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  1. Started playing last week and was able to unlock it without any trouble. I was actually surprised when it unlocked because I thought I’d have more maps to play on but apparently I’d been on them all. If you just play Conquest you’ll get it without even trying since you need to play quite a bit to get 500,000 XP earned and you’ll definitely rotate through all the launch maps long before that unless you are really unlucky.
  2. It’s not that easy to find Frontlines games running these days, but if you do then it doesn’t take long to get the trophy. It’s a question of being persistent more than anything else, and you can always boost it if you prefer to go that route. It took me about 3 days to find active matches but once I found a decent one I got the trophy in under an hour.
  3. Finished it last night on PS5 and got the Platinum. I’d say that it was ok but not great, maybe a 5/10 for me. It’s sort of like Far Cry in a Last of Us world and while I enjoyed the story to a point I thought some parts of it dragged on a bit too long. Combat and driving were ok, but the weapon wheel could be very janky, there were tons of times when I wanted to throw a molotov and ended up throwing a pipe bomb instead because the wheel didn’t register my choice. I couldn’t really get into the main character and found a lot of his dialogue pretty bad. I did enjoy the story around his friendship with Boozer and the plot around Sarah was interesting if not a bit predictable. The “secret ending” once you’ve completed the story seemed a bit of a stretch and was obviously in there for sequel purposes (which apparently isn’t happening) more than anything else. Gameplay is what you’d expect in a game of this type. Stealth and gunplay is easy enough although the AI can be rather stupid at times. It is funny when you’re in an area and the Freakers end up getting attracted by the enemies you’re there to kill and end up killing them for you while you hide in a nearby bush. I did have a couple of issues with environments not loading during missions, but exiting to the main menu and reloading the most recent save fixed that. While I didn’t mind the Freakers and other enemies I honestly found the Horde mechanic tedious and the forced encounters were more annoying than anything else. I realize that the developers felt that this was the marquee feature of the game, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe since I didn’t really enjoy the game that much I just sort of wanted to get to the end, and having to clear out 4 hordes as part of story missions felt like a chore more than anything else. Post-game my interest in clearing out hordes was around zero and I only did a couple just to get level 3 with three camps. I also didn’t like the fact that you can’t just focus on the story missions and avoid side missions to progress. While I did do everything (except Hordes) my first time around, if I were to play the game again for 100% I’m not really enthusiastic about having to stop progressing the main story at times in order to go off and save some wayward camp member or clear out an enemy camp before I can get back to focusing on the main story itself. Not sure if this is different in NG+ but I’d assume no. From a trophy perspective it is a pretty simple Platinum. The vast majority of the trophies will come just by playing and if you pay attention to the guide you’ll probably only have a couple left to do by the time you’re done the story. There’s minimal grinding and getting 3 camps at max level and getting 45 skills isn’t going to take a lot of extra time. I do applaud the developers for not making you find 100% of the collectibles, and for not putting in stupid trophies like “get 10,000 headshots with the crossbow” or “complete the game on the highest difficulty without dying”, etc. Most of the trophies came without any particular effort beyond a general knowledge of what was required to unlock them. As for 100% I think I’ll pass. The thought of playing the game again on higher difficulty levels doesn’t appeal to me unless somehow the experience is significantly enhanced by doing so. I was hoping to enjoy the game more than I did since I typically like open-world games, enjoy series like Far Cry, loved TLOU and to a lesser extent TLOU2, and thought it seemed like an interesting concept. Unfortunately at the end of the day it was just sort of mediocre to me. Is what it is I suppose.
  4. You have to craft the armour after getting the plans, and that requires a Master Armourer who doesn’t exist in a new Hearts of Stone playthrough so you have to do that quest line as well. The Ofieri merchant doesn’t sell all the armour pieces as far as I can see, only the chest, sword, and horse gear. Edit: can confirm that, if you start a standalone Hearts of Stone playthrough, you will also need to complete the Master Armourer quest that you start by talking to Fergus at Crow’s Perch before being able to craft the armour. Luckily this can be completed quite quickly so it’s not a huge inconvenience. Once you have completed the Master Armourer quest, and obtained the translated plans, horse equipment, and sword from the Ofieri merchant, you can speak to Yoana (beside Fergus) to craft the 4 required items. You do not need to buy the armour item from the Ofieri merchant, and you do not need to equip any of the armour or weapons (which is good because they require level 38 while your character is level 32).
