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  1. Thanks. I wanted to know that since I never played the game. Thanks for the info. How can I close the topic?
  2. Thanks for the info. I was hoping someone remembered the game and checked timestamps to see if it is possible to do that. I checked others ps3 games and he is getting all the platinuns with strange times. Costume Quest 2 -> 1h30 and playstation org says above 8h Syberia -> 39min and playstationorg says 2h Monster jam battlegroungs -> 1h and playstationorg says 3h30, 4h
  3. The portuguese team of Playstation is making a competition for trophy hunters. I was cheking the leaderboard and I saw that this guy completed this game under 4h but when I check how many time this game would take it says above 9h. Is it possible? First time posting here, sorry if I posted on the wrong place.
  4. Yesterday more 20 wins in TDM, infected, dominion....Nothing I have 80 wins and nothing