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  1. I suspect that a lot of the extraordinarily glowing reviews were probably, in a lot of ways, the result of Sony doing a big reviewer event in Norway (or whichever Scandinavian country it was) a few weeks before launch. Odds are, if you're a reviewer and you get flown out to a big press event, wined and dined, entertained, and given a pile of swag you're going to have a more positive impression regardless of how "impartial" you are, and unless the game is an utter piece of shit you are likely going to overstate how great it is as a result. The massive number of 10/10 reviews for a game that, while very good, probably isn't really in 10/10 territory suggests that this was the case. Of course, if you're Sony and your new game gets a massive pile of 10/10 or 9/10 reviews as a result of entertaining the press then it's mission accomplished for the promotion team, right? Now don't get me wrong, I thought God of War was a very good game. I enjoyed it a lot, thought the story was good, liked the combat, liked the interaction between Kratos and his son, etc. It doesn't do anything mind-boggling that's never been seen before, it just does what lots of other games have done, a little bit of this and a little bit of that combined together to make a good game that's fun to play, and as a gamer that's fine with me. That said, I don't think it really matters if it's a 10/9/8 out of 10 game because it's definitely in there somewhere. I don't think it's a 10/10 game, but it's definitely in that general area and for most people that's probably good enough.
  2. She was definitely a pain in the ass, even after I switched to Easy difficulty. Using Runic attacks makes a big difference for sure, along with equipping gear that increases the Cooldown stat. It's one of those things you just need to keep at until you get it done, but that fight definitely reminded me of Dark Souls / Bloodborne from a challenge perspective (especially compared to the rest of the fights in the game which were pretty basic). If you've managed to button-mash your way through the game on Easy or Normal difficulty all the way to the end, this fight is the one where you will finally learn why those Runic attacks are so useful and you'll finally be in a fight where you really need to use them. As mentioned in the second post, equip the suggested runes on both the axe and blades, use them right at the start of the fight, and then do your best to avoid the boss until the cooldowns reset. Make sure you have the health stone that give max rage on resurrection and manually save your game before you start the fight just to make sure you don't "lose" your stone or rage if you die.
  3. Yes, it does. The same goes for the Silver Bars premium currency that you can earn from doing the weekly Arcade challenges.
  4. Of course, you can definitely hunt animals to earn cash if you wish, but you have to keep switching animal types or sell your loot every 5 kills since you can't hold more than 5 of any individual fish or skin, and you shouldn't really have to do that if you are just playing the game normally (i.e. doing side missions, prepper caches). To each their own, if you enjoy hunting and fishing for cash then more power to you.
  5. You don't have to do every single thing, but you do have to do more than just play the main story missions. Cash is only a problem if your #1 goal with the game is blowing through it as fast as possible to get the Platinum, but then you aren't really playing the game the way it was designed to be played and that's your choice to make. Also, it's hardly counter-intuitive in an open world game to be expected to do more than just the main story content, especially when the game offers a ton of side content to do.
  6. Yes, the Season Pass description states that it includes Far Cry 3, it's not a time limited thing. Season Pass owners will get access to Far Cry 3 a month before it goes on sale standalone.
  7. If you do the side missions and Prepper caches you should have zero issues with money in game. I've only just completed John's territory and I had almost $70,000 without really doing anything in the other two zones. The only reason you'd need to grind for cash is if you're just blowing through the story as fast as possible to get the Platinum without bothering to actually play the game.
  8. Several of the reviews I read, and the PowerPyx trophy guide, mention that money in the game seems hard to get, but I think that's only if you are playing the game with the intention of obtaining the Platinum as fast as possible (or reviewing the game and wanting to complete it over the course of a few days) and not bothering to do the additional content. If you actually do the bulk of the content in the game you'll end up with a lot of in-game currency. I've finished pretty much all of Holland Valley (John's territory), which includes all Prepper Caches and most of the story and side missions in that area, and I've got over $68,000 which is more than enough for all the cash-related trophies, and I haven't even done much at all in the other two territories yet. Prepper Caches are a great way to get lots of $$, since they all have several hundred each and there are a lot of caches around the territories. While this doesn't mean you can go nuts spending cash on stuff you want, I'd suggest that if you intend to play the game the way Ubisoft designed it (i.e. do almost everything) you'll have a LOT of $$ by the time you are done. In other words, don't stress about in-game cash. Also, for those who want the trophies but don't necessarily want the items you have to buy to get them, you can always back up your save to Cloud or USB, make your necessary purchases, and then reload your save to get your currency back so that you can then go and spend it on things you want instead. One of those good to know things IMO. Edit: Obviously if your only goal in playing the game is to get the Platinum as fast as humanly possible then cash will likely be an issue and you'll end up having to kills animals or go fishing to get extra cash for the trophies. If you choose to play the game the way it was intended to be played, cash will not be a problem.
  9. I'm thinking of picking this up. It's $40 in Canada and considering that it includes the FC3 remaster (which will probably sell for $30 standalone) as well as 3 DLC packs it seems like a pretty fair deal. I've seen a lot of season passes that cost a lot more and included a lot less actual content.
  10. I've had no issues with it, and it's been very stable on my PS4 Pro. I only had one crash and that was during Arcade mode multiplayer. The single player is solid, and OP is complaining about a story / gameplay mechanic that is working as intended (even if it's a bit odd the first time it happens). By open-world Ubisoft standards, Far Cry 5 is a very solid and stable game.
  11. Got this done tonight, took ages between trying to get the Featured maps, and then get a win, etc. This has got to be the absolute worst tacked-on MP I've ever played. I thought Tomb Raider was bad but this makes that look like a frigging masterpiece. The person at Ubisoft who thought this steaming turd should be released to the public needs a good solid smack in the head and needs to be reassigned to toilet cleaning duty at a clinic for people with irritable bowel syndrome. What an utter steaming piece of shit this is, just wow.
  12. Agreed. I assume it's because the story mission progression could be different for the two players, so if I'm 2/3 through the game and you are 1/3 through the game you wouldn't expect to get late game trophies by helping me when you haven't completed the missions that would come before. I'm just speculating, but since they've made it drop in / drop out co-op it's probably the best way to deal with it. Of course, if you have two people playing through the whole game together it's sort of annoying, since only one person will actually progress (I assume).
  13. My assumption would be that the host would get the trophy while the person entering their game would not. Progression in the host game should not affect progression in the game of the guest, so once you leave the host game you should be back to wherever you were in your own game. In other words, I would assume that if you join my game and help me get a trophy, you will return back to your game afterwards without having made any progress in your game. I'm pretty sure that co-op progression only affects the host of the co-op session and not the guest. It wouldn't make sense otherwise.
  14. Just roaming around causing mayhem and chaos with Boomer the dog. I've barely progressed the actual story because I keep getting sidetracked by random stuff. It's a lot of fun.
  15. If the weapon keeps getting in the way, you can do the pick up enemy option and (I think) that loots the enemy at the same time. I've definitely had to pick up my weapon more than a few times.