  5. Ran into this one today, tried the posted workaround and it didn’t work either. Looks like the only other option is to start a stand-alone Heart of Stone playthrough and get them that way. Unfortunately that also requires you to do the Master Armourer quest, again. So stupid that CDPR never bothered to fix this properly, such a waste of time.
  6. Trophies are server-side and anything earned in the demo (or in the full game) will auto pop on PS4 or PS5 when you launch the game. If you’re playing on one console and earn trophies, those will unlock automatically if you start the game on the other console.
  7. To be honest I didn’t bother. After the nonsense with the cenote mentioned above I just started playing something else. One more digital brownie point that means nothing in the grand scheme isn’t worth the hassle. I enjoyed the game sufficiently on my first playthrough that I don’t really want to have trophy nonsense leave a bad taste in my mouth.
  8. This is true. It makes it easier but not easy. Queenswalk can be a pain for new players who have never done it before, so you still need to find 5 others who are willing to bring you along and be patient while you get your head squared away with the whole thing. Certainly doable, but with Last Wish being less popular now that it’s “old” content it might be a bit harder to find a group willing to bring in inexperienced players unless they are specifically looking to Sherpa, in which case they’re probably doing the whole raid start to finish.
  9. There is no specific DLC required to participate in the Grandmaster Nightfall to the best of my knowledge. That said, if you’re returning after two years and don’t have the Forsaken or Shadowkeep DLC’s, they are both on sale currently on PSN for under $10 US each which is a pretty good deal. Beyond Light is also on sale but at a lesser discount. The problem with Grandmaster is this. The required minimum level to enter (as in, you cannot start the activity until you hit that level) changes every season. Each season lasts three months. If you are unable to reach the required level within one season, you must effectively start over the following season. Reaching the required level is not easy. This season the minimum required level to enter the Grandmaster Nightfall is 1275. The recommended level is 1300. The current hard cap on gear is 1260, which means that the only way to get to 1275 is to reach max power level and get your artifact (a power boosting device of sorts) to at least level 15. To get to the recommended level of 1300 you would need to level your artifact to 40. The amount of gameplay required for that is huge. If you haven’t played for two years the only thing to understand is that this would require a massive amount of grinding during the three month period available to reach the required level. Next season the hard cap will probably be 1310, while the minimum for Grandmaster would be 1325 with a recommended of 1350. You would start next season at whatever power level you were at the end of the current season and would then need to level up to the new entry requirement by grinding activities for XP. Again, you only have three months to do this. If you were to return to the game today your character would be at level 1050. By playing the game and getting blue drops you can probably get to 1200 (the effective cap for blue gear) in a relatively short period of time, probably a few days. Once you hit 1200 you get access to your artifact and the main way to level further is only via Legendary (purple) drops, powerful gear rewards from a limited pool of weekly activities, and pinnacle gear from a small pool of weekly activities. Depending on how much you play, and how lucky you are with RNG, you may be able to reach 1250 (the max cap for powerful engrams and powerful gear rewards) in a few weeks (or more, it depends on luck with rewards). However, once you hit 1250 the only way to reach 1260 is via Pinnacle gear rewards from a small pool of activities that includes raids, competitive PVP, high score Nightfall completion, Trials of Osiris, and maybe one or two others. Few, if any, of these activities have matchmaking and most are extremely difficult or impossible for a solo player to participate in. If you are unable to reach 1260 then you must level up your artifact more than you otherwise would to make up the difference. This can be quite a challenge as there comes a point where the amount of XP required to level up the artifact becomes significant and you could spend hours and hours grinding the game just to get one level completed. Multiply that by the number of levels you could need and it can become pretty crazy. TLDR: the one and only problem with this trophy requiring completion of a Grandmaster Nightfall is the amount of time and effort needed to even reach the minimum requirements to enter within a 3 month season. It’s not for casuals, it’s not for people who play regularly, it’s not for people who play a few hours each day. It’s for hardcore players who spend as much time as humanly possible playing the game on a daily basis, who are able to participate in non-matchmade activities that require dedicated and competent groups to complete in order to receive weekly rewards that will eventually allow them to reach a level where they can attempt the Grandmaster. All I can say is, good luck. Edit: Also, there’s no matchmaking for Grandmaster, meaning you have to find your own team of 3. It’s also very difficult because Bungie has made the enemies over leveled compared to your character, meaning that even trash mobs can kill you in one or two shots. For extra “fun”, your gear is locked once you start, and if you wipe you get sent back to orbit and have to start over from scratch. If you don’t bring your A game and the proper gear, it’s going to be unpleasant.
