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  1. Same here apparently it’s glitched as of the last update 5/3 I believe some have reported no issues other have glitches trophies for sniper marksman etc
  2. Confirmed! Finally got the trophy!
  3. Sly messaged me about it he had gotten the trophy post patch but as of the most recent patch looks like people have not been able to get the trophy so good luck 👍🏻
  4. Can you post a video I think the cars have to be at a certain distance trying to confirm Glitched at the moment
  5. Stop stalking me you’re worse than a woman!

  6. Rose you say that 70% done in both version I don't see them on your trophy list
  7. The torpedo badge is flipping someone from the boating and drowning them they just fixed it with the patch in the last 5 minutes and I can confirm it works I now have the torpedo badge
  8. For anyone having issues with the Mecha Shredzilla trophy i found a way around the patch but it requires 2 players So step one have the rider going for the points go to alaska and near the helicopter at the bottom walk against the wall and place the board on the ground and walk back and fourth till you walk out of the stage and to the right of the houses and jump into the fog and hold your trick for at least 336,000 for this you should not let go of r2 the way i did it was with a thumb tack holding up on Right analog stick and a tooth pick holding down the r2 button and i let it spin and to get the points Now your boosting partner will need to join your game and once you get at least 336,000 points have him invite you to a challenge and it will automatically land the trick for you and BAM you are done the process took me about 20 minutes in total for me Big thanks to Kainx07,KrackerJack101 and Jabman for helping me test and prove my theory good luck everyone Edited this only works if you are invite to a half pipe challenge as it makes you land the trick even if you are in a glitch
  9. I freaked out for a minute and then was like wow kudos lmao !!!!!!!!!!