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  1. Hey, just in case this information would be usefull for someone: this trophy was my last one before the 100% and I got it during my 26th run (and I won 10/26 runs only). I played 10 hours and 20 minutes for the 100%).
  2. Hey, yeah this one is buggued (like few others), I had the same issue and I reported it on frontier's forum more than a year ago but now I see how pointless it was... If you really want it just keep playing, doing the community goals, and maybe one day you will get it... It worked for me... Good luck
  3. Thanks to the OP, that was helpfull. I'll post my times and scores too, just in case it would help someone. 01 - Score: 13,400 - Time: 04'37"31 (X-02S / 4AAM) 02 - Score: 9,210 - Time: 06'25"88 (F-22A / QAAM) 03 - Score: 28,480 - Time: 10'04"74 (F-22A / QAAM) 04 - Score: 24,900 - Time: 10'33"64 (X-02S / 4AAM) 05 - Score: 18,460 - Time: 06'35"33 (X-02S / 4AAM) 06 - Score: 29,260 - Time: 15'00"00 (F-22A / XSDB) 07 - Score: 7,800 - Time: 10'23"77 (F-22A / QAAM) 08 - Score: 32,810 - Time: 9'13"68 (F-22A / XSDB) 09 - Score: 11,950 - Time: 8'04"17 (F-22A / QAAM) 10 - Score: 10,120 - Time: 11'19"11 (F-22A / QAAM) 11 - Score: 32,810 - Time: 15'00"00 (F-22A / XSDB) 12 - Score: 46,290 - Time: 16'01"16 (F-22A / XSDB) 13 - Score: 24,250 - Time: 9'06"38 (Mig-31B) 14 - Score: 19,390 - Time: 08'53"24 (F-22A / XSDB) 15 - Score: 41,580 - Time: 21'57"33 (F-22A / XSDB & QAAM) 16 - Score: 23,540 - Time: 19'25"37 (F-22A / QAAM) 17 - Score: 27,390 - Time: 15'27"33 (F-22A / XSDB) 18 - Score: 13,240 - Time: 10'50"77 (F-22A / XSDB) 19 - Score: 55,220 - Time: 16'19"05 (F-22A / QAAM) 20 - Score: 10,850 - Time: 08'48"11 (F-22A / QAAM) Good luck
  4. I personnally don't feel the need to define the way I get trophies, and It seems like I couldn't even try to tell you if I'm more this or that because you all seems to have your own definitions and what's funny is that I think that none of you are wrong, it's just a question of point of view. What I wanted to say is that it's not really important, we actually all do the same thing, we just choose how to do it, and however it is, everyone could argue about the right or the wrong way to do it and how to call it. My point is, as long as you like the way you get trophies, it's the right way (but yeah I just said it, thats arguable).
  5. Alright, thank you
  6. Thanks, I'll take SOMA since I forgot to take it when it was for "free" with the PS+... But I don't see it for sales, neither on the US nor CA store, when is it starting ?
  7. Crysis 2 - Hans Zimmer - Epilogue "Main Theme" Crysis 3 Main Theme Soundtrack Far Cry 3 - Main Theme Call of Duty World at War Nazi Zombies theme Call of Duty World at War Soundtrack - Black Cats Call of Duty: Ghosts Single-Player Campaign Trailer Song - Audiomachine -The Final Hour Rage - Intro theme (Apophis) Rage - Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums Battlefield 3 - Premium Launch (Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintamaki) Battlefield 4 - Main Theme Battlefield 4 - Altai Range Loading Screen Music Max Payne 3 - Piano Theme Dead Space 3 - Cry of the Ancients Remember Me - Memory Reconstruction Remember Me - The Enforcers Remember Me - The Ego Room Bioshock - The Ocean On His Shoulders Bioshock 2 - Waking up in 1959 Bioshock Infinite - Burial At Sea Episode 2 - Help The Last of Us - Left Behind - Fleeting The Last of Us - A New Beginning Beyond: two Souls - Lost Cause (by Ellen Page) Mirror's Edge Catalyst - end credits Metal Gear Solid 4 - Title screen soundtrack Mass Effect 3 - A Future For The Krogan Mass Effect 3 - An End, Once And For All Mass Effect 3 Citadel Soundtrack - The End of an Era Mass Effect: Andromeda - Under Stars - Instrumental Infamous 2 - Plight Infamous Second Son - Main Theme Life is Strange - Something Good Fallout 4 - Main Theme Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Ending Credits Theme Battlefield 1 - Flight of the Pigeon - Piano Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus OST - Überviolence (U-boat Combat) Wolfenstein: The New Order Main Theme (Alternative Version) Prey – Everything Is Going to Be Ok Ruiner - Sleep Paralysis (Sidewalks and Skeletons) Horizon Zero Dawn OST - Homecoming Assassin's Creed Rogue - The Hunter Dead Effect 2 - Main Title Dead Effect 2 - Main Theme Edit: I swear I tried to make it short
  8. If the question would've been "why" I'd say "because rarities of DLC trophies aren't accurate at all and means absolutely nothing, but since the question is "how", well I have no clue because I don't see how PSNP can know or calculate how many people own the DLC without earning a single trophy, and anyway this calculation is obviously wrong so it's not really relevant I guess...
