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  1. Unlocked that was quick ... killed rune god on 34th season on normal with gustava ... and skipped all scenes. Hope it helps you all.
  2. I confirm that hitting the option button to skip the quest result windows seems to trigger both explorer and new encounter.
  3. Well the platinum seems to have been obtained on a japanese account. Maybe its a language problem.
  4. I'll try it in my next game... currently trying to see if its 3 star equipement in every exploration quest. Might be some kind of typo. Thinking it might also be something like ... every neutral knight.
  5. Is it 40 including the endboss kill or only the continental unification?
  6. Woot can t wait for tomorrow!!!!! I'm hyped!!!
  7. The PsVita died for our sins lol
  8. Well if you wanna get into it bloodblood 2 legendary edition was not costy a couple weeks ago. i'll help you out if you trophyhunt if you need to Unless i misread into your comment ... ?
  9. Here is a recap of whati got of the internet so far: Broad release window of end 2020 /early 2021 Bloodbowl 3 is meant to include the new BB 2020 table top rules Here is a link: Here is THE trailer lol :
  10. Platinum confirmed with me so the wait is over.
  11. Well we just gotta be patient i guess. BTW 10000 doors opened trophy works for me so yay!!!
  12. Solution might be coming soon for our buggy trophy. Currently at 8800 doors opened. Hope the 10k doors trophy is not also buggy.
  13. It seems its currently unavailable. There is a theory that the trophy flag includes the teamfortress heroes from the steam which are not available on consoles.
  14. Just to confirm that champions league is also bugged in the NA version of the game.