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  1. You need all arcade on hard mode for the 200 stars/unlock all galery. The thing about arcade is that you only have about 3 easy strategy that give good results depending on the map. 1. Rush enemy HQ 2. Trap commander 3a. Defensive lines of cheap units in front of trebuchets/ balistas for ground 3b. Massproduction of turtles sprinkled with amphibious If you expose your commander, computers will usually redirect their unit to hunt it and ignore your other foot soldier while they capture buildings. Also use your commander to bait troops into your denfensive lines. If your commander is weakened, comp will also tend to hunt it with its own commander. Also dont forget to heal with reinforcements and wizards. Got the plat 2 days ago... it takes some patience but i had fun so it was worth it.
  2. Only 4 hardmode arcade left for plat
  3. That would the win a skirmish and win a quick play but if you do a quick play it should pop both at the same time.
  4. Well if anyone else wanted to know. I bought the game a couple of days ago and online is pretty much dead, so you'll need to find a boosting partner for two online trophies. Otherwise the game is great. So far after 8 missions in the story mode, getting 3 atars for each level is easier than the s rank but the overview usually highlights the goals the get the s rank so stumbling around is less of a pain. Although using a guide could work as easily i guess.
  5. Well it seems like the two options would be : 1 play with friends 2 join 1 one of the organized leagues For the organized leagues, i dont remember the exact urls but i,ve seen at least 2 websites related to leagues that seems to schedule games. I made a forum post to see if we could do a psnp league, just reply on the post if you re interested. We can discuss it in that thread.
  6. You can add me ... i have the plat for hollow fragment. Hollow realisation. Fatal bullet and lost song. Ps handle is Maitre
  7. If we get enough players it could fun. Just testing the waters.
  8. And how active is online?
  9. Thinking of getting this ... any online trophies??
  10. Ok plat acquired. Main campaign on hard and cellar are the two thoughest trophies. Tips : 1.get volcano tome with high int scholar and use group interupt with focus. 2.Get weapon that ugnores armor for str build character aka gladius or dragon sword. 3.Keep an item with group heal to swap with between fights. 4.complete the buried temple optional dungeon before going for the last dungeon. The accessories help a lot ... 2nd floor tower is ice. 3rd is flame. 4th is lightning. 5.Sea caves are easy item equipment runs. Make sure you explore them. 6.keep spare less used stat boosting equipement to be swapped for events.
  11. So far so good. Some seemed to be a bit buggy but i got them in a different game. The toughest will be the main quest on jard mode.
  12. 99.9% of xbox games are also on pc ... whats the point of xbox again??
  13. Personnally, the cloud save as been worth every cents i paid ... the rest is just added bonus.
  14. Almost lvl 9999. Next trophy after that aahould be true ending.
  15. Hi everyone, making some steady progress towards mugen souls. Story mode is done im currently on NG+15. Raking up the shampurus. Gonna go for true end soon i guess. Wish me luck.