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  1. Em! long time no see

  2. Em... its been two weeks. come back now.

    1. AlteredFormula


      and none of this I have a real life bollocks. I don't want to hear it.

  3. This sounds far more up my alley
  4. I have this crazy problem wherein i have myself convinced that sleeping is a waste of time :/ The only time i like to sleep is when I have Grief next to me... any other time I just cant enjoy it. (sappy, but horrifyingly true).
  5. TV speakers most of the time, though i have the volume turned low, nad 90% of the time ive got my laptop on running music through some earphones. Music in one ear, and people in the other when ive got the mic on as well.
  6. Any of you lot have anything you do when youre sick and you want to feel better? Ive spent the day with my head in the toilet, over what i can only assume was some bad store-bought sushi last night... and im feeling crap. I've been thinking of watching a film, but nothing is catching my fancy, and I cant sit up for long enough to play PS3. What do you do when youre sick? Pic Related: An apt visualization of how i currently feel.
  7. Late night calm music
  8. Im not arguing. And Im also not a child. I simply say things how I see them. On a completely unrelated note:
  9. Thats funny, because in the adult world, I didnt see us having a disagreement in the chat box. I just seem to recall you thinking you were better than myself, and everyone else in there. And I apologise for the recycled comment about your self righteous attitude, but it the shoe fits, you may as well wear it. Case in point: The fact that you think that other peoples opinions are only valid if they explain them in full detail, so you can wrap your mind around them.
  10. Makes me want to strip :3
  11. Sounds to me like youre the intolerant one. You have no idea what my taste in music is like, nor what I listen to on a regular basis. I just personally dont like the music she makes. I love her acoustic stuff, but all the 'official" stuff is far too poppy for me, and doesnt showcase her real talent. Also, how can you claim I only acknowedge one type of music when youre the one who hasnt posted anything BUT Lights in ages? Seems a bit hypocritical to me. Nice try, though. Perhaps you should drop the self-righteous attitude and accept other peoples opinions when they differ from your own.
  12. Im usually 8-12 hours per day, depending on what my day is like. When im not doing other things that involve being out of the house, im gaming. Most days its closer to 12
  13. Ive also just found this... pretty damn incredible.
  14. Saw this video today, sorry if some of you internet hipsters have seen it before... but i thought I would share. Men, for the love of god, dont leave your cell phone in your pocket and just let it ring :/
  15. Its a shame "Lights" doesnt make better music, otherwise this page would have been far more exciting. Heres what Ive got going on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJOGq5XTojo&feature=related