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  1. thanks for the support, everything is being done on the Page and US Forums only. EN PS Forums mods are all corrupted, anyway i don't care now. Well i'm done with this post, does post close up after set time? If it does or not okay then. Peace Out
  2. I think PS Home community would be happy if PS Home was turn into Offline Mode so everyone can keep everything their brought up to now without losing anything. If you agree it should be offline mode share it and support it. Thanks for your time.
  3. We have reach 700 Likes and growing still now. If you wish to fight together as community please join us at the link:
  4. After seen so many bad remarks from everyone who doesn't have heart its shame. Trying to say i'm the only person who cares about it, sometimes people need to learn stop bad mouthing others because their were bad mouth them-self by someone else who did the same thing too you as well. If i was the only person who really care then check out the link to Operation Help Save PS Home @ and at Their are some people who have heart to care about PS Home the link to Facebook page for its community is slowly growing from users who truly care about PS Home. IF you all don't care about PS Home at all then don't flood this post with bad mouthing it. Don't even comment on this then, if i hate something i don't comment $%#$ about it i leave it alone. For real grow up, i'm shock this community on this form are sad only to the people who are bad mouth this. If you want to troll do it somewhere else okay, i'm trying my best to help this cause and people willing to fight for this who deeply care about PS Home. I don't have time for jerks who don't give $&^%^& about it. Please and Thanks support us at Facebook page and forms; if you don't care about PS Home don't leave no comment of bad mouthing it.
  5. hmm, i'm 100% honest about what i say from the heart and think. Its true PS Home servers cost alot but Sony wants to close PS Home up for good and take way your items you brought and time you spent with PS Home now. Sony first move is to close PS Home then trying to use left over money to patch PS Home up as Offline Mode or/and Co-op Mode using cheaper servers. IF Sony had said PS Home will now be Offline Mode/Co-op Mode (by Co-Op Mode i meant you can invite friends into your personal space on PS Home to hang out with but not using server but PS3 as base too keep them max of 7 people allow sense PS3 has limit then PS4 version to have more then 7 later) that would have been better way to deal with this then just closing it up.
  6. You never know until you try and i did say if possible to reach 1 million. PS Home has millions of users so i'm hoping their make stand if not guess all this goes down the drain. Remember having heart is great thing to do, any form of helping out and support would be nice. They are many types of people who use PS Home for many things we can thing about and letting sony take it all way is slap in faces of millions of users who and may not like plus love PS Home is wrong. What if one day Sony told you right we are closing up the PSN and every Video Game, Music, and Movies you brought from them and on their servers is going to be close next year. Everything you brought as download with your money, you work your butt off for gets close. Sony release patch update forcing everyone console hook to online without most of them knowing the date for it to be close and force all your content to never work again. Would you fight for it? Would you take your personal time to fight? Would you waste rest of your money to fight this battle and war? Just would you? If your real person who has heart then stand up and fight like real person should. Don't take it lie to yourself because you think its not worth it. Everything has reason to fight for it, what if doctor told you had only day to live. Would you give up? No, you'll fight that batter and win the war to live. Even on the PSForms i know of the hates, give ups, and don't have heart but please don't site their talk bad about it unless deep down you care about it in some form. Please don't flood this post with bad remarks please and thanks. Yes we get people like that but their is no reason to why to act unhuman like to someone willing to fight for PS Home community people who do wish to save it. You give others discourage about wanting to try and copy others so their don't look bad them-self.
  7. Everyone on the PS Forms and Facebook Operation Help Save PS Home page are giving helping hands. Check it out at the link: Their are many other then myself who wish to save PS Home. Here is one of the my post from PS Forms i'm sharing with you. I do hope you find it in your heart to give helping hand please and thanks. Not for me or single person but the community of the people who likes and loves PS Home and are fighting for it. We have reach 340 Likes on Operation Help Save PS Home just now and its growing slowly with likes and comments, message from many users who likes and loves PS Home. I'm hoping to reach goal of 1 million users if possable on it and to sign the Petitions from many others i'll list down for you made by others blow. Plus here is from user name "Gerty Benson" i'm sharing with you. "i am disabled and ps home is my social life. ive made alot of frends on home and have had great memories. i feel very betrayed by sony. know everyone thinks home is a cash cow for them , thats why its so hard to believe they r closing. also, if they r closing , why give out free stuff before closing, to rub it in our faces? if home does close, im urging everyonto stop buying sony stuff, show them what it means to have something taken away, like their millions of dollars that they made off of us ." Petition's: (I'll keep putting down others when share/posted by others so please do sign them) 1. 2. I have sign both Petition in-sign of faith, everyone please sign and thanks for your time. Support us on Facebook Operation Help Save PS Home page.
  8. We as gaming community from PS Home or other ones all much stand together to fight for PS Home. It is like and love by many who made online friends and happy memory's on PS Home. Sony wants to close PS Home down on March 31, 2015. WE Stand as community to fight for PS Home, i have share this on PSForms, its community page, my personal page, and here my main account. Please join in the fight to stop PS Home from being close up. I'm of need Admin's, Mod's, and helpers to help run the PS Home Community page by clicking on this. Facebook Page Link: I'm fight to the best of my ability's and need of help plus support. PSForm Link to it: I hope its all right if i post something like this on the forms and if not please do let me know so i don't make trouble please and thanks. Please and Thanks support us at Facebook page and forms; if you don't care about PS Home don't leave no comment of bad mouthing it.
  9. Most of the trophy's will pop up when right amount of days are done like visit PS Home 50 times on different days. I don't think you can get trophy quick if you had visit PS Home before. Anything is possible on 50 different days.
  10. I name my first PS3 ADA sense its slim plus black and my 2rd PS3 Saki sense its super slim Garnet Red. As for my PSP its name is ADA (I'm on 2rd PSP sense my first PSP Brick up when I drop it, lol. It's Name ADA) as well and my PS Vita is ADA. Once I get on my 2rd unit of the same system it'll be name saki then.
  11. real trophy hunter is someone who hunters for trophy's single player and online with friends.
  12. Biggest weakness i have as trophy hunter is finding good team of players to do online trophy's with and getting into gaming mode to 100% any games i have up to now. Need some type of will boost to get me more into gaming mode.
  13. I'm of need of some good friends on the PSN who play the same games like me. I play some games but not all of them and I'm picky gamer by the way; check out my trophy's to see what games I have ready played. I like to meet new friend who is gamers and/or otaku who loves anime; hoping this new friend has mic/headsets to chat sometimes about anything ether games relate or anything else if it's about good things. I chat using either (PS3 Chat for friends who don't have PS Vita yet), PS Vita using either the Party or Skype app on Vita, and i'll have PS4 by late this year or next year.
  14. hi yea, nice introduction and know what you mean about people asking about gender if I was girl or guy because I use icon's with anime girl's. If you ever want to team up for games hit me up and send me request to add you on PSN then. I'm on PS3 or PS Vita daily; i'll be on PS4 next year once I save up bit more.