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  1. I'm playing Pokemon Y so friend codes for the friend safari would be greatly appreciated. My Friend Code:1864-9114-9189 IGN: Peter
  2. Virtues last reward. Although it would be really beast if you could platinum Persona 4 arena
  3. Assassins creed 2 is calling for you man. You need to finish that!
  4. Assassins creed brotherhood but you have alot of unfinished games so just pick any of those
  5. World at war is the plat i really want but I heard veteran is brutal
  6. Just Plat'd Assassins Creed 3! But what to do next? Hmmm

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    2. JiII-Valentine18


      Really good respect.

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      Ace-murderer234 Congratulation, you are pretty good.

    4. ee28max
  7. Marvel Vs Capcom 3!
  8. Thats horrible. Nooo. Wish granted, heres your measuring tape, go rule the world. I wish I could breath underwater
  9. Welcome to the site!
  10. I saw this game at another forum, and decided to bring it here too. It's called "Corrupt Wishes", and the rules are: The first person makes a wish, then the next person grants the wish but with an unpleasant twist and makes a wish of their own, and so on. Example: 1 User: "I wish for candy!" 2 User: "Wish granted, but your candy is sugar free." Now thats out of the way I'll start, "I wish I could fly."
  11. Go get the Dead nation plat
  12. Platinum the last of us! Its amazing
  13. Tactical Challenger... I really want GoW Ascension plat
  14. Use Batrangs and takedown takedown tactic I'm jelly with Okami HD
  15. Basically the platinum trophy adviser but with the helpful opinions of the forum. Tell the person above what they should next.