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  1. It can be a pretty difficult game as you get closer to the end. I've played all the Soulsborne games except Sekiro and for the most part Elden Ring was pretty straightforward up until Melania at which point the difficulty escalated significantly. That's about the only caveat I'd throw out. The first 75% or so of the game is reasonably simple, bosses shouldn't cause you too much trouble and odds are you won't find yourself spending a ton of time trying to beat one. But then you get to Melania, Maliketh, and the end game fights and those can definitely be challenging, especially compared to what came before. It's a great game and one of my favourite Soulsborne games, but take claims about how "easy" it is with a grain of salt. You aren't going to just face roll through the game because you have one particular spirit summon or weapon. Many overpowered items have been nerfed to a more reasonable level over the past couple of months. The game isn't easy and you will be challenged, but part of the experience is overcoming those challenges. It's hard but fair, there's always a way to beat a boss you just need to figure out what that way is for your character. Maybe you need to change strategy? Maybe you need to come back later? There's always a way. Some bosses will take minutes, some will take hours, that's the way these games are. No matter what, by the end you'll feel you actually accomplished something.
  2. Sounds like maybe the AI bugged out or something. I've fought him twice, once after the big nerf as a Sorcerer and once as melee after they un-nerfed him somewhat a couple of weeks ago. The first time he was a bit of a pushover, I think it took me 2 or 3 tries and I just threw spells at him while the NPC's kept him busy. The second time it was definitely harder and more annoying since you sort of have to chase him around on your horse and smack him but in my case he did a variety of moves to damage me, often to the point where I sort of wished he'd let up for a moment so I could heal, etc. If you were able to just chase him around and not be damaged then that doesn't sound anything like my experience with him.
  3. I was able to get the Platinum in one play through (by reloading my save before choosing the ending option) and I didn't need a guide for the most part. Yeah, I glanced at the guide briefly when I was about 75% of the way through the game just to see if there was anything I needed to know, but I intentionally avoided using a guide prior to that because I wanted to enjoy the game at my own pace, explore and find things, etc. To be honest, if you just take your time, explore all the areas, talk to the NPC's and use the Fextralife Wiki as a reference if you get stuck with some quest line or puzzle then you'll more than likely get everything you need to do done without ever looking at a guide. I did this and I didn't miss anything related to endings, didn't miss any weapons or other items needed for trophies, and found and killed all the optional bosses before finally finishing the game. I think many trophy hunters become far too reliant on guides and sometimes lose sight of the fact that much of the time you can get a platinum just by playing the game. I've intentionally stopped worrying about trophies and it's made my gaming experience more enjoyable lately. If the first thing you do before even launching (or buying) a game is to look at a guide only to find out there's a bunch of potentially missable stuff, your play through is going to be impacted by concerns of missing things and you'll be constantly checking guides to make sure you don't. Digital brownie points are pretty meaningless, and while trophies are nice to get and give you that little burst of excitement when they pop, you may also find that not worrying about them all the time makes gaming more fun. Elden Ring is a game where you will only get that experience of exploring and discovering on your own once, since subsequent playthroughs become more efficient since you know where to go to get stuff you need and that sense of discovery is lost. Don't ruin that by worrying about trophies.
  4. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work, you’d just need to know when you’re about to get the trophy and then import the save to the PS5 to unlock it again. I’m not sure if auto-saves can be imported, so you might need to make manual save before you get a trophy and import that.
  5. The anniversary content is targeted at people who enjoy playing the game for the sake of playing the game and who want more content. There's nothing there that would make it easier to get trophies, there's already a ton of content in the base game so you should have no issues whatsoever getting the Platinum and 100% with what you already own. That's basically how everyone else did it. 😉
  6. That’s weird. I had over 400k gold on my character and it popped as soon as I pickpocketed a guy in Whiterun. 🤔
  7. Issue is fixed in the 1.001.001 version of Skyrim PS5. The patch was released this morning.
  8. Yeah, Hard Worker needs to be unlocked in a new game because reasons. It’s mentioned in my PS4 to PS5 guide post here.
  9. Bethesda released patch 1.001.001 today (Nov 22/21) and it fixes the black screen on load issue that quite a few people experienced. I was able to successfully load the character I created on PS5 after running into the “black screen” issue last week. Time to work towards that Platinum!
  10. The 100k only unlocks if you have 100k gold or more on your character and you then earn or steal some gold. My character had 400k+ and it popped as soon as I pickpocketed some NPC. Hard Worker needs to be unlocked in a new play through for whatever reason as indicated in my initial post.
  11. If you start a new game on PS5 you will have to earn all the trophies from scratch. There is no auto-pop and importing is something you have to do manually, so if you want to earn all the trophies again just start a new game and off you go.
  12. The free content was added in a patch to the game so you should already have it. On the main screen of the game there should be a notice in the top right that talks about Skyrim Updates and how they added four free Creations for all players.
