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  1. stick it to the man it was easy but my data got deleted so I had to rush it and beat it in 30min with skipping the clips
  2. Sleipnir-Forest add me
  3. I really don't care how real or none real they look I love the stories and see them improve for example bioshock trilogy the storyline is just amazing but sad what happened I was hoping for another one... Graphics don't matter only the story line and one game can have the worst graphics ever but if the story line is good the game would rock and be badass
  4. Yes keep it and only buy games that my friend get to play together save up to get the ps4 and get all my games from there and trophy hunt
  5. Well the only reason I got it it's because all my friends are Microsoft players 80% and new ones I met are always Microsoft... But they haven't gotten theirs so right now it's boring playing on my own. On sony all my friend in my friend list are booster we boost and then we are done and stay on the friend list till we boost again so I basically spend all my time hunting. So you can say I miss trophy hunting and the ps+ exclusives.. And you always have that voice that makes you regret it that makes it difficult that I made the choice of getting X1 Also I don't know how to use those sites I hate online shopping and selling to complicated might as well keep my Xbox one and wait till my friends get theirs then it might be fun playing it
  6. I might have to go with you're idea Takahashi I am losing a lot of money I just called gamestop yeah there not offering a lot of money $225 and if I wait a week for the 50% more plus 10% more for pro member I'll get $360 still not enough to buy it and some games so might as well wait maybe later on a new model might come out
  7. I been a member here for a while now going to a year I just got the Xbox one because idk really but yeah... I been sony since ps2 and Xbox started to vs each other
  8. I've been looking at that yes the only Xbox exclusive I like it's Quantic Brake looks awesome the other games I want are in both systems and yes the remote feels better in my opinion the XboxOne and yeah buying a separate adaptor is lame so I have to ps headsets just collecting dust.. I just feel I jump the gun on choosing with system to get..
  9. okay guys I recently got the Xbox One when Titan Fall came out I wanted to try something else instead of always buying Sony and try something new this Gen so far I don't like it it's not the same when you go hunting for achievements compare to trophy hunting it's not the same its so not the same it's just so hard to explain you don't get that trill when completing 100% there's not plat trophy to show off just "oh hey you got 100" on ps you get the plat and it shows you earn it and you feel amazing and proud of it that feeling awesome. so guys what do ya'll think I should do I'm open to any suggestions or need for boosted to DO IT DX!!!!!! or NOT TO!!!!! ps. cant afford to buy the ps4 and keep both and I haven't put a lot of money on my xbox one all I have its titan fall and Cod
  10. There was an awesome meme picture saying something like this yep I'm off retirment I'm coming back lebron would be scared if that happens Try there guides are the best on helping you out with ways to complete trophies
  11. 3 broken glitchy and a bit off those are for my causing And 4 one for each brother and the last one my sis Can you top my signature by posting a better gif?
  12. One to many and it makes it look that I have no life
  13. Hahaha I was too man you saw how he looked at MK when he dunked he made that look that he's the shit lol nope
  14. I don't like the uncharted game series shocking yes i prefer TR all the way whats you're opinion on Lolis not lolitas but lolis
  15. My all top 5 BioShock Infinite Beyond Two Souls Remember Me Last Of Us Dead Space III (Co-Op Mode)