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  1. •Yeah, I've already Played it, Beat it & Platinum'd Twice-already; Both were (NA) versions "One PS4-Disk & The Other PS4-Digital/PSN... Both on my PSN Account: Maximussplatter !!! •My 1st time Platinum'ing it was w/ a (NA) Disk-Copy of "Tales from the borderlands" on (PS4) & then a 2nd time Platinum'ing it, was when I bought the (NA)->PS4/PSN) Digitial-Copy of "Tales from the borderlands" on my PS4 from The (NA) PS-Store... Got (2) Platinums... Look at My Trophy-List/Profile to see what I mean... •••>Btw, you're probably right about only being able to Platinum it "Twice", no matter which versions/regions you choose to go with!!
  2. If you live in North America (The U.S. to be exact), and you've already completed both separate Trophy-Lists & Have both Platinum Trophies for: "Tales from the Borderlands" on The PS3/*PS4 (Disc-Version (NA) & also on The PS4 Digital/(PSN-Version(NA); Can you go onto The EU-Gaming Market &/Or onto The EU-PS-Store (EU region) and buy their versions, to get (2) additional Platinums' and Complete Trophy-Lists?!? •I'm NOT asking what "your Opinion" is on whether or not completing a Game-Multiple times over, to get Mulitple Platinum-Trophies is right or wrong!!! --> Simply Put, Can you go into other PS-Store Regions other than your own Home Region and Buy the same game(s) over again in order to get yet another Platinum Trophy along w/ an entirely new Trophy-List?!? •I have heard that there are some games in which you can do this, or a process similar to this & reap the benefits of Mulitple Region Platinum Trophies!!! ***It may be in another language, but it is still the same game(s) w/ another Trophy-List(s) & Platinum(s)... Thank you! ***PS: Sry, if I confused anyone! & My apologizes for such a long comment... Thx Again!!
  3. How can you order a game from a different region? And if u buy a UK version, Can u play it in the US/NA on our main US/NA console? Lol, set if I confused u; Just trying to figure this out; I'm a bit New to it all!!
  4. I'm only a year late to this convo, but I'm certainly happy it up to par! I just hope many people are sryillnplsying it, so I can get the Platinum!! (of course Lol)...
  5. That's good to know, thx guys!!
  6. @PipeSwinger, Yo, I'm down to hop on BO1 or really any of the COD's to finish a few trophies, (some of COD's I already Platinum'ed, but I'll still help if u need it... I def do for BO1 & BO2 (Tower Of Babble)... I did it with 12 duffereht friends and we beat it 7-10x's and only a few of us (like 2 out of the four, per attempt) ended up getting the trophy to pop; Not ME LOL!! My PSN: Maximussplatter -It's pronounced *MaximusSplatter, but w/ (two) lower case (S's)... I thought I could always go back and change the font/Upper-LowerCase &/Or ALL Caps,Etc, but nope its DEF permanent!!! **Shoot me a friends Request on PS4 if u can, cuz I'm on both consoles, but mostly on PS4!! Later Bro...