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  1. Try it on latest version. Buff auto regenerates. After the raging pulse is triggered. I just completed my trophy this week.
  2. Find some low level mob skeletons or kobolds are recommanded because they seem to attack more. Pull 2 or 3 to you. Manoeuver into a corner so they wont push around while hitting your shield. Strap the L1 button with a rubber band. Go watch some porn. Profit!!!
  3. Well sims 4 are now on the ps4. Leave her the remote, and watch her have fun making a virtual familly with the both of you as protagonists while sitting next to her. Lol. Computer chairs are sad like that. Its a seat for 1, no place for cuddlez. It might be what she wants but doesnt know how to say. Women are mysterious pokemons after all .lol.
  4. If you liked ff tactics. Ogre battle tactics should right up your alley. If you have ps plus you get grand kingdom this month. Lost dimension is also a great tactics game with a very unique twist. Darkest dungeon is a perfect match for the vita too.
  5. It can all be done solo with a second account. Its just more fun with friends.
  6. Well i just completed it so it can be done. Arguably i did 98% of the plat online before the servers closed, so ya i might not the best example to provide. But yes it's gonna be slower, some of the higher tier quest could be completed solo but instead of having a full party of 6 you'll have 3 characters, and those characters won't help with quest objectives likes other players could (splitting up to gather different quest objectives) so ya s-ranking some quests will be harder. Also having other stronger players to carry you through difficult quests was a great boon. Another benefit of playing online was that you could use the georama town of other players with higher tier gathering spots to go on quests. I go my plat with 350 hours taking in the fact that i imported my WKC1 game with all my gold / equipement / skills / lvls and that i had the support of other players. The upside of this is that will never have to wait for other quest to gather to go questing. Something i could wait 20 minutes for a questing party to fill up o_O,
  7. had a 4 days off solo at home and went crazy playing 12 hours each day. Realized i could do OGIT3 instead for 30K+ in 2-3 minutes. I had around 25K dalia ... So basically I got the Plat. WOOOOOOOT.
  8. 2 down (solo hunts and 100 s ranks)... 2 more to go. was actually gr 28 with a 100k defecit to gr 29 ... my bad. so now im gr 29 running OGIT2 quest for 21K a pop for around 5 ish minute. by that time i should also have enough dalia to get my missing rare weapons.
  9. Like i explained. The 'not 100% not platinum' filter does the job at 95% for me. Some exceptions make it in that list that i wish would not appear for backlog management (game without a platinum that i completed and received some dlc trophies that i dont plan to buy like Superstardust hd. Or games with servers down that i wont touch again like Midnight club : los angeles). So marking games as complete would : 1 : allow filthering to provide a more valid and acurate list for backlog management. 2 : remove trophies of games maked as complete from the trophy advisor, thus providing better help. -------------- The other idea that ill call the playlist is simply to allow something like 5 games or maybe more to be selected to indicate that you are currently playing or plan to play those games. The playlist could provide : 1 : an indication that you would like to receive new game sesion notifications for selected games. 2 : provide a better visual and accessible way to look at the relevant game pages. (Im currently playing multiples games including white knight chronicles 2 and i could easily complete 20 games before i get my next trophy. Having a playing would keep it in a neat list on the side of my profile.) 3 : a visual indication of your current /futur gaming plans for people who visit your profile 4 : provide a way for the trophy advisor filter to suggest trophies more relevant to what you feel like playing.
  10. So far ive reached the 8th mission and completed 2 of the secret mission. If something changes ill change it in the post as i progress. Because of the obvious inspiration advanced wars had on this game ill compare both games. First thing i realised is that so far tiny metal doesnt use the CO (commanding officer) powers. In Advanced wars especially the later ones, you could select your CO and each CO had powers they could unleash after the power bar was filled. Second point ... Tiny metal uses critical hits and directional positionning that AW doesnt use. This means that flanking or a rear attack has more chance of dealing a crushing blow to an enemy. Third point ... tinymetal allows for a joint strike technique that is not availlable in AW. This means that you can attack with more then 1 unit for great damage but also that the enemy will only retaliate against the unit triggering the strike which means critically injured units can still be active in fights without causing to suicide. AW allows damaged units to fusion into a more healthy unit which helps damaged units stay relevent in a different way, but tinymetal doesnt borrow from this. Some other notable differences include: Air units do not consume fuel and cost less to buy in tinymetal unlike AW so airforces are a bigger threat than in AW. Heroes deployment can easily change the tides of a fight. Each satcom building can call a parachuted heroe unit in any place that has already been discovered. Example : you could drop an infantry hero on and a factory to capture it.
  11. Well from what i read on the project phoenix story ... the problem is that the lead programmer was working on the project in between 2 games in his current job. And lacked the time to finish and its only in a hiatus because of this. here are the most interesting quotes : "So we're still working on Project Phoenix, but basically until we finish [Tiny Metal] and produce good results with it, we can't get more funding from our investors," he said. "What we came to [an] agreement on was that [the investors] were going to throw some money to finish [Tiny Metal] off, and then if this succeeds, we will basically resume on Project Phoenix," Yura said. "That's how we finished off most of the work on [Tiny Metal], and then Sony approached us and we finished off with full voice-over, and other expenses that we couldn't even begin to afford. We were first introduced to Sony during the work on Project Phoenix, and though this is not official, verbally we agreed that if Tiny Metal does well, then we will probably work on Project Phoenix. So, what Tariq did to us was pretty bad. I mean we can't go ahead and show this kind of evidence because it's [under a non-disclosure agreement]. I mean, we can't show this to our backers; people are likely to always side with the employee. It's a bit messy for us."
  12. that's the price i paid for the last advanced wars so i can live with it, but i'd like more info or a demo would have been great.
  13. 33 canadian $ so should something like 29.99 or 24.99 US$ from what i saw it feels like advances wars but some mechanics are different. I've 2 or 3 vids online but the reviewers felt like complete noobs in genre. Anyone tried it? Should we wait?
  14. missed the deadline of the 24 hour ... o_O can we get longer than this... pretty plz