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  1. I see that you managed to get "Jack of all trades" in the end?
  2. 🤣 yea maybe. Thanks guys 👍👍
  3. Hey guys can I delete Hitman 2 from my ps4 once i ve done the carryover? Of course i want to keep every map from 1 and 2. Thanks
  4. Has anyone tried changing the PSN ID? I recently changed mine, just checked my progress and sadly it is still there. So i am pretty sure, that replaying every story mission doesnt make any difference. But i am not a 100% sure.
  5. Did that as well, a couple of days ago. Than cleaned up all the missing sniper releated trophies from H2. Since everything looks fine, i think i am going to start Dubai today. Still, thanks guys for building up my confidence 😁 Got it, thanks 👍
  6. Hmmm i see. Dont get me wrong, the Hitman trilogy is awesome and the fact that it s bugged sucks, but its not the end of the world. Please explain something to me though: if progress is saved online, how can using a manual save help? Wouldnt the game save anyway?
  7. Hey guys. I ve been following every topic here since the release. I bought Hitman 3, used the carryover (which worked fine) and just crossed of every missing trophy from H1 and H2. Now i really want to start H3. But seeing all those complains and glitches and everything makes me kinda nervous. Is doesnt look save or am i getting the wrong impression? Thanks 🙏
  8. Oh thanks. Didnt know that.
  9. Yes kind of. Almost every trophy unlocked except for 6. They belong to the 3 different sniper level. Which i actually finished, like everything else. But it seems, as if they were not installed and therefore not carried over. Which is weird, because i never deinstalled them. Strange...
  10. Good morning guys. I finished the dlc two days ago and i am veeery happy about it. It took al lot of afford and a lot of time (about 50 hrs?) but it was worth it. Thank you @Alexgaara and everyone for this thread, some informations helped me a lot. Thank you @xElectrizz-Game and @Ghost-TeamX for your incredible video-guides on youtube. Here are some things that i learned while playing and i think they are worth keeping in mind: 1. Be humble, don't get cocky and expect this to be done "next week" or something. This will take a while, it is a long term project. Do one step at a time. This is possible. 2. At first i thought about driving each car seperately. Because of the different physics. So i dont have to get used to different cars all the time. But, it turned out to be way more effectiv to drive the different countrys seperately and dont mind the cars that much. As soon as i unlocked all 4 periodes it the dlc, i selected for example Wales then drove all challenges there. Some of the stages repeat a lot above all challenges and it could save you a looooot of time - trust me. Take the stage Newhose Road in Scotland for example, which you have to drive 3 times. Twice in the dlc and one time for the trophy "Pedal To The Metal". You re driving three different cars - yes and they are getting faster - yes, but you should be able to memorize the whole track in the first encounter. After that it is just pushing. Still, for me they were three one of the hardest challenges in the dlc, which took me about 5 hours or something. 3. You may think that the dlc is getting harder, the more you progress, which is very wrong, i would say. Instead the difficulty varied a lot. I remember one Ford Sierra Cosworth event, nr #5 or #6 i guess, the third Newhouse Bridge event with the MG Metro 6R4 #40 and one event in Finnland (somewhere in the middle) being the hardest for me. On the other hand, i once finished two events in wales (5 stages and 3 stages) and one in greece (4 stages) in about 3 hours. And i have to add, that i absolutely used to hate events in Sweden, but for some reason, they were not that bad in this dlc. 4. Basically i would suggest to drive without the three main driving assists (ESP, ABS i dont know, traction control? But, from time to time, it helped to add some of em because some cars are really hard to keep on the road on some surfaces. Like the MG Metro 6R4 or the Skoda Fabia Rally. Keep in mind, that you are loosing horsepower with every assist you add. So if you are finding yourself chasing the needed time and being constantly like 2 to 9 seconds behind, although your are pushing your car to the limit, it might have something to do with assists being activated. I played with assists from time to time, and gained about 6 seconds, once i turned, lets say ESP, from 2 to 1. It does make a big difference - try it. 5. I read, that people are asking, which the best way is to approach the stages. Here is what i did on every single stage, that prevent me from freaking out and throwing my controller in the tv, which was very close I would divide my approach in three phases. 1. "Getting to know the track": first i drove the whole stage a couple of times, just to see every aspect of it and learned the difficult parts. I didnt care about crashes or something, i just kept driving. You are going to restart a lot, not necessary to start in this phase of the challenge. This actually the only nice part in the challenge, dont pressure yourself, stay at 90%. 2. "Getting faster": once you know the track, you can try to push in the difficult parts. Still, dont restart because you messed up the fifth turn or something. Take your time. There is still alot of work to do. 3. "Now go and get it": now you know the track, you should be able to finish it, so it is time to push your car really hard. I hope this is going to help some of you. Please excuse my english, i hope it is understandable. One last thing, worth knowing: There were times, were i thought, "ok this was a pretty good run, i did ok". Than i found out that i am still like 30 seconds behind. Dont freak out. The more you practice, the more your driving skill will increase. It is very hard and demanding but not at all impossible. Good luck guys
  11. Puh that is good to know. Because i completet the story last year and i am trying to round everything up right now and this (the last quest from Heroditos) is the only thing missing. Thanks man
  12. 2. This has nothing to do with Sokrates "regular" side quest line right? Because a already did that. It appears independent from that? I should probably be near the cemetary in Athens for it to pop right?
  13. Hey guys, am i still missing something? I finished the main game, finished the story of course, got every trophy except "poseidons child", finished every dlc, got every trophy there as well and i still dont get the last Quest from Heroditos. I am pretty sure that i finished the quest before that, the one with the ships. So could it be, that i still didnt finish the Hippocrates quest "we remember"? Could i miss that somehow? Is that the problem? Thanks for the help, this drives me crazy.
  14. Puh, i have no idea how you guys fixed that issue for you, but i hve no freaking clue. i already checked every possibility to unhide my trophies, earned different trophies since then, updated my profile multiple times, still nothing. Damned. Edit: Hahaha, you gotte be kiding me. I checked my ps3, where i NEVER ve hidden any game from, and there it was. No check for the mssing game. So i fixed it. Freaking thing. thanks to BlindMelons method, you are smart af.