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  1. Yes, AAA games would solution to save Vita, but it's also true that they can't focused on that right now. PS4 is booming, there is so much room for it to grow, plus they thought they already fix the Vita but link it to remote control. Only thing that Vita need is games. I live in Asia and there is so many Japaneses games around here. We get 1 or 2 games in every month, so Vita did much better here. I wish they could at lease re-localize some games from Japan.
  2. Some games from last 25-10 should be in top 10... Yeah, Bad list.
  3. Welcome!
  4. Really? I don't have that issues. I never get my hand sweat or anything even playing for a long time. Maybe it's because your hand?
  5. KAT!!! That's my girl~*
  6. I glad that at least there is Monster Hunter game on Vita, but I hope that we don't have to pay air-time.
  7. Having Killzone mercenary and bad internet connection is a pain in the ass...

    1. KHAN-KSA


      Get rid of one of them :P

  8. Welcome
  9. Welcome
  10. This post is long ago.. Now I can say Vita Rise
  11. Me too, You can add my. Nice to meet you
  12. I'm not going to buy any of them at launch, I will stick with PS3 and Vita until PS4 price is drop a bit or even more game release. Also, I still not enjoy my PS3 enough yet. There is still more time for me. But for sure I going to get PS4 since it can cross play and remote play with my Vita. I'm very disappoint with Xbox one. It's not going to release in my country anytime soon.
  13. This game is almost like Monster hunter, but new equipment mostly appear by gaining new part from a monster. So, you have to spend some time farming them. Combat system is varied and beautiful. If you watch Japanese movie and love those Ninja and Samurai moves, You will love this game. Overall experience with the game? I find it better than Monster Hunter series, beautiful graphic and cutting monster arms and legs is just feel great.
  14. At first it depend on you. If you love to stay home and play games on your sofa with a big screen having a PS3 would be enough. The thing is, I have a PS3, but never have time to touch it, 3 years already still never get to play any games. But since I have Vita, I can play games anywhere anytime. I play more in my bed, school, camping, waiting for friend, toilet, and breakfast, lunch, dinner. I spend more time on PS vita nowadays. And Vita games compare to 3DS, from 3DS I only with to play Monster Hunter 4 and PokemonX-Y. On vita I got Killzone:mercenary, Persona 4 Golden Final Fantasy X HD Muramasa Rebirth and now Borderlands 2. Now I get to play those games in toilet, I would say it worth to get a Vita. So, get a Vita it worth. Or better way, get a PS4 and PS Vita bundle.
  15. Dose anyone play Toukiden(JP)? I looking for friends to play with.