  9. I'm really surprised to read you guys, black valley was hard yes but I did not find black lagoon and black canyon easier, to be honest... And the 180th track is not the track I spent the most time on, the beginning is quite serious but after the 3 first checkpoints it's really not that bad, it took me more time to beat tracks 175, 170, 190, 200, and even some red multilaps than the track 180.
  10. My only goal is to keep my completion as close as 100% as possible, I dont have a number of platinum goal, sometimes I like a game and I stay on it for few months without playing anything else, so in one year I can get 3 platinum like I can get 30... It doesnt really matter to me how many I have, as I think that every platinum dont have the same value... (just my opinion) Edit : Well I was thinking that it was a good goal but... How do you do that exactly ? If there is a game that you could like but with too many common trophies then you dont play it ?
  11. Alien Isolation Mirror's Edge Catalyst Mass Effect Andromeda Elite Dangerous Prey Edit: and my little games top 5 would've been: Ruiner, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Q.U.B.E. 2, Bridge Constructor Portal and Planetbase
  12. Well that was unexpected, 5 months later... But thanks, since no one else said something... 😁 Proud of not being afraid of getting ultra rare trophies on games you likes enough ?
  13. I totally agree with that, I don't understand why it's not the case already... But how could it be accurate if the owners counting isn't anyway ? The best exemple I could take is Need for Speed (2015) : https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4003-need-for-speed All DLCs are free and you can't play the game without being conected to internet (the update have to be done), so since the DLCs release all players should've been considered as DLCs owners. Just look at the gap between both DLCs owners, knowing that the 2nd DLC pack have no easy trophies. Edit: Also a funny one with Mirror's Edge (PS3) : The rarity of the trophy for getting 50 stars is 3.65% and the rarity of the trophy for getting 90 stars is 4.43%... 2nd Edit: Oh, you mentioned NFS already zGaete-, sorry I was still reading the topic when I answered...
  14. I got some hard platinum I'm proud of, like Wolfenstein II, Max Payne 3 and Trackmania Turbo, but the platinum I'm the most proud of is the one of Elite Dangerous. I really like space and science fiction so I wanted to play at this wonderful game, but I saw the very low rarity of it's platinum and the fact that there was no trophy guide, so I asked around, and people told me that it would require hundreds of hours to get the platinum, that the multiplayer was empty anyway, and that there was some buggued trophies... So I said f*ck my completion, I always played at whatever I like and I'm not gonna stop for a stupid number (even if I like this stupid number, I'm not gonna lie). So I started looking for people to boost the annoying multiplayer which is an endless grind (luckily I met some nice people there), and in the meantime I really enjoyed the main game (I mean after the 10 hours of learning the basics). Finally after 500+ hours I was close to get that platinum, but of course I got a buggued trophy, so I stayed stuck at 98% of that game and 99.9% on my profile. Even if I had still hope for it to unlock I remember that I said : "I dont regret it, this game was worth it, and I'm glad I did not skip it just because of trophies". I kept playing tho, then two months later I randomly got the trophy and I never been so happy to get one... Also that was my 100th platinum and that's a serious milestone I guess. When I started I wasn't thinking to go that far...
  15. Yes indeed... Everything needs to be very easy nowadays apparently... I dont even understand why people were crying about it... I mean, if it's too much, just don't do it, you dont have to "platinum" everything...