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  1. They arent toenails, they are talons Why did naruto get so boring
  2. My car smells funny because thats where i birth all my funny comments? Whos your daddy?
  3. They ran out of chicken tenders at the restaurant. Why did the chicken taste sooooo good?
  4. Because i was hung over! Why did you help the chicken cross the road?
  5. donkey hands down. even if he is an ass sometimes. Netflix or hulu
  6. this game is definitely worth buying at $30 if your into rogue or rogue likes. this isn't your every day dainty save and reload every time i lose game, which is, imo the definition of rogue type games. this is dark souls in 2D. this is the best rogue like that came out for console in 2012, (Kappa, probably the only roguelike on console in that year). this is a niche game and if you venture in to said niche, you better be prepared for the long journey or get lucky. literally i know not everyone knows or gets roguelike games, but this is a good entry into said genre. and yes i know the last post is from 2014, but this game needs more fans.
  7. I doubt when you signed up mattered. I signed up day one of wolfenstien release day. Psn notification sent me a message saying doom alpha was ready. then pns sent me another message saying oops!!! We forgot to give you your download code for the alpha.
  8. Basically this is a closed alpha test. They were going for stress tests on Friday and Saturday and Sunday from December 4-6. I couldn't find a match at all during said stress test times. So I was really dissatisfied. Oh well. Hopefully they work everything out by the time the Beta is released.
  9. Could this all be a rouge for effdeegee's habit of buying games and feeling guilty about it later? Lol just maybe......
  10. Basically effdeegee wins at his own game. Lol
  11. Ratchet & clank into the nexus and sword art online lost song. For now hopefully by new years
  12. Look at you, you lucky sods, with your non-angrybird games , you don't know how good you got it
  13. I found hard mode to be semi hard but not insane. Once you get use to the whole slide and gun mechanic and the speed of the action it becomes like any action shooter. Some of the monsters take trail and error though if you don't use a guide
  14. Dinner for breakfast at dennys.
  15. Everything popped normal for me. But I never went out without having a quest and all 3 bountys on me. Grinding defeat sheep puncher is the easiest way. Gives out 1500 plus coins, plus whatever you get on your way to boss fight