  13. OK, so it's not really a guide, but for anyone who has the Skyrim Special Edition Platinum on PS4, and wants to earn the Platinum again on the PS5 version of the Skyrim Anniversary Edition, this post should help you understand which trophies can be earned by importing a save from PS4, and which ones need to be earned by playing a new game on a new character. Assumptions: you have earned Platinum on PS4 you have access to a save file that you can import to your PS5 your character is level 79 or higher your character has over 100,000 gold you have completed 100% of the trophies for the main game and the three DLC packs Explaining how to import a PS4 save on your PS5 is beyond the scope of this post. Needless to say, if you look at the main menu in the PS5 version you'll see an option to import a save right there, so that's where you start. Trophies That Require a New Playthrough on a New Character all main story trophies all DLC story trophies all faction trophies (Companions, Thieves Guild, etc.) all civil war trophies (Imperial or Stormcloak allegiance) all Daedric quests that reward Daedric artifacts Hard Worker Married Thu'um Master Dawnguard: Soul Tear Hearthfire: Landowner, Architect, Land Baron, Master Architect Dragonborn: Dragon Aspect, Raven Rock Owner Trophies That Might Require a New Playthrough on a New Character (all of this assumes you are playing on an imported character save) Reader: if you can find at least one unread skill book the trophy will unlock when you read it, otherwise you need to find 50 in a new game Words of Power: if you have at least one un-learned word for one of your shouts the trophy will unlock when you unlock the word using a dragon soul. If not you will get this automatically during your new game as you progress through the story Citizen: if you have not already bought all the houses in the game you can buy any one to unlock the trophy, otherwise you need to get this in a new game Dawnguard - Werewolf Mastered: if you currently have the ability to change into a werewolf, the trophy should unlock as soon as you do so. If you have cured yourself and cannot get Aela the Huntress to infect you again (she only does it once), you will need to get the trophy in a new game Dawnguard - Vampire Mastered: if you currently have the ability to change into a vampire, the trophy should unlock as soon as you do so. If you have cured yourself you can visit Serana who can infect you again. Once you switch to Vampire form the trophy will unlock. Hearthfire - Proud Parent: if you have only adopted one child then you can adopt a second one to unlock the trophy. If you have already adopted two children (the maximum) then you will need to adopt one in a new game Dragonborn - Hidden Knowledge: if you have not already found all of the Black Books then you simply need to find one and complete it to unlock the trophy. If you have discovered them all then you will need to do this in a new game Trophies That Do Not Require a New Playthrough on a New Character (all of this assumes you are playing on an imported character save) Sideways: complete one more side quest and the trophy will unlock Hero of the People: complete one more miscellaneous quest and the trophy will unlock Thief: pick one lock or pickpocket one person and the trophy will unlock Snake Tongue: successfully persuade, bribe, or intimidate one person and the trophy will unlock Blessed: go to any standing stone and get a blessing and the trophy will unlock Standing Stones: fast travel to one or two standing stones and the trophy should unlock Wanted: get arrested and then escape from jail and the trophy will unlock Artificer: create one smithed item, or enchant an item, or create a potion and the trophy will unlock Master Criminal: kill a guard in each of the 9 holds to get a 1000g bounty and the trophy will unlock Golden Touch: obtain gold from any source and the trophy will unlock (as long as you have 100,000g on your character) Delver: clear one un-cleared dungeon (or just wander around the world) and the trophy will unlock Skill Master: get any skill to 100 and the trophy will unlock Explorer: discover one new location and the trophy will unlock Dragon Soul: kill one dragon and absorb its soul and the trophy will unlock Dragon Hunter: this should unlock at the same time as Dragon Soul Apprentice, Adept, Expert, Master: level up one time and all of these trophies should unlock Dawnguard - Auriel's Bow: repeat the requirements for the trophy (shoot the sun with the special arrow) and it will unlock Dawnguard - A New You: visit the vendor in The Cistern and pay to change your appearance and the trophy will unlock Dawnguard - Legend: kill a Legendary dragon and the trophy will unlock Dragonborn - Stalhrim Crafter: craft any item out of Stalhrim and the trophy will unlock Dragonborn - Dragonrider: tame and ride any 5 dragons to unlock the trophy. Note that it may unlock early. Dragonborn - Solstheim Explorer: discover one undiscovered location in Solstheim and the trophy will unlock This guide is based on personal experience unlocking PS5 trophies on a level 81 character imported from PS4 to PS5 using a single save file. Your mileage may vary. If you are one of those super thorough people who discovered absolutely everything in game then some of the trophies may require addition effort in a new game to unlock. If you have a bunch of PS4 saves from different points in the game that you can import to PS5 then some trophies may require less effort to unlock, etc. TLDR: you can unlock roughly 1/2 of the trophies on PS5 by importing a character from PS4 and doing whatever is required one more time or by repeating the requirements. All story trophies and several miscellaneous trophies will require you to replay the story again, there's no avoiding that. Hopefully this is helpful to someone out there.
  14. There is a known issue with the PS5 version where you get stuck on a black screen when loading a save, so you can’t continue the game. Bethesda is aware of the issue and say they are working on a fix. No ETA. I’ve run into this myself and cannot currently continue a new game I started on PS5. Oddly enough, a save I imported from PS4 hasn’t had any issues yet, so at least I can play on that character if I want a Skyrim fix. Unfortunately, I need the new character working so I can earn the story trophies…
  15. They’re included in the free anniversary update, you don’t need to pay for them.