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  1. Has something freaky going on with the Nyotengu addiction.
  2. Banned because you've made me throw up a little in my mouth
  3. In some cases, yes. In some cases, no. But what I do hate, is arrogance over the owning of ultra rare trophies. We get it, you own a rare trophy, yet the fuck I'm supposed to give continues to fly on over my head, and I'm not being arsed to go catch it.
  4. With that age limit, I doubt it'll be a big clan.
  5. All of they impressive eye-widening platinums, yet that 10th platinum milestone. Haha... In relation to the thread: Being honest, I've never really cared for milestones, but I'm pretty satisfied with them anyway. But I guess if I could change them, I'd probably make my 50th platinum Aliens vs Predator, (simply because it's the rarest one I own).
  6. Alien: Isolation.
  7. Just curious whether or not the servers for this game are still up. I remember playing this years ago, I actually liked the game (yet I traded it in anyway, pft). I've tried searching online for an answer, no luck. I'm not sure if the servers were run by GameSpy. EDIT: Stupid me. I hadn't thought to look for the latest achieved online trophies, (they still seem to be up). Apologies.
  8. Totally mutual, even with the notifications.
  9. I've not played the 5th episode yet, but as a whole so far I've found the game totally boring.
  10. Jesus. I don't even need to guess, I know I'm right.
  11. The updating of the PS4 showing trophies offline has surely got to be down right inevitable.