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  1. Thanks bro ;-) it was sooooo hard trying to get this achievement. I wish there was a way to find out how many people have it. Because even, like I said before, boost all the achievements, you still have to spend soooo much time trying to get it-via-win 50 matches for all the game modes with the kills-to-win set at 10 still takes about 5 mins to complete one match. So thank you man it means a lot!!!!
  2. How many people have the "THE TRUE DUKE" status for Duke Nukem's Multi-player? I am PROUD to say that I have this achievement. I never would have been able to get this achievement if it wasn't for the help of superDman, many many thanks bro. It took a long time to get, even with friends helping to boost to get this achievement. Even if you boosted for all the achievements (which I did NOT DO, I only did with about 5 of the 314) it would take you over 300+ hours to get. So again I ask, Please leave a post saying if you have the status and preferable a picture of the achievement. Thanks and BALLS, BALLS, BALLS, BALLS OF STEEL.........