  10. That is correct. If you look at the entry requirements for Grand Master this season, next season will probably be 50 points higher and you’ll need to restart the grind at the beginning of each season. It’s not impossible, but it requires a significant time commitment to hit the required level within that 3 month period while still having sufficient time to actually complete the strike before the season ends. It ain’t easy.
  11. In theory it should as the trophies / achievements are stored server-side, so when you login on a supported platform they should unlock automatically regardless of where they were earned.
  12. If you don’t own any of the expansions then your options will be limited. You’ll be able to access the various planets and do free roam stuff, along with bounties from the Tower, etc. You should be able to access the Moon, Europa, and The Dreaming City public areas but won’t be able to do any of the story related missions or activities that require the expansions. The Beyond Light expansion removed a large chunk of the older content, including the Red War campaign and a bunch of other stuff, so you won’t be able to access that. The “Cayde-6 thing” is part of the Forsaken expansion, so if you don’t own that you can’t play those missions. I’m not 100% sure if that storyline was affected by the vaulting of older content. See https://www.bungie.net/7/en/Destiny/NewLight for more info on what’s part of the free to play game. Without owning Forsaken, Shadowkeep, or Beyond Light you won’t have a ton of stuff available to be honest.
  13. If you haven’t already played the game and don’t want to put yourself in a position where you have to spend huge amounts of time playing in order to get the Platinum, just stay away from it. It’s a massive time sink and some of the trophies require substantial amounts of effort and hundreds of hours of gameplay to achieve.
  14. I’d say the answer is, it depends. While completing the Leviathan raid on Prestige difficulty wasn’t easy, it was also something that any player could attempt without excessive grinding as the entry requirements weren’t particularly hard to achieve. Also, those requirements didn’t change every season. Once you hit the required power level you were good forever. Grandmaster on the other hand, while perhaps being easier than a raid (that’s debatable IMO), is something you cannot even enter without hitting an extremely high power level within the confines of one season (3 months), something that will require a substantial amount of grinding and time (I’d estimate 100+ hours minimum) to achieve. Once (and if) you reach the required level you then have to find two others of equal or higher level since there’s no matchmaking. You can forget about soloing it unless you are one of the super-elite types, and frankly I don’t think anyone should be throwing out “you can solo it” as some sort of justification that it’s easier. Soloing Grandmaster Nightfalls is hard as nails, so if you can solo it then you’re in limited company. From a complexity perspective it’s easier, from a time perspective it’s not. I’d much rather do Prestige Leviathan than grind the game until my eyes bleed trying to get my gear maxed out and my artifact to 20+ just so I could suffer through a strike where the difficulty is entirely based on the enemies being vastly overpowered, where even the weak enemies can kill you in 1-2 shots, and where a wipe kicks you to orbit so you have to start over. IMO Grandmaster is the opposite of fun and completely not worth the time. If you don’t have The Prestige already, I don’t envy you.
  15. You’ll need the Forsaken expansion, Last Wish is part of that and is still active content. You’ll need to put sufficient time into the game to get familiar with the gameplay and get some half-decent gear. You’ll also need to find 5 others to take you through, preferably a group with experience as the mechanics are relatively complex in some fights. Basically, it’s a raid. If you want to get it done you need to be able to pull your weight and understand the fight mechanics. As far as raids go, it’s one of the more mechanically complex ones Bungie has released. It’s also fairly lengthy and not a walk in the park. The hardest part will be finding people to do it with you if you’re not in a clan who does it regularly.