it was really hard and boring. Is this a better Sequel?
  3. Need certified & veteran Item only for the trophies, will trade back! I can trade a painted one. PSN ID: EpiXtreme