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  1. Teaser site for the game is up: Main character: Looks like there are six realms in the game.
  2. PS4 FAQ posted by miHoYo Few quotes:
  3. Releases September 28th on PS4.
  4. Looks like the issue has been fixed as I was able to download all three DLCs just now.
  5. Arrived today in mail a couple days in advance.
  6. Excellent month. I'm glad Sony is adding more weeb games to the service.
  7. From the Kickstarter FAQ:
  8. Decided to tackle my backlog so I ended up playing 101 different games. My backlog isn't any smaller, though, as I kept buying new games throughout the year. Only got 22 platinum trophies and a little over 1100 trophies as a result.
  9. Does OP have other flags or did the cheater removal team forget to lift this one?
  10. Just need one flag from elder passerby to get to 13 so I can get rest of the flags from single player, if NISA shut the servers down early I'm going to be pissed.
  11. Definitely a buggy trophy list. Just got the "From the Clouds to the Depths" trophy after killing Turisulfus in the Llengrath fight in Act 2 despite the fact you can't kill Sky Dragon until Act 3. This game is also crashing ridiculously often when travelling between different locations. This great game deserves a better port.
  12. Tervetuloa!
  13. Japanese boxart has been revealed:
  14. just saying hi to the followers I have in this website. whats up?