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  1. And how active is online?
  2. Thinking of getting this ... any online trophies??
  3. Ok plat acquired. Main campaign on hard and cellar are the two thoughest trophies. Tips : 1.get volcano tome with high int scholar and use group interupt with focus. 2.Get weapon that ugnores armor for str build character aka gladius or dragon sword. 3.Keep an item with group heal to swap with between fights. 4.complete the buried temple optional dungeon before going for the last dungeon. The accessories help a lot ... 2nd floor tower is ice. 3rd is flame. 4th is lightning. 5.Sea caves are easy item equipment runs. Make sure you explore them. 6.keep spare less used stat boosting equipement to be swapped for events.
  4. So far so good. Some seemed to be a bit buggy but i got them in a different game. The toughest will be the main quest on jard mode.
  5. 99.9% of xbox games are also on pc ... whats the point of xbox again??
  6. Personnally, the cloud save as been worth every cents i paid ... the rest is just added bonus.
  7. Almost lvl 9999. Next trophy after that aahould be true ending.
  8. Hi everyone, making some steady progress towards mugen souls. Story mode is done im currently on NG+15. Raking up the shampurus. Gonna go for true end soon i guess. Wish me luck.
  9. As far as i remember, there is a lvl gap to respect which +/- 10% the lvl of the summoner or so.ething like that.
  10. Indeed but like i said there are so many hybrids nowadays that sometimes its hard to know what they expect of the genre.
  11. Sînce your posts didnt mention your opinion on what exactly you consider JRPG (nowadays everygame throws in rpg elements and mixes genres without any form of regret), here are games that i consider under the radars although still within 80 hours range. NON JAPANESE TACTICAL RPGS Childen of zodiarcs ps4 Interesting world and story. Not too hard. Interesting mechanics with deckbuilding and dices too. Banner saga 1 2 and 3 only completed the first one . But the story was really good especially the fact that a lot of the choices you make have a lot of lasting effects throughout tje story. NON JAPANESE RPGS Battlechasers nightwars (ps4) Not sure its a japanese but its a great turn based rpg plat done under 80 h. Light story wise, but dungeons are randomised for replay value and characters have a good personality although a bit cliched. Darkest dungeon (ps4) While also not japanese. its a great turn base rpg mixed in with a dungeon crawler, although its a bit harder than most games listed here. Once you catch the mechanics behind the game, and you get a look at a wili for the games events and monsters its not that bad. Finished it in 81 hours. But it might take you longer especially if you dont make some research. Costume quest 1 and 2 ps3 also not japanese but a great example of turn based rpg. Light hearthed story and good to get introduced to the genre. Also not very long but enjoyable. Dragon fantasy book 1 and 2 Again Not sure about the J but still good rpg. Its a very good game that is that brings back the roots of genre in 2d sprites.
  12. Legend of heroes trail of cold steel 1
  13. So far so good finished the demo yesterday. It stops after what seems to be chapter 2. So the demo includes 2 chapter worth of story, the tutorial fight, 2 story fights, 2 skirmishes, up to lvl 4 class upgrades, lvl2 weapons for scouts and troopers, lvl 2 armor upgrades for every soldier class, lvl 2 armors for tank, 1 accessory for tank, 1 tank paint, any reward you receives from the story missions (finished the story with A rankings across the board and received 3 accesories for soldiers, 1 gun for scouts, 1 gun for troopers, 3x 1 gun for snipers.) interestingly finishing the demo is supposed to unlock content when loading your save after buying the game, including an exclusive accessory and a special skirmish unique to the demo. Discuss??
  14. Well youll need to do around 30-40 just for your kill 100k zombies. Its easier solo still doable in coop. Just prepare to die. And get info. Clearly a good mechanic is a must imo.
  15. You can sign me up. I completed the arland trilogy (rorona on ps3 while the 2 others as plus editions on the vita), Escha and logy vita as well as ayesha vita. Im currently working on firis. Also i have not seen atelier shallie as well as lydie and suelle in the game section.