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  1. I wonder if Mirror's Edge's Pure Time Trials DLC will be delisted as well. I should probably buy it just in case. 🤔
  2. That was a super quick fix. Thank you @jefXfree and the team. Will start my playthrough tomorrow if the game breaking bugs are now gone.
  3. I think the 90 track of the day author medals is going to be significantly harder. Those tracks are almost always created by very high level players and even pros often struggle to get author medals.
  4. Did you hold the left stick down and then let go of it or did you hold it down and push it up? Take the plunge trophy is the last one I need and I swear to god I have done well over 50 "max power" plunges. What even counts as a max power plunge? The whole thing seems really finicky since most of the time the ball barely elevates when you try to launch it.
  5. Have played since launch but my characters are not the highest level they could be because I have spent vast majority of my resin on artifacts instead of boss mats which is probably not the smartest idea. Usually it takes me months to get a good set for a character but I got really lucky with Yelan's set and got 3 really good pieces for her so now I just need to get lucky with my pulls, surely I won't lose the 50/50 to Diluc or Qiqi. 😅
  6. Leaked by Australian rating board: The official announcement should be coming on October 2nd at Koei Tecmo's TGS event.
  9. Trophy #10.000 - The Phenomenal Phantom Thief (Persona 5 Royal) :platinum:

  10. Teaser site for the game is up: Main character: Looks like there are six realms in the game.
  11. PS4 FAQ posted by miHoYo Few quotes:
  12. Releases September 28th on PS4.
  13. Looks like the issue has been fixed as I was able to download all three DLCs just now.
  14. Arrived today in mail a couple days in advance.