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  1. La Noire 2
  2. Preordered, this is going to be a great game, after I pick it up this afternoon.
  3. I got the platnium for this game and the trick is to just be patient. It glitched alot but just work through it and you will pop the plat
  4. This is acctually fairly easy, I liked getting this one
  5. I've got the Far cry 4 tiger one. This one is great!
  6. infamous Second Son - yesterday and it took me 3 days and 13 hours
  7. Metal would be cool and they also tried paper with the paper trail thing where he teleports and a eugine game would be awesome
  8. I'm with you there
  9. Have you looked in statistics to make sure you've done them all ? Have you looked at statistics to make sure you've completed them all ?